Project #123: The Top 11 Wimpiest Anime Characters

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Let’s talk about anime characters. Anime has provided us with a lot of cool, badass, ecchi, bland, and scary characters that we all enjoy. But for some anime out there there’s always one character in particular that you just can’t stand who gets on your nerves and drags the anime down for you. Most of the time the reason why this is is because that character is either wimpy, useless, or just annoying. They’re characters whose only purpose in the anime is to be downright wimpy and ruin your experience when watching a good anime. But which anime characters are the wimpiest? Which characters makes us wanna reach through the screen and just choke the life of them. Well, I’ve watched a lot of anime in my time and I think I’ve found 11 characters to create a top 11 list to exploit them. Why top 11? Because just like someone else on this site I too like to go one step beyond. Now before I begin I just wanna say that just because the characters are on this list doesn’t mean I hate that character (although there are some of these characters I do hate). So sit back and get ready to start strangling something. These are the top 11 wimpiest anime characters.

#11. Tomoya from Clannad

Now I like Tomoya. He’s a well written and likable character who’s had a lot of struggles in his life but through the care of his friends and relationship with Nagisa he was able to overcome them all and achieve happiness. So what makes him wimpy, annoying, or useless? Well, it’s because of what happened in After Story. In After Story Nagisa gives birth to a child but unfortunately dies during the birthing process. Heartbroken by this Tomoya goes into a state of depression for 5 years. 5 years! That is too long to mourn. I know Nagisa meant a lot to him and losing her was very devastating but still nobody stays depress that long. And what makes Tomoya look even worst in this situation is that he has a new born daughter who needs her dad now more than ever even if she doesn’t realize it and to abandon her for 5 years just to mourn and feel depressed is just wimpy on Tomoya’s part. Luckily, as the series goes on Tomoya manages to get back on his feet and becomes the loving father for Ushio just like he was meant to be. He recognized his mistakes and fixed them which is why he’s at the bottom of the list unlike some of the others who don’t change and keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Tomoya you’re a good guy, you had one bad hiccup in the series, but you recovered from it and came out strong. Don’t let this hiccup happen again.

#10. Chopper from One Piece

Now I know what you’re thinking, don’t I love One Piece? Yes, but just because I love something doesn’t mean I think it’s perfect. In fact, you could make the argument that because you love something so much you’re gonna be the most hard on it and that’s where my love for Chopper comes in. Chopper along with Usopp and Nami make up the three sacredy cats of the crew. They’re the smartest members of the crew but at the same time they’re the weakest and wimpiest members of the crew. For Nami and Usopp it’s understandable, they’re just normal humans unlike the others who have devil fruit powers or have been training their whole lives to be fighters. Chopper unfortunately has no reason to be wimpy because he has both brains and power. Yes I know he’s just a child but still he’s a very intelligent child, he’s the crew’s doctor and unlike anyone else on the crew who are either strong and not smart or smart and not strong Chopper is both strong and smart as we’ve seen in his previous fights and through the voyage yet for some reason he’s acting like a wimp and getting scared easily when he can easily beat the enemy in front him. That’s kind of my main problem with Chopper. He easily has the potential to be the fourth strongest member of the crew possibly the most dangerous member of the crew with just his knowledge and strength but because of his wimpy nature he’s near the bottom and will keep being on the bottom unless he steps up. The good news is after the timeskip Chopper seems to have developed a lot of confidence in his abilities and fighting style so hopefully this is a sign that Chopper has finally realized his potential and slowly starting to work his way up the latter as being one of the crew’s strongest members because I can just tell they’re gonna need him now more than ever.

#9. Suzaku from Code Geass

Despite Tomoya’s hiccup and Chopper’s shortcomings I actually do like these two characters. The rest of the characters on this list are characters I can’t stand and Suzaku is one of them. The story of Code Geass was told from the perspective of Lelouch and Suzaku both of who represented a different idea of a hero. Lelouch was seen as the rouge or tragic hero. A guy who saw how corrupt the system was and decided that in order to fix the system he had to destroy it from the outside and everyone responsible for corrupting it even if they were his own family members. Suzaku’s part in this series was pretty pointless. Suzaku was supposed to represent the holy hero the hero who knew the system was corrupted but believed that it could still be fixed and that if he worked his way up to a high position and stayed patient he would have the power he needed to fix it and make everyone happy. The problem is Suzaku doesn’t do any of this stuff in the series. Every time he appears on the series his ideas and goals keep getting thrown back into his face and when he has a chance to make an impact and prove that his ideas and goals can be made he just sits on the side and do nothing and when he’s supposed to do something he finds some way to mess it up or whine about it. Suzaku had a chance to show us that the holy hero route can get you the results you’re looking for but instead it just showed us that going down that route is pointless and makes you look like a huge tool when you have to betray your friends. Lelouch, I know Suzaku’s your best friend but in all honesty I would not hold it against you if you shot him.

#8. Mihoshi from The Tenchi Muyo series

Out of all the characters in Tenchi Muyo, Mihoshi was the one character everyone disliked the most because she was so goddamn annoying. She was always whining with that annoying voice of hers and had only one defining characteristic. The childish dumb blonde who was always causing trouble for everyone because of her klutzy nature but everyone was too nice to say anything to her but all you just had to do was just see everyone’s face and you could just tell they all wanted to choke her out. Even the galactic police didn’t want anything to do with her so they assigned her to a remote area hoping she stay out of trouble. Now to be fair she actually does have a few funny moments here and there that do get a good laugh out of people and I be lying if I didn’t say she was cute but still her dumb and whiny moments just agitate me a lot and feels unneeded and insulting to people with blonde hair. I haven’t watched the new iterations of the Tenchi Muyo series (the last one I watched was Tenchi in Tokyo) but I’ve heard her character has gotten somewhat better but from my experience with her is a character I don’t wish to see.

#7. Raki from Claymore

I wasn’t really a big fan of the Claymore anime. The ending wasn’t really all that good and it had that annoying Raki character. Man did everyone hate this guy. This has got to be one of the most annoying anime male characters I’ve ever seen. The guy was a whiny bitch in the anime. Always whining and crying about everything and trying to get us the audience to synthesize with him was annoying especially when it started to interrupt fights and parts of the story. If you want us to synthesize with a character that’s fine but do it in a way that isn’t forced down our throats. On top of that he was clingy, always sticking close to Claire that it became unsettling at times. I was actually afraid that he was gonna drug her food and rape her in her sleep. The one thing that stops this character from being higher on the list is that in the manga as he gets older he loses that whiny bitch personality and actually becomes somewhat of a badass. Plus his character development is done in a good way. I hated you as a kid Raki but as a young man you’re starting to grow on me.

#6. Ganta from Deadman Wonderland

Speaking of characters who grow on you overtime and becomes a badass Ganta is one of them. At the start of the series you actually do feel sorry for the guy. He was framed for a crime he didn’t commit, thrown into the worst prison on the face of the Earth, and is constantly almost dying. It’s enough to drive any man insane. While his situation is bad what gets him on this list is his constant wimpy nature throughout the anime where he’s always crying how this is so unfair instead of just manning up and fighting his way out when he has the power to do it and everything. He’s always constantly getting saved by Shiroe and someone else claiming that he’s strong but really he’s still weak and just running his mouth. Another thing that annoys me about him is how he’s quick to turn on his friends and look like an asshole when he finds out he was wrong and they were right. He never calls into question their motive or character and just assumes they were wrong. That’s a mark of a bad friend. Ganta was just a wimp to watch from beginning to end with only thing stopping him for being higher is that in the manga he actually does become a major badass who destroys the prison and gets the girl at the end.

#5. Koukin from Ikkitousen

Why was he in this anime? No seriously. What was the point of having this character in the anime? Koukin is the cousin or childhood friend of Hakufu who says his goal in life is to protect Hakufu. Well if that’s the case than you failed big time. Koukin’s purpose throughout this entire anime was to be the punching bag because this guy never won a single match. Almost every time he was on screen he would get beat up, knocked out, or captured by the enemy and has to be rescued by Hakufu the girl he’s supposed to be protecting. That’s just sad. On top of that he’s very weak. We’re told that he has the potential to be rank A fighter but due to his lack of confidence he remains at a rank C fighter. Why the hell does he lack confidence? He’s not bad-looking, smart, and he hangs around a very dumb but hot girl so where’s you’re lack in confidence coming from? Koukin is a character who just constantly failed every time he was screen whether it be protecting or trying to avenge Hakufu this was a guy who had the potential to be a strong character but he choose to remain wimpy and useless throughout the anime. Fuck him.

#4. Sakura from Naruto

Wasn’t it obvious she was gonna be on the list. Out of all the characters in Naruto, Sakura was hands down the most useless and annoying character of them all. All she ever does throughout the series is gawk over Sasuke, beat up Naruto as well as belittle him for no apparent reason, and sit on the sideline crying and doing nothing while everyone around her does something. Even after the timeskip when she becomes a medical ninja and gets super human strength she still finds a way to be useless to the main story. I think the only thing of valued she did in the series was save Gaara’s brother from dying and defeating Sasori which she couldn’t even do on her own. Other than that all she did was just beat up Naruto whenever he pissed her off and cried on the sidelines saying how much she wants to help others and how much she wants to be with Sasuke despite the fact that the guy tried to kill her God knows how many times. How is that the character who’s the smartest and strongest member of the team whines up being the most useless character on the team? Miyamoto, I’m sure that when you started this series you had big plans for Sakura but somewhere down the line you messed up and gave us one of the worst female ninjas and leads ever.

#3. Hibari from Senran Kagura

The worst female ninja ever! If you thought Sakura was useless than wait to get a load of Hibari. If you’ve read my review of Senran Kagura than you’ll know how much I hate this girl so I’ll try to keep it short. This character was so wimpy, annoying and spoiled throughout the series. She never did anything for herself. She was always getting saved by the others and constantly whining. What makes Sakura less annoying then her is that Sakura realized she was weak and got stronger. The only problem is she never put her skills to good use. Hibari doesn’t even attempt to get stronger or change. She remains that weak, annoying, wimpy, and useless girl to the very end with a childlike mind who fails the simplest missions and doesn’t feel bad for it. Hell, she almost got her best friend killed because she was weak and she didn’t take this as a wakeup call to get stronger or train harder. Hibari is hands down the worst female ninja I’ve seen in my life and a useless character who is nothing but dead weight for the others.

#2. Shinji from Evangelion

You all knew this guy was gonna be on the list. This has got to be one of the wimpiest pieces of trash I’ve ever seen. And normally I be okay with that if it was intentional but it’s not. Shinji is supposed to represent the average human. We’re supposed to put ourselves in Shinji’s shoes and say yes, everything he has done in this anime I would do. No. You’re wrong. I admit I be afraid to pilot a giant mech and fight against these strange beings at first but I would adapt to this situation because that’s what we humans do. When a situation presents itself we adapt to it and make the best of it realizing that this is something I have to do, no one else can do it, it has to be me. Shinji doesn’t do that in the anime. He constantly runs away when he promises not to, doesn’t stand up for himself and gets walked on by everyone, walks around acting emo when he doesn’t need to be or have a reason to be, awkward as hell, and is always whining about his daddy issues. Dude grow a set and man up. The world is under attack, you’re the only one who can fight, save the world, and then you can sort your problems out with your daddy for all I care. Shinji is a character who tries to earn our sympathy but fails because there’s nothing for us to sympathize with. If Shinji had manned up in the anime and adapted to the situation while dealing with some of his issues I might have liked him but instead he stays wimpy, always whining, annoying everyone around him, and just acting useless when the time comes for him to do something. You can defend him all you want but in my eyes he’s a wimp and someone I would honestly punch in the face if I ever saw.

And the number 1 wimpiest anime character is. . .

#1. Yuki from Future Diary/ Mirai Nikki

When I first started this list I originally put Shinji in the number 1 spot. But after sitting down and really thinking about it I came to a surprising conclusion. As much I hate to admit it and I mean I REALLY hate to admit it, Shinji’s behavior and actions are understandable. Inexcusable and stupid, but understandable. Shinji has so much weight on his shoulders as well as dealing with so many other problems in his life. If he dies the world is pretty much screwed and he’s thrown head first into a battle against a bunch of creatures he knows nothing about and could possibly kill him. That would be enough pressure and stress to break any man so it’s understandable why he would want nothing more than to run away. Yuki on the other has no reasons for existing let alone to have an anime center around him. Much like Ganta who was annoying, wimpy, and whiny so too is Yuki the only difference is Ganta did something about it while Yuki remained a spineless coward throughout the whole show. Always whining about his problems and never fixing them, doesn’t change throughout the anime, becomes an asshole to his friends, and is constantly being saved by other people. Ganta became a better character as his series progressed but Yuki didn’t become a better character if anything he kept getting worst as the series went on. Shinji kept running away but when he had no choice but to face what was in front of him he would do it. Yuki was the main character in the series and he’s killing his own anime slowly and painfully. The anime would have honestly been so much better if this character was out of it. Seriously the guy is so wimpy and pathetic that he needs a psycho just to save his ass each time. Also his personality makes him even worst. With Shinji it’s understandable he’s the way he is in Evangelion but with Yuki there’s no reason for him to be so anti-social when there’s nothing going on his life, he has no problems, and from what I can tell actually has good and caring classmates who want to be his friends but he keeps turning them down because he thinks being a loner will help him look cooler. Yuki, you are a waste of thought, one of the worst anime characters I have ever seen, and the wimpiest character to ever be in an anime. Erase yourself from existence.

Well that’s my list. Do you agree with it? Are there any characters I left out? Leave a comment and let me hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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