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Hello, Justin here, and welcome to the Otaku Mind. Happy Valentine’s day to everyone out there. Hey, do you have a waifu? Over the years people have been taking women from anime and declaring them their waifus. Why you ask, because that woman represents everything they look for in a significant other. A person who embodies everything they love, respect, and want to see in a woman in the real world. They’re characters who we love and wouldn’t mind spending the rest of our lives with. That’s why in honor of Valentine’s Day I’m going to name my top 11 anime waifus, the anime women I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life with. Why top 11? Because even when I’m not in character I still like to go one step beyond. Let’s see who I would pop the big question to, these are my top 11 anime waifus.

#11. Liru the Werewolf from Magical Pokan

A hot werewolf girl, what’s not to love about her? *Chuckles* Okay, aside from being incredibly hot I love how playful, kind, and cheerful Liru is. She’s a girl who just wins you over with her infectious smile and energy. On top of that she’s also quite supportive. I could honestly see myself coming home from work and her being there to greet me and just welcome me home. She really does seem like the kind of girl who could wash away your worries and stress with just her smile. Even though she has a bit of a wild side to her that’s unpredictable at times, her positives easily outweigh her negatives.

#10. Charles from Infinite Stratos

Often considered the best girl of the show and for good reason. She’s supportive, caring, and cute. Out of all the girls she was the one we really got a chance to get to know. We developed a connection with her as she was this girl who was forced to do the bidding of her father but still put on a smile hiding her pain so she wouldn’t worry everyone around her. I admire that bravery and strength within a woman. She’s a girl who can defend for herself and at same time I girl you want to make happy because of how much she’s done for you and want to see her have a happy ending in life where she’s smiling not to put on a brave front but smiling because she’s genuinely happy.

#9. Sinon from SAO

Asuna is really popular in Japan. So popular that a lot of people say that she’s a character they would like to marry and while that’s cool, she is a good character I felt myself being more drawn to Sinon. What drew me to Sinon was that she was character who was growing and earning her place. Asuna started off as a great character but slowly started falling into the role of a damsel in distress. Sinon kind of started off as a damsel in distress but the main difference was that she tried to change herself for the better. She tried to get over her fears and demons herself and in her own way without waiting for someone to help her out. While it’s true that Kirito in the end helped her get over her past, it was her 80-90% of the way. Once she conquered her fears, Sinon became that cool girl you played videogames with all the time who you could count on to have your back and was just a cool person to know. When she needs to be supportive of others she can be supportive and when she wants to flirt with someone she knows what buttons to push to make them blush. She always knew how to keep you guessing on what she was going to do next but whatever she did next you knew you were gonna love it and that’s what I love about her.

#8. Utaha from Saekano

The girl who won the number one spot this year is also a girl I wouldn’t mind marrying. While Megumi may be the best girl in the series there’s no doubt that Utaha was the favorite. Hell, even the author favored her and gave her, her own spin-off which focuses on just her and Tomoya. As someone who’s a writer as well I can honestly see me and her talking about novel ideas and bouncing ideas off each other on what would work or what wouldn’t work. Sometimes we would argue with each other over ideas but it wouldn’t be an argument of malice but rather an argument of two people who are passionate about what they do and want to make the other one better. Than after the argument we would just laugh, eat, and watch a good anime or play a videogame. Utaha was a character who I really did come to respect and admire (Eriri not so much) for her character and passion for what she did but at same time seemed like someone who had own problems and needed someone to help her out. Beautiful, outspoken, stubborn, and a little crazy, Utaha is a girl who just wins you over with her complex personality and someone I wouldn’t mind spending my life with.

#7. Lala from To Love Ru

What’s to love about this hyperactive fun-loving alien princess. She’s cute, smart, funny, and just a joy to be around. Lala always just seem liked the kind of a girl who’s always enjoying life no matter what she’s doing. Whether it’s going to school, hanging out with friends, or just sitting around doing nothing, she just always seems to enjoy life. With Lala around I always feel like there’s never a dull moment in my life because of her. She always finds a way to make things fun and interesting and I like that. Top it all off with the fact that she’s open to you having other girls and you have yourself one of the greatest things that has even happen to you.

#6. Lucy from Fairy Tail

I know a lot of people love Erza and yes she’s great I love her too but as I said before Lucy seems like a more realistic girl to me. She laughs, struggles, cries, smiles, she wants to standout and get attention like any other girl and she’s focus on her goals which is being a writer. Again, someone who I could have fun conversations with on what she’s writing about and helping her out while she also helps me out. I know that as the series went on she kind of slid into becoming a fanservice character but when you really look past that you’ll a very charming and realistic girl who’s cute, smart, talented, cares about around her, and is always willing and ready to lend a helping hand whether it be fighting or just being there for you when you need someone to talk to. For me, that’s a keeper.

#5. Rem from Re:Zero

Rem easily became everyone’s favorite girl from Re:Zero. All you have to do is just watch the third arc and you’ll easily see why everyone loves this girl so much but if you want the quick answer it’s because she’s cute, strong, loyal, caring, and just someone who recognizes all of your good qualities when everyone else around you can’t see them. She has a smile worth protecting and is if she were confess her love to me I would accept it in a heartbeat.

#4. Rias from Highschool DxD

My crimson haired goddess. A beauty that is out of this world and completely out of my league. Rias has the strength and intelligence of a leader with charisma to back it up but at the same time she’s also a normal high school girl who has doubts, worries, and her own troubles that bothers her. Her childish side is also cute as well. I like how she gets jealous over Issei and wants to keep his attention on her, even willing to go to great lengths to make that happen. Rias is a crimson beauty whose kindness and love knows no bounds and is a girl I gladly risk my life for.

#3. Robin Nico from One Piece

Robin is another beauty who manages to win your heart by very little than just being herself and letting you come to her yourself. She’s very intelligent, beautiful, and mysterious all rolled into one. Her cool beauty astounds me to this day and she’s still the most amazing female pirate I know. Every time I look at her I just can’t help but fall in love with her. While I’m fan of her old character design instead of the new one, her personality that I fell in love with still remains intact. Robin to this day still remains to be my favorite female character of the Strawhat crew.

#2. Holo from Spice and Wolf

Our second animal girl on the list. It was tough deciding between Holo and Robin as both characters are great and alike in many ways. Both characters are smart, beautiful, a seductive smile, cool, mature, and have their playful sides as well that just adds to their appeal. So, what puts Holo higher on the list? Well if I had to say it’s her talent when it comes to business and I think she’s slightly smarter than Robin. With Robin’s interest in archeology and history I feel like I would get lost in a lot of her talks. I would find them interesting and supportive with her work, but I wouldn’t be able to contribute much to the conversation which I would like to do. With Holo, I have an interest and understanding of business and economics and I feel like she and I would have great conversations and work off each other perfectly when it came to running a business together. Plus, are playful antics would be a delight. It’s a tough call but Holo ranks slightly higher on my list of waifus.

And my number waifu is. . .















#1. Shirayuki from Akagami no Shirayukihime

If I haven’t made myself clear by now I like my women smart, beautiful, kind, caring, and independent. The only woman I can think that has all of these qualities and more is Shirayuki. Throw in the fact that she has red-haired and you have my waifu. When I first saw Shirayuki I knew I was going to like her from the first episode and as the season went on I found myself falling love with her with each passing episode. She’s smart girl trying to be a doctor in a kingdom, she’s a kind and caring heart of a person who loves her work and passionate about, she doesn’t go with the flow of others but instead matches to the tune of own beat and does what she believes is right without caring what other people think of her, and she is just beautiful. Just seeing her smile and hear her voice is enough to make my day complete. What make Shirayuki such a likable is how she faces her challenges overcomes them all to achieve her dream which is to help other people. She’s not looking for fame or trying to get rich, she just loves helping people and that trait just makes me admire her so much. Shirayuki is an aspiring heroine that all female characters in the anime should strive to be like and encompasses everything I look for in a female.

Well that’s my list. Hope you enjoyed. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there, good luck and congratulations to anyone proposing, and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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