The Entity Part 5

*The girls are still shocked to see that Seras their old nemesis is still alive and the one responsible for attacking their system.*

(Isis): I. . .don’t understand. We saw you get destroyed right before our eyes. How are you still alive?

(Seras): When you guys defeated me my data began to drift out of your system and into the outer rim. Somehow or some way through some divine miracle my data reformed and put me back together. I was still in critical condition but I somehow found myself within the database of the Entity. At first we were hostile toward each other with him trying to consume me but even in my state I managed to hold him off and win. After beating it the thing saw me as its master and fused with me giving me powers I only dreamt about. After all of this I began to create my own small empire of viruses under my command to go out and make everyone’s life miserable on the internet. But here’s the funny thing. No matter how many people I hurt or how strong I got I always thought about you guys. And how you defeated me! Embarrassed me! And how you took my master away from me! I knew that I could never be at peace as long as I knew you were all out there and still alive so I began planning, waiting, and preparing for the right time to exact my revenge on not only you girls but that troll you call master. I sent my virus army after you guys hoping to get your attention and force you to come out here looking for answers and face me. And wouldn’t you know it you took the bait.

(Isis): But I don’t get it, if you had all this power you could have easily shown up to face us yourself why go through all this trouble to-

(Mira): To keep us away from master while you execute another plan on him.

(Seras): As smart as ever Mira. That’s right, that master of yours is gonna have a special guest visitor in his blog this week and I don’t want you girls interfering with them. Plus, I wanted the pleasure of killing you myself. Rest assured, though I’ll be going to kill Nitsuj after all of this is over as well just for the fun of it.

(Yin-Yang): Okay as nice as this talk of vengeance and catching up is, as well as you pulling a Venom on us, I think it’s time for you to get a good ass-kicking.

(Isis): What she said.

*Isis pulls out a scarlet pistol and fires it at Seras where it explodes covering her in smoke. After the smoke clears they see that Seras is still standing and unharmed.*

(Isis): I’ll be damned.

(Seras): You knew it wasn’t gonna be that easy *stomps the floor and a silver scythe appears before her*. Now die!

*She swings her scythe with a beam of light energy heading towards the girls but Chibi Isis protects them with a shield*.

(Chibi Isis): AI magic arts: De-ta kawa (Data shell)!

*Chibi Isis’ shield holds but she gets blown away hard.*

(Shizuku): Chibi! You bitch! Ikkatsu kanadzuchi sumasshu (Roaring hammer smash)!

*Shizuku leaps into the air and smashes her hammer on Seras’ scythe with a powerful strike that shakes the floor beneath them.*

(Seras): Not bad Shizuku. It seems you’ve gotten stronger since the last time I’ve seen you. However, so have I. Kachuu no kujo (Vortex of destruction)!

*Seras begins spinning her scythe creating a vortex that traps Shizuku and she gets slashed by energy scythe slashes.*

(Shizuku): AHHHHHHHH~!

*Shizuku screams out in pain until the vortex stops and as she’s falling Seras kicks her near the feet of the others left standing.*

(Mira): We need to take her on together.

*Isis and Yin-Yang charges at Seras while Mira checks on the condition of Shizuku. Yin-Yang jumps over Seras to attack her from behind with her double-sided spear but Seras blocks the attack along with Isis’ sword attack from the front. Sparks fly as the three exchange attacks with Isis and Yin-Yang going on offence trying to break Seras’ defense but she keeps blocking their attacks or dodging them. Seras delivers a double drop kick on Isis and Yin-Yang knocking them back a little, and gets back up to notice Mira’s flying disc blades coming towards her. She jumps out the way just in time but the disc blade continue to go after Seras with her destroying each of them that comes toward her.*

(Mira): Kyohaku yaiba buyou (Star blade dance)!

*Mira’s blade disc take on the shape of stars gaining more edges and becoming sharper. Seras comes to block them but a few manage to cut her arms and legs as well as her face a little.*

(Seras): Enough!

*Seras sends out a burst of energy to destroy the disc.*

(Shizuku): She’s mine!

*Shizuku rushes out to Seras with her gauntlets*

(Seras): Hitonomi tsume (Swallow claw)!

*Energy slices come from the scythe appear from the ground aiming towards Shizuku but she dodges all of them using boxing steps to reach Seras.*

(Shizuku): Sandanjuu moui arashi (Shotgun fury storm)!

*Shizuku begins to throw a series of punches at Seras.*

(Seras): Wangetsu kazaguruma (Crescent windmill)!

*Seras begins spinning her scythe clockwise to defend herself against Shizuku’s barrage of attacks but Yin-Yang comes flying in jumping over the scythe and hitting Seras with a high jump kick that knocks her to the ground and makes her drop her scythe.*

(Seras): Why you-

(Chibi Isis): AI magic arts: Saiba-yure (Cyber tremor).

*The ground beneath Seras begins to shake and she falls with force to the ground face first as if someone had thrown her*

(Isis): My turn. Isis Royal!

*The blast from the Isis Royal breaks the floor and sends Seras falling to the floor beneath them.*

(Seras): No way. They’re stronger than I expected.

*Seras struggles to get up as the others dive down the hole to talk to her. Mira surrounds Seras with her disc blades to limit her movement.*

(Mira): It’s over Seras let’s stop this before it’s too late.

(Shizuku): We don’t want to kill you. I don’t want to kill you and that’s saying something.

(Seras): Yeah well I do. Especially you Isis. Your master took my master away from me. I won’t be satisfied until I have destroyed the both of you and avenged him.

(Yin-Yang): But why? That guy was an asshole. He treated you like dirt and forced you to do such horrible things. Why are still loyal to that guy?

(Seras): It’s all I got. He created me, gave me life and a purpose. My relationship with him was different from your relationship with your master Isis. I loved my master. More than anything in the world. For him I would have slaughtered the Nitsujs of a hundred worlds if it meant making him happy just like you would have done for your master if he commanded.

(Chibi Isis): Nii-chan is nothing like your nii-chan! He would never tell us to do something so heinous and wrong! I don’t know what kind of relationship you had with your nii-chan, it must have been something special but even so to do these things. Hurting others and living for revenge it can’t be right. I know you’ve been through a lot but even so Nee-chan and the others still want to help you. So here’s an idea. Why don’t we stop this fighting and you can come back and join us. I’m sure Nii-chan would accept you.

(Seras): You can’t be serious! Are you telling me to abandon and forget my master and join the one responsible for his death? How insulting can one be?

(Isis): Seras you have to let it go. Don’t you get it? You’re free now, stop living in the past and start over. Even if your master is gone as long as you remember the good times you had with him he’ll continue to live on in you. You’re Seras, do what you believe is-

(Seras): Enough~!

*Seras raises her hand and her scythe returns to her.*

(Seras): Stop preaching to me like you know him! If he was here right now the only thing he would tell me to do is slaughter everyone in my path. I will defeat you and continue his work. Now die! AI secret arts: AI Karyuudo (AI Hunter)!

*Seras scythe glows red becoming bigger and more demonic. She swings the scythe cutting the top of building off and causing a huge explosion to occur which strikes everyone in the building. After the dust has settled and the top half of the building has fallen into the jungle below the only left standing is Seras.*

(Seras): *Breaths heavy* There. You see? I am the strongest there is. Now nothing can stand in my way.

(Isis): Except me.

*Isis pulls herself up barely able to stand with cuts and bruises all over her body while she breaths heavily.*

(Seras): You can still stand. Impressive. This is why I hate you the most out of all of them. You continuously remind me of that man.

(Isis): My master poured all his heart and soul into making me. If I were to be defeated by some attack like that I’d never be able to show my face in front of him again. Before we finish this, allow me to say one thing. I don’t know what caused your master to go down the path he choose but my master will never go down that path because I’ll be there to stop him and point him in the right direction every time. Now get ready, because you’re not the only one with a secret art.


(Nitsuj): Isis, I am about to give you a secret art. This art will release the limitations on your body and unleash your true potential but you must promise never to use it unless it’s an emergency. Also, the art will only last for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes all the energy and your body will be gone and you’ll be left defenseless.

(Isis): I see. So I just have to make sure I’ve beaten my opponent before the 20 minutes are up huh?

(Nitsuj): That’s the jest of it.

(Isis): I’m curious, why give me something so powerful?

(Nitsuj): Think of it as a reassurance. Remember when I first created you? I said that I’m going to trust my back to you. Should I ever stray or become something that I’m not I give you permission to stop me. To this day I still trust my back to you and I wanna make sure you have the necessary power to stop anyone even me.

*Nitsuj smiles and hands a glowing orange ball to Isis.*

(Isis): It’s. . .so warm and beautiful.

(Nitsuj): Yes. It’s yours now, use it wisely.

*Flashback ends*

(Isis): Thank you master. AI secret arts: Fushichou kontan (Phoenix soul)!

*Isis’ hair turns as orange as the fiery sun. Her wounds completely heal themselves. Her eyes turn red and she becomes surrounded by an orange aura.*

(Seras): What is this power?

*Seras prepares her scythe for another attack but Isis runs toward her with her sword and slashes through the scythe cutting it in half.*

(Isis): Well would you look at that.

*Isis kicks Seras and she goes flying back to a wall writhing in pain.*

(Seras): What are waiting for? Get us out of her before we both die you idiot.

*The Entity hears Seras’ command and sprouts wings allowing her to fly away but before she can get far Isis is there to cut her off with gold and orange-like wings on her back.*

(Seras): What! But how did you-

(Isis): Don’t worry. My target isn’t you but the creature controlling you. AI sword arts: Fushichou kaisen (Phoenix circuit)!

*Isis begins flying around Seras at high speed slashing away at her while leaving an orange glow showing where it was she attacked. Seras screams at the intense pain unable to do anything.*

(Isis): And finally. AI sword arts: Fushichou shotto (Phoenix shot)!

*Isis thrusts the hilt of her sword into the chest of Seras and from Sera’s back flames come flying out along with a dark shadowy creature who falls into the tower in front of Mira, Shizuku, Chibi Isis, and Yin-Yang who have regained conciousness.*

(Yin-Yang): What the hell is that thing?

(Mira): That would be the Entity in his true form. This creature attaches itself to the bodies of others and tries to control them to live on. This thing has been controlling Seras this whole time.

(Entity): You bitches! I was so close!

(Chibi Isis): AH~! It talks?

(Entity): Of course I talk. I had finally found the perfect host for me but when I tried to take over her mind she fought back and we came to a standstill. We worked out a deal that if I helped her kill you guys she would offer her body to me. I was finally going to be able to escape this prison once and for all. Now what am I going to do?

(Shizuku): You know if you wanted to escape that badly all you had to do was ask little old me.

(Entity): Really!? You’ll allow me to consume your mind and escape.

(Shizuku): Sure. All you have to do is do me just one favor.

(Entity): Name it! I’ll do anything.

(Shizuku): Be smashed into a million data pieces and never come back again! Kyodai sumasshu (Gigantic smash)!

*Shizuku takes her hammer, grows it to a giant mullet and crushes the Entity completely destroying it and leaving nothing of it behind.*

(Mira): And thus are mission is complete.

*Isis flies back down to everyone with Seras in her arms and reverts back to normal.*

(Yin-Yang): So that was your secret arts huh? Badass. I gotta ask master to give me one of those.

(Mira): Are you really bringing her back with us.

(Isis): I know she tried to kill us and all but even so she’s still one of us. Plus it’s what my master would have done.

*As Isis begins to collapse Yin-Yang catches her and puts her on her back.*

(Yin-Yang): Easy there firebird. You guys heard her the crazy girl comes with us. I doubt she’ll put up much of fight in the state she’s in but tie her up just in case and let’s get these two checked out by master.

(Mira): Agreed. Shizuku grab Seras. Chibi perform some healing arts on Isis. Let’s go home.

*As the girls leave the tower and make their way out Ghill and the tribe are there waiting for them.*

(Shizuku): You’ve gotta be kidding me.

*Mira prepares to fight.*

(Mira): Everyone get ready to run, I’ll hold them off and-

*Ghill and the rest of the tribe bow to them.*

(Ghill): Thank you. You have defeated the Entity and avenged our tribe. I will never be able to thank you for what you have done.

(Yin-Yang): Well this is a step in the right direction.

(Mira): Look we appreciate this but right now we’re in a hurry is there any transportation you can provide that’s fast and efficient?

(Ghill): Indeed *takes out a whistle and blows it. After a few seconds a giant bird appears before them*. This is a wayver a wild bird we conquered a long time ago. It is fast and will take you anywhere you want to go. Use it to go where you need to go. Consider it a thanks from me and my tribe for everything you’ve done to help us.

*The girls board the wayver with Mira controlling it and the rest in the back.*

(Shizuku): What are you guys gonna do now that the Entity is gone?

(Ghill): We shall leave and join our brethren in the new database. I imagine there will be some hostility but we will manage. The time has come for us to move on with our lives and do what we were meant to do. I bid you farewell and luck. But I don’t think you girls need luck.

(Shizuku): You got that right.

*Shizuku boards the wayver and they take off into the sky back to their system*.

To be concluded

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