The Entity Part 4

*As the girls continued on their journey up the river to their destination they passed through a jungle with the boat getting stuck along some rocks. Forced to go on foot the girls became lost in the jungle unsure of where to go. Lost and unsure of what to do they saw a native of the jungle and Mira with her blind knowledge of the wilderness and against the better judgment of everyone else asked the native for directions only to be captured by the native along with the others. Luckily however Chibi Isis managed to escape the natives’ capture and run into the jungle for safety. The others on the other hand were bought back to the village of the natives.*

(Isis): Let’s ask for directions.

(Yin-Yang): This guy looks friendly, I’m sure he’ll help us.

(Shizuku): Come on guys he says he’ll lead us out of the jungle.

(Mira): Look are you guys here to mock me or are you gonna help me figure a way out of this situation?

(Isis): Oh we’ll help you figure a way out but we’re gonna stay mad at you for a few more minutes.

(Native chief): Silence! You now stand before the great chief Ghill. I was told there was 5 of you. Where is the other?

(Native warrior): Escaped into the jungle sir, we’ve sent scouts to capture her. I’m sure they’ll be returning soon.

(Ghill): Good. Increase security around the village. I am sure she will try to attack us to save her comrades.

(Native warrior): Yes sir.

(Ghill): Now what brings you to our jungle? It is very rare to see other beings around here and we don’t take kindly to trespassers.

(Shizuku): Yeah I’ve notice.

(Mira): Now is not the time to be smartass Shizuku. Look we apologize for trespassing in your territory but we were trying to reach the tower on the other side of the jungle.

(Ghill): The tower? And what business may I ask do you have for going into that tower.

(Mira): To meet and destroy the Entity.

*The whole tribe goes quiet and gasps with shock.*

(Ghill): The Entity. Now there is a name I haven’t heard in years. It is a name that is banned in our village.

(Isis): I would imagine so. After all, you guys were the protectors of the old database weren’t you?

(Yin-Yang): Wait are you saying these guys are remnants of the old database?

(Isis): Wasn’t it obvious? Beings who are this close to the Entity with high intelligence who know this place like the back of their hand. It couldn’t be more obvious.

(Ghill): You are correct. Long ago we were the protectors of this database but when the Entity came it consumed and destroyed half of us. The database was shortly abandoned and we were left here alone. Since that time we have continued to stand guard watching over the Entity making sure it never escapes.

(Shizuku): Well it’s too late for that. That thing has been sending viruses to attack our system and we want answers. So let us go already so we can pound it.

(Ghill): No! You know nothing about what you face. That creature has killed many programs growing stronger with each one and now you wish to go in there and make it stronger. What madness.

(Shizuku): Yeah and turning yourself into the forgotten tribe of Legends of the Hidden Temple is all sane and logical. Look fruit loop I know this guy messed you up pretty bad and now you decided to compensate your failure by becoming the guardians of this place and keeping everyone out. I get it. But get this, you guys standing around and doing nothing isn’t gonna stop this thing. So you guys have two options. One, let us go and we’ll take care of him for you, or two, stop living in fear and do something about that thing to honor those who died in the attack.

(Ghill): You think I live in fear? You stupid woman. You know nothing about the dangers of this creature and what it can do. It is because of that I will never let you face him. It’s obvious that the reason he attacked you was because he wanted to absorb you and take your powers to break out of here. And I’ll be damned if I let that happen and watch it destroy the internet.

(Mira): All the more reason to stop it here and now. With our combine forces we can take the Entity down and-

(Ghill): Enough! I will hear no more of this. I had planned on freeing you near the exit of the jungle but now things have changed, you girls are gonna be stuck here for a while. Lock them in the prison.

*The girls are taken away by the natives to the prison cells where unbeknownst to them Chibi Isis is watching from the shadows.*

(Chibi Isis): Looks the others are in danger. I better rescue them fast.

*Chibi Isis dives into the water.*

(Native Warrior): Hey, I’m back.

(Gatekeeper): Any luck finding that other AI girl?

(Native Warrior): Nah. This one’s slippery. Just when you think you have her she activates some trap to stop us.

*As the guards are talking, Chibi Isis sneaks into the village via water, staying quiet and doing her best to avoid being detected.*

(Native warrior): You hear something?

(Gatekeeper): No what?

(Native warrior): In the water.

*The native warrior takes his spear and jabs it into the water several times but nothing comes up.*

(Gatekeeper): Must have been a fish.

(Native warrior): Yeah most likely.

*Little did they know, Chibi Isis was right beneath them and had carefully dodged all the spear attacks to avoid being detected. Chibi Isis passes the guards and makes it into the village undetected.*

(Chibi Isis): Before I can rescue Nee-chan and the others I need to find and secure an escape route first.

*Sneaking through the bushes and surveying the village Chibi Isis discovers a water gate near the edge of the village that acts as an outlet to the river for the tribe’s boats.*

(Chibi Isis): Two guards and an alarm bell to ring in case of escapes. I’ll have to take that bell out before moving on. I’ll also take out a few of the boats so they can’t follow us. But I’ll do that after rescuing the others.

*Chibi Isis runs to the alarm bell while the guards have their backs to it and sabotages the bell so it doesn’t ring. After sabotaging the bell she notices a barrel nearby that stores gunpowder.*

(Chibi Isis): Very interesting. . .but helpful.

*Using her clones Chibi Isis takes the barrel and moves it to a shed containing more gun powder. She sets the bomb off resulting in a big explosion that alerts the whole tribe.*

(Native warrior): Fire! Fire!

*The native warrior rings the nearby alarm bell signaling the whole village to come and help put it out. With this distraction Chibi Isis rushes down to the holding cells to save the others.*

(Native warrior): That was quite the explosion.

(Native warrior #2): What was that?

(Native warrior #3): Hey there’s a fire up here we need more hands.

(Native warrior #2): You go, I’ll keep an eye on the prisoners.

*Native warrior #1 rushes to go help out.*

(Yin-Yang): Looks like Chibi has made her move.

(Native warrior #2): Oh come on. You don’t mean to tell me that little puffball is responsible for this? Give me a break.

(Mira): Trust me, that little puffball is smarter than you give her credit for. Underestimating her will lead to your defeat.

(Native warrior #2): I’ll believe it when I see it.

(Chibi Isis): AI magic arts: Ishigaki sentou (Stone wall punch).

*Chibi Isis claps her hands and touches the wall creating a stone arm and fist to appear before the native warrior and knock him out.*

(Shizuku): Chibi! I knew you would come to rescue us.

*Chibi Isis takes the keys and unlocks the cell door.*

(Chibi Isis): Come on! They’ll know something’s up and come here soon.

*Chibi Isis leads them to the water gate where Isis uses her guns to take out the guards.*

(Isis): Okay now what.

(Chibi Isis): Nee-chan secure the closest ship to the gate. Shi-chan and Yin-chan pull the levers to open the gate. Mi-chan, you and I are on sabotage duty.

(Isis, Mira, Shizuku, and Yin-Yang): Right.

*Isis secures a boat for them while Mira and Chibi Isis sabotage the other boats. Shizuku and Yin-Yang reach the top of the stairs and begin openly the water gate as they here chants heading their way.*

(Isis): Here they come. Let’s go! Let’s go!

*Shizuku and Yin-Yang open up the gates and Isis begins to sail off with Mira, Shizuku, Yin-Yang, and Chibi Isis jumping on board.*

(Mira): Well done Chibi.

(Yin-Yang): We’re not free yet. They’re coming on foot.

(Ghill): Catch them! Don’t let them escape!

*The warriors begin running along the riverbank throwing their spears and arrows in an attempt to stop the boat.*

(Isis): Mira take the wheel.

*Mira grabs the wheel and Isis takes out her pistols to return fire.*

(Isis): Let’s see how you guys like my scarlet bullets.

*Isis fires off her pistols and the bullets explode as soon as they make contact with the ground. The blast sends many of the natives flying.*

(Shizuku): That’s some serious fire power Isis. What’s in those bullets?

(Isis): Like them? These are my new scarlet pistols they contain explosive bullets that explode on impact. Master gave them to me last month. That ought to keep them at bay.

(Yin-Yang): That’s good and all but what about the one’s in front of us?

*Looks up ahead to see a bunch of natives with Ghill waiting to attack the boat*

(Shizuku): No problem. This is where I come in. Hey Ghill. I know you’re scared to face this Entity and I don’t blame you. Facing a creature that came out of nowhere and destroyed you is enough to crush anyone physically and mentally. I know the feeling all too well. But even so, you just gotta get back up and face them again not giving into fear. The match isn’t truly over until you accept the defeat. And this hammer and I refuse to be defeated by anyone.

(Ghill): Than defeat me right here and now. That’s the only way I’ll you to pass through here. Fire!

*The natives shoot hundreds of arrows at the boat.*

(Shizuku): Hell yeah! That’s what I wanted to hear. This hammer of mine glows with the red passion of my soul. I shall not lose to anyone who gets in my way. *Takes a deep breath* 300 pondo yurasu (300 pound swing)!

*Shizuku swings her hammer through the air creating a powerful red light beam that deflects all of the arrows and hits Ghill in his men knocking them all into the river totally helpless as the girls pass through them.*

(Shizuku): Now do you see our power Ghill? If you have any problems about your lost than come after us, I will face you again and show that this victory was no fluke.

*The girls sail through the river with Ghill and his men not following after them accepting their lost. The girls finally arrive at the tower that houses the Entity.*

(Yin-Yang): So this is the place huh.

(Mira): Yes. I can sense a malice nature surrounding this place. We should proceed with caution.

*They enter the building expecting traps but they sense nothing and see in elevator which leads up to the main chamber. They enter the elevator and ride it to the top but the elevator stops midway and a bunch of viruses walk in to surround the girls. The girls take out there weapons and fight the viruses until they eventually reach the top floor and exit the elevator.*

(Yin-Yang): Top floor. Throne room, evil demonic virus that controls others, and a bunch of controlled viruses who just got owned.

*They walk into the dark throne room prepared to face the Entity.*

(The Entity): At last you’ve come. You’ve certainly took your sweet time getting here.

(Shizuku): Yeah well finding you turned to be more trouble than we thought.

(Isis): Why have you been attacking our system? What were to hoping to accomplish with this stunt?

(The Entity): What was I hoping to accomplish?

*lights come on and girls are stunned at who they see sitting on the throne*?

(Isis): No way!

(Mira): It can’t be!

(Shizuku): What!

(Yin-Yang): Huh!

(The Entity): I was hoping to get revenge on the girls who tried to kill me!

(Chibi Isis): You’re. . .

(The Entity): That’s right, I’m back and better than ever.

(Isis): Seras.

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