The Entity Part 6

*After arriving back to the system with Seras. Nitsuj logged his mind into the system and began to perform surgery on Seras. After a long procedure Nitsuj was able to heal Seras completely.*

(Seras): Ugh~ my head. Where am I?

(Nitsuj): Ah you’re awake. And here I was thinking of feeding your dead body to the wolves.

(Seras): YOU!

*Seras tries to get up and attack Nitsuj but before she can reach him she runs into a force field stopping her from advancing. Seras tries to punch her way through but her punches have no effect on the force field.*

(Nitsuj): So glad I put that up. Fighting you and operating on Isis at the same time would be tough. By the way Isis how did Phoenix soul work out for you?

(Isis): It was amazing. I felt as if I had just been launched out of a cannon and into the sun where I absorbed the sun’s power and became the star that lights up the universe. It was as if the person known as Isis had ceased to exist and in her place was born a new being.

(Nitsuj): Okay no more anesthetic for you.

(Mira): I will admit she was pretty amazing. Which reminds me, why does she have a special arts while we don’t?

(Shizuku): Yeah how come she gets one? You showing employee favoritism or something? Are we not trustworthy to have one?

(Nitsuj): Alright alright. I’ll give you all a special art. It’ll take some time but I’ll make you guys one I promise. These things aren’t easy to make I have to analyze all your data and then create one that you guys can handle. The only reason Isis has one in the first place is because she’s been around longer than you guys so analyzing her data was a piece of cake.

(Seras): Hey! Don’t ignore me! How are you still alive!? Uwe Boll should have killed you.

(Nitsuj): Oh so that was you’re doing? I must admit he caught me off guard when he arrived and put up a good fight but in the end it was my perseverance and cyber wolves that won the day. Which now leads me to you. Seras, join my team and stay here with us.

(Seras): Snowball chance in hell. You killed my master and now you expect me to join you! Never! I would rather die than give myself to you. You hear me? I will die before I join you but before I die I will make you answer for what you have done to my master.

(Nitsuj): Very well.

*Nitsuj lowers the force field around Seras allowing her to escape.*

(Nitsuj): Come with me. You guys come too.

*The girls follow Nitsuj and he leads them to an arena.*

(Nitsuj): Seras head towards the platform. The rest of you watch from the sidelines. You are not to interfere for what is about to happen no matter what. That’s an order.

*Seras gets into the arena followed by Nitsuj.*

(Seras): What are you playing at here?

(Nitsuj): Seras, I want you to beat me up.

(Seras): What?

(Nitsuj): You heard me I want you to beat me up. You’re right I inadvertently killed your master and I know no matter how many times I say I’m sorry it won’t make you forgive me so instead I’ll let you work your anger out on my body. I won’t ask you to forgive me but I will ask that once all your anger is out you join my team.

(Seras): You can’t be serious? Didn’t you hear me I hate you.

(Nitsuj): Well I like you Seras. If I turn my back on you right now I will never forgive myself. You’re letting your anger control and dictate your life. If getting beaten up by you will help calm your hatred I’ll take the hits. Now do it! Hit me! Come on!

*Seras charges at Nitsuj hitting him with a palm fist to the stomach followed by a judo throw.*

(Nitsuj): Ugrh~!

(Seras): Woah. How did I do that?

(Nitsuj): Along with fixing up your body I noticed you didn’t have a second fighting style so I gave you one. It’s martial arts. You are now a master at hand to hand combat skilled in various forms of martial arts. I assume it’s to your liking.

(Seras): Yes. Now I can take pleasure in hearing your bones crack from my fist.

*Seras charges at Nitsuj again hitting him with a series of punches and kicks with Nitsuj doing nothing to guard against them and just taking them like he said he would. For each hit Nitsuj keeps falling to the ground but getting back up each time with a serious look in his face showing that he’s determined to see this through.*

(Shizuku): Man this is brutal. How long has this been going on?

(Mira): For about 10 minutes.

(Yin-Yang): I can’t watch this anymore. I’m stepping in.

(Chibi Isis): No! You heard what Nii-chan said don’t interfere no matter what.

(Yin-Yang): I don’t care. Order or no order this has gone on long enough.

(Isis): Please don’t interfere. This is his battle not ours.

(Shizuku): How can you say that? Don’t you have the slightest bit of concern for him? He’s your master after all!

(Mira): Shizuku! That’s enough. Look.

*Mira shows Shizuku that Isis is shaking quietly and clinching her fist while she watches Seras fight Nitsuj.*

(Shizuku): You’re more worried than any of us aren’t you? Then why won’t you jumping in and help out?

(Isis): It’s because I trust him that I don’t step in. As I was fighting Seras I could tell she was in pain. A lot of pain. She’s lost, confused, angry, and sad all at the same time. She’s an emotional wreck right now and my master can see this. The best thing for her right now is to get it all out of her system and what better way to do that than by taking it out on the person she despises the most right now.

*Back in the arena Nitsuj begins to cough up blood but still gets back up.*

(Seras): Why? Why won’t you defend yourself? Can’t you see I’m attacking you with the intent to kill you? I may not be able to kill you directly but hurting you this much must be putting stress on your mind in the real world. If this continues your brain will shut down from all of this and you will die. Are you prepared for that?

(Nitsuj): Showing concern for me. It looks like we’re going in the right direction.

(Seras): How can you sit up here and still joke around when you know your life is in jeopardy?

(Nitsuj): Like I told you. I still haven’t given up on you. As long as I’m still standing I won’t give up and turn my back on-

(Seras): Silence! *Seras takes out her scythe* You will fall here and now. With this next attack my vengeance will be complete. What do you have to say about that?

*Nitsuj stretches out his arm sideways.*

(Nitsuj): Come at me!

(Seras): RARRRRR~!

*Seras begins charging at Nitsuj with her scythe in hand ready to kill him and everything.*

(Isis, Mira, Shizuku, and Yin-Yang): MASTER~!

*The AI girls rush to ring hoping to make it in time to stop Seras’ attack. The girls don’t make it in time as Seras swings her scythe believing that she had kill Nitsuj. But instead her attack missed Nitsuj completely only scratching him across the cheek. Seras throws down her scythe and plants her head on Nitsuj’s chest beginning to cry.*

(Seras): Why? How can you be so stupid? I was really going with the intent to kill you.

(Nitsuj): But you didn’t. Why is that?

(Seras): I don’t know. A few seconds ago all I could think was killing you and watching you die. But the second I got within range and saw your face the only thing I could think about was him and how I couldn’t bring myself to kill you. You remind me so much of him before he began going down his dark path. Your jokes, your calm attitude, your trust, everything I can see in you reminds me of him. Why couldn’t I save him, why did he choose to go down that dark path, why?

*Nitsuj hugs Seras*

(Nitsuj): I don’t know why he went down the path he choose. But I do know one thing I know that I will never go down his path. Which is why I want you to join me, to keep an eye on me, and stop me from going down his path and meeting the same fate. And if I do I give you all the permission in the world to kill me and exact your revenge but until then stay by side and watch me do what I do best.

*Seras looks up at Nitsuj.*

(Seras): Very well, I accept. I will join you. I still won’t forget what you did to my master but I will forgive you and move on from it. But just know that if you ever do go down the path of my previous master I’m coming for you.

(Nitsuj): *chuckles* You’ll have to get in line then because I think those 5 down there get the first hit.

(Seras): *chuckles* I suppose so. *Wipes tears away* So what do we do now.

(Nitsuj): Well we are embracing each other. I’m not opposed to doing it right here and now as a welcoming party for you.

(Seras): Samoan drop!

*Seras lifts Nitsuj to her shoulders and does the Samoan drop on him.*

(Nitsuj): AHHHHHHHH~!

(Seras): *Blushing* Pervert! You’re definitely like my previous master. I should kill you now, it’s only a matter time before you go down his path. *whispers to herself* At least set the right mood first.

(Nitsuj): Huh? You say something Seras?

(Seras): I said die you perverted troll!

*Seras begins to kick Nitsuj in the back as the other watch.*

(Shizuku): So I guess they’re friends now right.

(Isis): I guess so. Her treatment of him is no different than the way we treat him.

(Yin-Yang): Aim for the lower back that’s his weak spot.

(Seras): Thanks.

(Nitsuj): Yin-Yang you traitor!

*As everyone is laughing at Nitsuj’s torture the Reaper shows up to talk to them.*

(Reaper): So sorry to disturb this fun but I have news for all of you.

*Everyone stops and stares at the Reaper.*

(Nitsuj): Reaper, it’s very rare for you to appear in front of us like this. Must be something serious.

(Reaper): Not really. You see there’s this strange man that’s got a gang with him trying to get inside our system. He keeps calling out for the girls.

*The Reaper pops up a screen to show everyone that it’s Bluu and he’s bought his gang with him.*

(Bluu): Come on out ya bitches! You’ll rue the day you decided to cross Bluu!

(Reaper): Someone you know I assume.

(Mira): Unfortunately yes.

(Nitsuj): Alright than. Seras as your first job joining team Nitsuj I order you to go and take care of the intruders.

(Seras): Very well. . .master.

*Seras smiles at Nitsuj and he smiles back.*

(Nitsuj): And Isis and the others will be helping you out as punishment for ignoring my orders and getting involved in the fight.

(Isis, Mira, Shizuku, Yin-Yang, and Chibi Isis): Yes.

(Nitsuj): Good. Now make it quick we have a new member of the team and I want to celebrate properly.

*The girls go out to take care of Bluu leaving Nitsuj and the Reaper alone.*

(Reaper): She certainly gave you quite the beating there master. I shall take my leave now.

(Nitsuj): Hold it scary. There’s something I’ve been wondering. Don’t you think it’s a little odd that Seras was able to reform her body despite it being destroyed and everything?

(Reaper): Yes. It is quite odd. I think there’s only 1 in million chance of it happening.

(Nitsuj): Really? And what are perhaps the chances of a certain AI program watching her data leave the system and just happened to save all of her data, reform her, and send her into the outer rim where he would stage for her to seek revenge, come back to attack us and seeing what the outcome would be all for the sake of his amusement?

*The Reaper smiles at Nitsuj.*

(Reaper): Now that would be a 1 in a billion chance of that happening. Keep or take 999,999,999. But whether that person was doing it for his own amusement is something to question greatly.

(Nitsuj): Really? What do you think that person was doing it for than if not for amusement?

(Reaper): Who knows? Maybe that person was doing it for his own amusement or maybe that person wanted to confirm something from all of this.

(Nitsuj): I see. Thanks Reaper.

*The Reaper begins to walk away.*

(Nitsuj): Although it would make quite a story if something like that were to happen wouldn’t you agree.

(Reaper): Indeed it would master. Indeed it would.

*The Reaper disappears into the distance and Nitsuj regains his strength and logs out of system back into the real world to prepare for a party welcoming Seras to the team.*

The end.

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