Nicktoon-cember Part 31: The Modifyers

The final show from Nicktoon-cember I would like to talk about is The Modifyers. The Modifyers is a pilot episode introduced to Nickelodeon sometime in 2010. The show was created by Lynne Naylor and Chris Reccardi. In the show we focus on a young female spy named Agent Xero and her partner a robot named […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 30: The Breadwinners

What the hell is this? I keep asking that question but I never get an answer to it. Is this really what counts as entertainment today? Has the standard of children’s show fallen this badly? This is it, this is the worst cartoon that Nickelodeon has ever aired. The same channel that gave us the […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 29: Sanjay and Craig

What the hell is this? Did I accidently watch Fanboy and Chum Chum again because that’s what this show feels like? This show focuses on the adventures of a boy named Sanjay and his pet Craig a talking snake who wears a t-shirt and hat to disguise himself as a human. And we have our […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 28: Fanboy and Chum Chum

What the hell is this? This is not entertainment that’s for sure. Fanboy & Chum Chum is one of the worst cartoons I have ever seen in my life. This show centers around two hyperactive and stupid boys obsessed with superheroes and like to dress up as them. The show just focuses on their day […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 27: Planet Sheen

Alright guys Nicktoon-cember may be over but we’ve got a few request left over and one important show I wanted to talk about so get ready for a little extra Nicktoon-cember. First up on the chopping block is Planet Sheen. Oh man was this a show doomed to fail. This was a spin-off show from […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 26: Oh Yeah! Cartoons

The final Nicktoon I would like to talk about is Oh Yeah! Cartoons. The show was basically Nickelodeon’s answer to Cartoon Network’s “What A Cartoon!” and just like “What A Cartoon!” the show had one purpose, to help Nickelodeon find shows. However while “What A Cartoon!” was successful and helped Cartoon Network define who they […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 25: Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants, a title so weird and unpredictable yet somehow became Nickelodeon’s highest rated nicktoon. The show is also Nickelodeon’s longest running show as well. The show got started in 1999 and has since then been airing on Nickelodeon with new episodes to this day. The show takes place in the ocean, in that ocean […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 24: Kappa Mikey

Kappa Mikey is a show that a lot of people don’t like but I feel don’t like it for the wrong reasons. The shows centers around a young American actor named Mikey who just can’t catch a break in the world of acting here in the USA. But all of that changes when he wins […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 23: My Dad the Rock Star

Another animated show from our neighbors up north. The show follows the life of kid named Willy who is the son of famous rock legend Rock Zilla and his attempt to live a normal life. The show was created by rock legend and KISS singer Gene Simmons who in turned based the show loosely off […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 22: Wayside

Based off the series of books written by Louis Sachar, Wayside originally got its start in Canada but then got commissioned to air on Nickelodeon in the fall of 2007. The show takes place in the fictional Wayside School, a strange school that was accidently built “sideways” thus making the school 30 stories tall with […]