Cartoon Cartoon-cember Part 26: What a Cartoon!/ Cartoontistute

The last shows I wanted to talk about for Cartoon Cartoon-cember are “What a Cartoon!” and Cartoontistue. These two shows played a big part in creating Cartoon Network especially “What a Cartoon!”. “What a Cartoon!” was Cartoon Network’s project in helping them find shows to air on the channel. The project consisted of 71 short […]

Cartoon Cartoon-cember Part 25: Regular Show

I have to admit when I first heard about this show I thought it was stupid but after sitting down and watching a few of the episodes I have to admit it’s not as bad as I thought it was, it’s actually pretty good and clever. The show centers around the anthropomorphic adventures of a […]

Cartoon Cartoon-cember Part 24: Adventure Time

What time is it? No really what time is it my clock broke. Well whatever time it is Adventure Time was always the time for bizarre entertainment. The show follows the adventures of a human named Finn and his adoptive talking shape-shifting dog brother Jake. The show was heavily inspired off of video games and […]

Cartoon Cartoon-cember Part 23: Total Drama Island

Often seen as Cartoon Network’s answer to Survivor, Total Drama Island is a show that comes from our good neighbors up north, Canada. The show centers around a group of high schoolers on a reality show similar to Survivor only at a cheap camp trying to win 100,000 bucks. All of the characters are stereotypes […]

Cartoon Cartoon-cember Part 21: Chowder

Is there anybody out there interested in being a chef? This show isn’t for you. Remember how I said Cartoon Network on a Furry phase for short. Well during that Furry phase we got some really dumb and awkward shows and if Squirrel Boy was considered the dumbest of the Furry phase than Chowder is […]

Cartoon Cartoon-cember Part 20: Class of 3000

This was one of the last created shows Cartoon Network did that was actually entertaining. The show was created by Andre 3000 from the Hip-hop group OutKast. Well you already got my attention Andre is downright awesome and entertaining. In the show Andre plays a famous musician called Sunny Bridges who becomes tired of stardom […]

Cartoon Cartoon-cember Part 19: Squirrel Boy

From the creator of Duckman comes a show that nobody remembers whatsoever. Squirrel Boy was a show that came and went by so fast that even I question whether or not this show existed. Seriously the show is shit, unimaginative shit that should never have existed, next to Sheep in the Big City this was […]

Cartoon Cartoon-cember Part 17: Camp Lazlo

From the man who bought us Rocko’s Modern Life comes a comedy take on summer camp. Camp Lazlo takes place in a universe where everyone is an anthropomorphic animal and centers around a group of boy scouts at a camp called Camp Kidney. At the camp we follow the adventures of a happy-go lucky monkey […]