Dawn of the Broken

*It’s Halloween Night in the Principality of Jack and the entire kingdom is partying in the streets as music plays, people dance and drink, kids get treats and play games. There’s excitement in the air as everyone prepares for the big magic tournament. We see that the AI girls are taking in the festivities with […]

The Killing Review

*It’s Halloween night and the group has once again decided to go Trick or Treating. This year in honor of Persona 5 being released the group has decided to go with a Persona theme. Nitsuj is dressed is Minato from Persona 3, Isis is dressed up as Elizabeth from Persona 3, Chibi Isis is dressed […]

The 4kidstergeist

*It’s Halloween Night. The group has decided to go with Vocaloid themed costumes this year. Nitsuj is dressed up as Gakupo. The rest of the AI girls are dressed up as female vocaloids. Isis is Miku, Shizuku is Meiko, Yin-Yang is Gumi, Seras is IA, Mira is Luka, and Chibi Isis is Rin. As for […]

Attack on Cyberwolf

*It’s Halloween Night and everyone in Nitsuj’s house is preparing to go out trick or treating. The AI girls are all dressed up as the Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon. Isis is Sailor Moon, Seras is Mars, Mira is Mercury, Shizuku is Jupiter, and Yin-Yang is Venus even though she’s embarrassed by it* (Yin-Yang): *Fidgeting […]

Night Of The Living Chibi

On the outskirts of Cincinnati during Halloween night a strange portal opens. Appearing out of the portal is a tiny AI girl who looks exactly like Chibi Isis except she has red eyes, fangs, and a crown on her head. (Evil Chibi Isis): Alright the jump was a success. All troops come over. *An army […]