Project #245.5: Social Media Announcement

Hey guys, Justin here and welcome to the side blog the blogs between the blogs. Well. . .there’s no easy way to say this, I have a twitter account. I so don’t want to do this but I want the site to continue to grow and expand the audience. So check out my twitter account […]

AI Day

*As the army of AI assassins advances toward the system the AI girls have set up wall to protect themselves and prepare for the attack* (Mira): Well there certainly are a number of them. Reaper, you can take these guys down easily right? (Reaper): I’m afraid I won’t be of much help this time of […]

Alone in the Boll

*In Nitsuj’s house Nitsuj is relaxing and playing videogames with the Jack Bros. while the AI girls are in a deep sleep because of updates.* (Pyro Jack): So let me get this straight. They’re being updated as we speak? (Nitsuj): Yes. They’ll be stronger and have new weapons. Shizuku, Mira, and Chibi have been heckling […]

Artifical Intelligence Online (AIO)

*Inside the system Isis and Chibi-Isis are relaxing while Nitsuj is reviewing the second part of SAO* (Isis): Sure is peaceful. (Chibi Isis): Yes. All sectors within the system are secured no threats or viruses detected at- (Isis): I sense it too. There are three of them. (Chibi Isis): And they each match the specifications […]