Journey to the East Epilogue

*Nitsuj has arrived back in Cincinnati, has just gotten his luggage, and is heading towards his car* (Nitsuj): I’m back. Hello Cincinnati, it’s been a while. I can’t wait to get home and see how the girls are doing. Assuming the house hasn’t been burnt down. *Nitsuj takes out his phone and checks the news […]

Journey to the East Part 16

*After a quick rest and climb Nitsuj finally reached the top of the mountain where a shrine was present. Nitsuj walked through the gates of the shrine hearing nothing. Everything was silent as if time had stood still. After walking around a little bit a dagger finally flies pass Nitsuj’s face. Once he stopped a […]

Journey to the East Part 15

*As Nitsuj continues to meditate under the cherry blossom tree, Yume sits by the cave waiting patiently for his return* (Mori): Here you go. I bought you some chicken soup. (Yume): Thanks, but I’m not really that hungry. (Mori): It would appear that Nitsuj has conquered his first three trials. Quite the amazing feet. But […]

Journey to the East Part 14

*Nitsuj continues to stare at the man who looks just like him* (Nitsuj): Who are you? (???): I am you. (Nitsuj): But I am me. (???) No I am you and you are me. (Nitsuj): If you are me and I am you than who am I? (???): Okay enough! We’re not doing this bit. […]

Journey to the East Part 13

*A few hours have gone by and Nitsuj and Yume have finally arrived in Tokyo, Japan* (Nitsuj): We made it! We’re finally here. The heart and soul of Japan. Tokyo. (Yume): Yes. After passing our stop accidently and making a few stops along the way we’re finally here. (Nitsuj): Well we wasted enough time traveling. […]

Journey to the East Extra

*Nitsuj and Yume’s train have stopped in Koganei* (Conductor): Attention passengers we are now pulling into Koganei. Those of you wishing to continue your trip to Tokyo please make your way over to the next station just west of this station. Thank you and have a nice day* *Nitsuj gets his luggage and exits the […]

Journey to the East Part 12

*After getting on the wrong train Nitsuj and Yume wound up in the Tohoku region where their train stopped in the Aomori prefecture. After many days of traveling back the two manage to arrive in Iwaki which is in the Fukushima prefecture. They manage to find a train to Tokyo but the train won’t be […]

Journey to the East Part 11

*A few days have gone by with Nitsuj and Yume leaving Osaka and arriving in Kanazawa located in the Chubu region a region next to the Kanto region and Nitsuj’s last stop before arriving in Tokyo* (Nitsuj): Well we made it. Kanazawa, one of the cities lucky enough to be spared the attack from U.S […]

Journey to the East Part 10

*Nitsuj and Yume are in the Shinsaibashi shopping district hanging out in the arcade and playing videogames. They are currently playing the videogame version of Gal Gun* (Yume): I still cannot believe this game is coming to the west. (Nitsuj): I know. Isn’t it amazing? (Yume): It’s shameless. (Nitsuj): For you maybe. I bet if […]

Journey to the East Part 9

*It’s early in the morning and Nitsuj’s train has just pulled into Osaka* (Conductor): We are now pulling into the Shinsaibashi Station. Please be sure to take all your luggage and belongings. We hope you had a pleasant ride. Thank you and have a nice day* *Nitsuj takes his luggage and gets off the train […]