Project #109: Kill la Kill Part 2

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. (Shizuku): Welcome to the second half of Kill La Kill and for those of you just joining us here’s a quick recap of what happened last time: *Shizuku shows random clips of the characters screaming and fighting and ends the clip show with a dinosaur roar*. (Nitsuj): Yeah. . .something like that. Now on with the review.


Opening and Ending Theme


(Shizuku): As with all long animes we get a new opening and ending for the second part of the anime. The opening this time is “ambiguous” by GRANiDELiA. Once again the song is a rock song dominated by the lead female singer but her voice isn’t as strong or powerful as Aoi which is odd because the singer of this band is said to have a very powerful singing voice. (Nitsuj): The instrumental to this song is great however as it’s full of energy and tells us that the characters have overcome everything they had to face up to this point and are now stronger than ever. (Shizuku): In the end the song matches up well with the series but I still prefer the first song over this one. (Nitsuj): Likewise. The new ending is “Shinsekai Koukyougaku” (New World Symphony) by Sayonara Ponytail. Unlike the last ending or the openings which seem to be serious, fast-paced, and rock this song is more on the slow side, relaxing, and sweet. (Shizuku): It also focuses on Mako and how she knows things are bad she has a feeling that things will work out for Ryuko and that no matter where she goes Mako will be there to put on smile on her face. I still like the first ending over this one because I’m really I’m not into this slow stuff but I will admit it is comforting song. (Nitsuj): I personally like this song over the first ending. Yeah it might seem a little out of place in this anime but hey so is Mako and just like Shizuku says it’s a comforting song that gives that no matter how bad the situation may be things are gonna work out in the end.


Episodes 13-16


(Shizuku): In episode 13 Satsuki and her forces are preparing for their country-wide road trip (or raid trip as they like to call it). While that’s going on Ryuko has fallen into a funk because of what happen last episode (she killed your father, it was only natural for you to get angry) and refuses to put on Senketsu (Nitsuj: So what she’s just walking around the house naked? Not that I don’t mind). But all that changes when Nagita a student of the newspaper club inspired by Ryuko’s actions takes matters into his own hands and tries to speak out against the injustice of the academy and starts to get attacked because of it (Shizuku: We want pizza Friday back. Also, stop discriminating and turning us into military forces for your road trip. (Nitsuj): Raid trip. (Shizuku): Whatever). Inspired by Nagita’s bravey and determination Ryuko is able to get out of her funk and put on Senketsu again where she saves Nagita and we find out that it was really Nui in disguise (Nitsuj: I would make this is a lie joke but that’s so 2014) and she attacks Ryuko beating her and destroying Senketsu in the process (and now Ryuko has nothing to wear). We end with Satsuki coming in to stop Nui from killing Ryuko and she takes the shattered remains of Senketsu and gives them to students so that she can get more useful data out of them.


(Nitsuj): Episode 14 turns out to be an episode full of action. We find out that Ryuko saved the scarf of Senketsu so he’s still alive and she decides to go on her own raid trip to find all the students who have pieces of Senketsu so she can restore him (Shizuku: So it’s like a shopping spree only with more action and insanity). Also, Aikuro has decided to leave the school in order to follow his nudist way of life. Throughout the whole episode we see the invasion forces of Satsuki led by the Elite 4 (so she does have a soft spot for her friends) invade the various schools and fight them it’s pretty entertaining and fun to watch how different each school is and the way they fight. Ryuko goes to each of the stops on her motorcycle (hi, hello, where she get that?) where she goes through all the students and gets the pieces of Senketsu back but there’s one piece missing and it happens to be in possession of Satsuki (in hindsight I should have known this was coming but my brain refused to accept it).


More action continues in episode 15 as Satsuki and her forces have taken over Osaka and the elite 4 have their new goku uniforms so now they’re stronger than ever. Ryuko shows up to face Satsuki and get the last part of Senketsu from her where the Nudist Beach organization comes in to back her up (okay this is the most awkward back up I’ve ever seen. (Shizuku): Speak for yourself, I’m enjoying the show). Ryuko gets the final piece of Senketsu back and an all-out brawl ensues between the two with excellent angles and fast-paced action that pretty much destroys the city (it’s awesome. (Shizuku): Damn straight it is). Ryuko and Satsuki corner each other holding swords up to each other’s neck (who’s gonna flinch first) and Ryuko tells Satsuki to withdraw an exchange for her life because Ryuko doesn’t want to sacrifice her friends and allies in order to get her revenge (where was that thinking when you went crazy on Nui?). Satsuki agrees to her terms and tells her troops to fallback but not before destroying the Nudist Beach headquarters which was her plan all along, to root them out and eliminate them so that nobody can stand before her (except for one girl with a talking sailor uniform). Relieved that Satsuki has withdrawn and impressed with how Ryuko force Satsuki into a stalemate Aikuro decides it’s time that Ryuko knew everything.


(Shizuku): Not gonna sugarcoat it, episode 16 is just crazy (Nitsuj: Oh God. How crazier could this anime get). Aikuro takes Ryuko and Mako to the Nudist Beach headquarters where we see they had a hidden area left intact from the attack. Once inside Aikuro explains to Ryuko that life fiber is an extraterrestrial life from outer space who crash landed on Earth and attached itself to humans to feed off them (Nitsuj: O_O). (Shziuku): Yes, there’s the look I wanted to see. It fits you perfectly. This of course led to many deaths so instead they decided to make themselves clothes, feed off humans safely and at the same time allow humans to evolve (so from now on evolution will go by the name clotholution). After years went by the life fiber went into a state of dormant not doing anything and allowing humans to just live normally that is until the Kiryunn group came along and started putting life fiber in everyone’s clothes which are still in dormant but once activated they have no idea what’s gonna happen and the Nudist Beach wants to stop them (Nitsuj: O_O. (Shizuku): You’ll have to excuse him folks he’s gone into a “this is too crazy for me to handle” coma he’ll snap out of it once he sees something normal again). Ryuko’s father was asked to study the life fiber for the Kiryunn group and when he found out what they were up to he began creating counter-measures to stop them and their plans. Those counter-measures include the Nudist Beach which he organized himself (I’m sure at first he was only excepting female applicants) and his daughter Ryuko who for some reason has a resistance to the life fiber that it doesn’t really harm her at all. He created Senketsu to be worn by her as armor to seek out and destroy other life fibers (basically Senketsu is the Judas to his own kind). Back on Satsuki’s side she goes to meet her mother Ragyou whose hair is made out of rainbows (Nitsuj: Finally, something normal. Thank God. (Shizuku): You find the double rainbow lady normal? (Nitsuj): She reminds of a simpler time. A time where the only bizarre and crazy thing in my life was Dennis Robman). Satsuki goes to meet her mother in the family bath where her mother feels her up (Nitsuj: If they weren’t related I would honestly find this hot. But they’re not so eww~, lady that’s your own daughter. Find your husband or the pool boy and feel him up). She pretty much tells Satsuki what Aikuro told Ryuko and she shows Satsuki the original life fiber that crashed on Earth (still alive, making clothes, and advancing clotholution for men since the dawn of time). Ragyou tells Satsuki it’s time to move to the final phase of their plan which is the sports and cultural festival. After hearing all of this Ryuko speaks up for Senketsu and tells everyone that Senketsu is not a weapon for man and that she feels sorry that Senketsu has to kill his own brethren (yeah save that mushy stuff for the Transformers and go back to killing the fiber from outer space). She refuses to use Senketsu for combat and takes him off which doesn’t sit well with Tsugumu and he decides to kill Senketsu but Ryuko stands in his way to end the episode.


Episodes 17-21


Episode 17 is build up for the big sports and cultural festival. Senketsu tells Ryuko its okay that he’s a weapon and the situation with Tsugumu threatening to kill Senketsu is resolved in a funny way (in other words the end of episode 16 was totally pointless). We find out that Ragyou created the academy as a testing ground to test the life fibers and see how many people can resist them before they die and at the festival she’s given clothes to everyone in attendance at the festival to trap all the people in the city and use them as sacrifice for life fiber because she’s crazy and believes that the world should be ruled clothes instead of human (Nitsuj: Okay am I gonna have to go back into another coma because I’ve already been in one and I don’t wanna do it again). Ryuko, Tsugumu, Aikuro, and Mako arrive back at the academy on the day of festival where Ragyou shows up to the festival all decked out in her best clown outfit (Nitsuj: What the hell is she wearing!? Goddamn I thought Lady Gaga had a crazy fashion sense. Give her credit she at least pulls it off). Ryuko and the gang go into the academy leaving Mako behind for safety and as they’re about to face Ragyou the most unexpected thing happens (Nitsuj: The anime actually starts to make sense, //! (Shizuku): No dumbass). What really happens is that Satsuki of all people uses her sword to pierce her mother through the chest blood spewing everywhere and hurls her mother on a cross-like object crucifying her (hardcore! Pure hardcore). It turns out that Satsuki doesn’t agree with her mother’s way of thinking (Nitsuj: What sane person would agree with her thinking) and has rebelled against her mother (who is still alive somehow despite having a sword pierce her chest and being crucified while losing gallons of blood) saying that she’s going to overthrow the life fiber and that the academy is her fortress she built to in order to defeat her mother (this has got to be the biggest face turn I’ve ever seen in an anime. (Nitsuj): No lie there sister).


(Nitsuj): So yeah in episode 18 Satsuki’s a good guy (or gal in this case) who’s been plotting to kill her mother since she was a child (okay this girl seriously has problems). She tells her men where the original life fiber is and has them destroy it with starch and we find out that ever since she was a child she was subjected to a number of life fiber experiments to test her capability with life fibers and her unborn little sister was also subjected to life fiber experiments which ultimately killed her and Ragyou doesn’t even shed a tear or show remorse at the fact that she just killed one of her own daughters (good Lord lady you killed your own daughter? You evil monster. Seriously I think even John Liebert would be like “Marry me you sick fuck of a woman”). So after piercing her, Satsuki warns the world about the life fibers and tells them to throw out all the of her family’s clothing (market shares will plummet big time after this) but Ragyou gets up and reveals that her whole body is made of fight fiber so getting pierced doesn’t even faze her (Shizuku: Because clothes can totally give you these kinds of powers in real life). Ragyou takes control of the students including Ryuko and turns them on Satsuki where she easily defeats the students with Junketsu but has a hard time fighting Ryuko where we see that Ryuko might possibly be way stronger than Satsuki now. Ryuko manages to break Ragyou’s hold on her and she’s about to lay the smack down on Ragyou’s rainbow ass but Nui shows up to fight her leaving Satsuki to take on her mother herself. Ryuko takes on Nui where she just overpowers Nui actually scaring her because she and Senketsu have reached 100% synchronization meaning they are one now (Shizuku: Sounds like some Legend of Korra stuff to me. . .I love it). Back on Satsuki’s side she fights her mother and decapitates her giving making it rain blood (Shizuku: It’s raining blood. (Nitsuj): Eww~) but Ragyou is still alive as well as the original life fiber (what are they terminators or something) and she begins to kick Satsuki’s ass completely pwning her (Shizuku: Haven’t seen a beating this bad since Sonic 200- (Nitsuj): Already made that joke in Hyperdimension Neptunia. (Shizuku): Oh. Okay, how about I haven’t seen a beating this bad since this year’s NCAA Football championship game? (Nitsuj): There you go). She beats Satsuki within an inch of her life, steals Junketsu and dawns it herself, attacks Ryuko and pulls out her heart revealing that Ryuko’s heart is made entirely out of life fiber (// This means that Ryuko is actually Ragyou’s daughter who she thought she killed and is Satsuki’s little sister (this truly is a dysfunctional family).


Things just go batshit crazy in episode 19. We fast forward to a month where the world has been taken over by these business suits called Covers which cobble up humans and use them as a power source. Satsuki gets captured and sexually tortured by her mother, Mako gets absorbed by one of the Covers, the Elite 4 lose their Goku uniforms and have to team up with the Nudist Beach Organization and the cherry on top of this we’re fucked situation is that Ryuko has gone into a deep coma after finding out the truth of her past (damn, the situation just keeps going from bad to worse to fucked to funny in this anime all in the course of just 5 minutes). On Ryuko’s past we find out that Satsuki’s little sister (which is Ryuko) never really died. Yeah, their father faked his and her death, changed his body and name, and raised Ryuko as a single parent waiting for the day when she would learn the truth and fight back against Ragyou with Satsuki (Shizuku: And instead like most sisters they wound up fighting each other instead of tackling the real problem). The Covers find the base of the Nudist Beach Organization and attack it but luckily they developed a new weapon which allows them to save people inside the Covers. Ira uses the new weapon to save Mako and Ryuko finally wakes up destroying all of them with one strike without even wearing Senketsu (you fucking failures! You guys are said to be this elite group all been training for days to defeat this clothing apocalypse and look what happens. The whole world gets destroyed in one fucking month and you couldn’t do a damn thing about it not even defeating the Covers. In just one second a high school girl, naked mind you did more than you guys did in an entire month). Senketsu goes to her but Ryuko tells him to piss off saying she’s done with him and that she won’t ever wear him again because she now sees herself as nothing more than a life fiber monster (an attracted life fiber monster I might add).


(Shizuku): So in episode 20 Ryuko has come to see herself as a monster and after being provoked by Nui and Ragyou she decides to go and face them herself rejecting everyone close to her (will somebody slap the bitch and tell her to calm down). The rest of the gang also follows her in their base where we see that it’s a really a large ship (Nitsuj: No doubt compensating for something). Back on Ryuko’s side of the story she invades the school wearing nothing but a torn cloth slicing everything in her path (Nitsuj: This is strangely hot) to reach Nui and Ragyou so she can kill them (this family is more messed up then the Mishima family from Tekken). She fights against Nui again (please kill the smiling bitch this time) where we see that just like Ryuko her heart is also made out of life fiber (soul sisters separated at birth). Satsuki escapes her cell naked as well and fights through the Covers using only the tip of toenails (Nitsuj: You know this anime has more nudity than a lot of ecchi animes out there. How crazy is that?) and gets rescued by the Elite 4 who take her back to the ship. Back with Ryuko, she gets captured by Ragyou and brainwashed into believing that Ragyou was the perfect mom (*Nitsuj and Shizuku start bursting out laughing* Nitsuj: This crazy double rainbow broad the perfect mom? (Shizuku): I know right? That’s like saying Miyazaki made a bad movie. (Nitsuj): *still laughing* It’s impossible). Okay *takes a deep breath* assuming you survived that bullshit yet hilarious delusional scene, Ragyou gives Junketsu to Ryuko who dawns the new holier than thou look which actually covers up the whole body (Nitsuj: A godrobe that isn’t revealing or obscene!? What insanity is this) and attacks the gang totally brainwashed. Satsuki decides it’s time to take action and wears Senketsu to face Ryuko (Nitsuj: Oh my God she looks hotter than ever in Senketsu).


Okay so in episode 21 we open with Ryuko, Ragyou, and Nui floating naked in a white world of life fibers (Nitsuj: Wow. This is strangely hot. Good God, I think I might actually be a pervert. (Shizuku): Welcome to the intervention boss. (Nitsuj): Oh, bite me Shizuku. (Shizuku): Don’t tempt me). It appears that this is the brainwashing sequence skipped over in the previous episode and before going off to face the others. Satsuki and Senketsu (quite the unlikely team there if you ask me) take on Ryuko where we see that the two aren’t in sync (Nitsuj: What do you expect the girl has an ego bigger then Seto Kiba and Black Star combined). But they work well enough for Satsuki to lure Ryuko into a trap where Ira can get behind Ryuko (Nitsuj: Surprise butt sex) and use the cloth removing handgun to get Junketsu off of Ryuko but Nui comes in to destroy the device and reveal to us that Junketsu is sowed directly onto to Ryuko’s life fibers and if they try to remove it by force they’ll most likely kill her (she’ll live, main character, next question). Senketsu gets separated from Satsuki and Mako jumps into the battle to see if she can talk sense to Ryuko but Nui takes a swing at her and she gets saved by Senketsu who is now being worn by her (an even more unlikely team). Satsuki is able to finally open a wound on Ryuko’s body and she tells Mako to stick Senketsu into the wound where he and Mako get sucked into the body of Ryuko (Nitsuj: They’re really just throwing out the whole sense of reality at this point aren’t they? (Shizuku): It got thrown out the minute they introduced the talking sailor uniform). They dive into Ryuko’s body where she attacks them for disrupting her happiness (yes, standing at the altar of a church with no one to be seen about to get married to a faceless man you’ve never met and know nothing about. This truly is the best happiness the world has to offer. Try saying that out loud and see if it makes sense to you). They manage to snap Ryuko out of it (how is it that the weakest character in this entire series winds up saving the main character when we got all these overpowered big time side characters around?) and she rips off Junketsu with blood raining everywhere (that’s a lot of blood coming out of one body. (Nitsuj): Yeah I’m no doctor but I’m pretty sure she would be dead at the amount of blood she just lost).


Episodes 22-24 and OVA


(Nitsuj): Things are looking great in episode 22. Ryuko somehow survived the massive blood lost and is reunited with Senketsu but unfortunately Nui gets both half of the scissors (not to worry). Ryuko easily gets them back and chops the bitches arms off destroying them causing blood to poor out nonstop and for the first time ever we see Nui pissed off as hell (Shizuku: The bitch has been broken). Ragyou’s assistant shows up to save Nui via helicopter (//, this clip never gets boring) and she has the COVERS by them time as they escape which makes everyone else on the ship happy because they massed produced the weapon that allows them to save people and destroy the COVERS (glad to see they were doing off screen) and use them on the COVERS destroying them, collecting all the life fibers, and saving all the people inside (great turn around guys). The group takes in Junketsu and infuses it with Ryuko’s blood and Senketsu’s life fibers (why? Because sisters share stuff). We also see that Nui is getting crazy on us big time. Later on Ryuko and Satsuki settle their differences and come to a reconciliation as best as they can. After that Satsuki tells everyone that Ragyou’s plan is to activate all the life fibers in the world by using a special machine being created by Nui at the academy (I imagine that’s gonna be hard without her arms) and is currently heading to the academy while riding on the original life fiber (Shizuku: Imagine riding the sandworm from Dune only more ridiculous and over the top). As their discussing plans to stop them Ragyou attacks the ship and the group splits into two teams. Aikuro leads the charge to destroy the machine in the academy while Ryuko and Satsuki team up to take down their mother (geez, this family dispute is worse than a dinner party at the Kardashian’s house). As Ryuko and Satsuki fly off the ship gets attacked by a Titan COVER (oh shit call in the cast from Attack on Titans quickly) as Elite 4 get ready to fight it Mako shows up in her 2 star uniform prepared to fight as well (they bought her back? Oh man that’s cool).


Episode 23 is just one big massive battle that even if I described it would not do the show justice but I will try. First off Mako defends the ship from the COVERS and it seems like she can’t fight anymore so the elite 4 get their new ultimate uniforms and just defend the ship with Mako saving it. Back on Ryuko and Satsuki’s part they take on their mother while trying to destroy the original life fiber. Satsuki distracts Ragyou enough to give Ryuko the opportunity to slice her way to the core of the original life fiber but it’s too thick for her scissors to cut through (Shizuku: That is one amazing innuendo). Luckily, Aikuro uses the ship’s ultimate weapon the naked blade and charges the ship directly into the life fiber which gives Ryuko a power up and the energy to slice through that life liber destroying it entirely. Stunned and angered by what happened Ragyou refuses to admit defeat and Nui appears saying that she’s finished her ultimate creation for Ragyou to wear. Everyone heads to the school (including characters who got defeated in the past) for the final battle with Ragyou which will decide the fate of the world.


(Shizuku): In the final episode of this nonsensical anime it’s everyone in the world against Ragyou and Nui (all of a sudden Tupac’s song comes to mind with this sentence). While Satsuki and Ryuko fight Ragyou and Nui the rest try to the destroy that goddamn transmitter that Ragyou wants to use to activate a satellite that will allow all the life fibers in the world will consume everyone in the world and turn them into food for the Original life fiber which is still alive and moving apparently (Nitsuj: They probably should of burn that fiber instead of leaving it in the ocean. (Shizuku): Yeah in hindsight that was pretty stupid of them. (Nitsuj): Wow you actually used hindsight correctly). Ragyou unleashes a new move that shuts down all the goku uniforms reverting them back to normal and stopping them from moving which allows the Original life fiber to come in and swallow them (Original life fiber: Man these guys are leaving a nonsensical crazy taste in my mouth). Ira is able to save Mako and the rest of the elite 4 and Nui takes the opportunity to kill Mako but Ira protects her and gets killed himself (Nitsuj): I’m not dead~. (Shizuku): Yes you are). Ryuko strips herself of Senketsu and continues to fight (in her underwear) but is still no match for Ragyou as the Original life fiber absorbs everyone in the vicinity until Senketsu launches himself at Ragyou and drills a hole through the bitch releasing her absolute control on life fibers giving everyone the use of their Goku uniforms again. With momentum on their side the elite 4 and the rest of the students attack the transmitter and with the help of Ira who is still alive (Nitsuj: I feel fine~) the transmitter gets destroyed and Ryuko and Satsuki defeat Ragyou (checkmate bitch). But Ragyou refuses to give up and tells Nui to sacrifice herself and combine with her and the Original life fiber so that she can fly into space and activates the satellite herself (well played Ragyou you crazy bitch). The life fibers begin consuming the planet and Ryuko absorbs the Goku uniforms of everyone causing them to return to be naked completely (Nitsuj: This anime has more nudity in it than a hentai), she turns into a super Saiyan (I’m not kidding) and flies into space to face Ragyou. Ryuko absorbs Ragyou’s powers over life fiber somehow (I’m not gonna question it. If anything you should be questioning throughout this scene is how the hell is that girl breathing in outer space without a space suit) and stops the life fibers from consuming the planet meaning Ragyou has finally and I mean finally lost. Rather than except her defeat and surrender Ragyou rips out her heart and kills herself saying that the life fiber will return to their world one day (Nitsuj: Yeah whatever. Just die and go to Hell I here Satan is looking for a new wife). With Ragyou defeated Senketsu uses the last of his powers to return Ryuko to Earth safely telling her to live out her life the way she sees fit and wear better clothes than him before burning up in the Earth’s atmosphere. Ryuko is reunited safely with everyone and begins to live a new life in a world free to wear whatever she wants and we end the series with her going on a date with Mako and Satsuki who cut her hair short (still looks like boy).


(Nitsuj): We get a special OVA episode that came about year after the anime ended. The episode takes place 2 weeks after the events in episode 24 (good times). The academy as well as the city are being decommissioned and shut down so everyone is packing up and leaving. The academy holds a special graduation where we see where everyone’s going in life. Ira’s going to work in his family’s iron shop, Nonon is being trained to take over her family’s corporation, Houka’s going to college to study IT (I recommend enrolling at MIT), Uzu’s continuing his training at a family dojo, and Ryuko and Mako are going to a new high school together. Yep, everyone’s moving on with their life except for Satsuki who is unsure where to go in life now. Her whole life her goal has been to destroy the life fibers and kill her mother. Now that that goal has been accomplish where does she go from here (Shizuku: Well she does have a family corporation to run but with everything that’s happen who’s gonna buy her stuff)? As she’s getting ready to give her graduation speech she gets kidnapped and replaced by a clone who has Junketsu and clones of the Elite 4. They begin attacking the students with Ryuko staying behind to fight and Tsumugu shows up with new DTRs for the Elite 4 to use in their fights (they were meant to be used in the battle but budget cuts forced their production to be delayed for a weak). As the group is fighting we find out that the person behind this stunt is none other than Rei, Ragyou’s assistant who seeks revenge against Satsuki and the others. She gathered the remaining life fibers in the world, created the clones, and is now using Satsuki and Mako to power up the academy’s final defense system which turns the academy into a giant mech. The Elite 4 and Ryuko defeat the clones and try to stop the academy but aren’t strong enough. Ryuko gets thrown into a cavern where the spirit of Senketsu sends her the scissors from space to stop the academy in an over the top awesome way. After the academy is stopped Satsuki and Rei have their showdown where Satsuki convinces Rei to move on with her life and stay by her side to make sure she helps the world and makes it a place where everyone can live in peace. The episode ends with everyone escaping the sinking island, giving a final salute to the school (why, the only thing that place was good for was giving students nightmares and a lifetime of trauma), and going their separate ways moving on with their lives.


Final Thoughts


(Nitsuj): So that was Kill La Kill it’s crazy, nonsensical, violent, and over the top. (Shizuku): And that’s what makes this anime so awesome! The anime knows it’s crazy, nonsensical, violent, and over the top. Rather than shy away from it and bring us back to reality this anime fully embraces it’s insanity and sends us a rollercoaster filled with plots and twist you never see coming. (Nitsuj): The anime does a good job establishing it’s story in the first half by introducing the characters, letting us know who they are, why they’re like this, what the situation is, and giving us plenty of action scenes while slowly building up the story until the second half where the anime pulls a major twist on you revealing the real villain as well as her master plans, the secret of the life fiber, and giving us one of the most dysfunctional families in anime history. (Nitsuj): The characters are all great to watch with each one having their own personality and interacting well off each other. Ryuko is a rebellious teenager who’s stubborn and hotheaded but at the same time she has a strong sense of justice and loyalty to others. Mako almost steals the show in each episode with her funny personality. She’s weak but the perfect representation of this anime. Satsuki’s pretty cool too, she’s strong and can back up her talk. I do like how she and Ryuko are different from each other. Ryuko’s a hothead who wings it and wins by using her guts while Satsuki’s a calm and in control person who plans her moves out and wins her fights with her mind. Ragyou is also a great villain in this anime. She’s totally obsessed with life fibers and believes that they are the absolute rulers of the world. She’s absolutely insane, evil, and amazing perverted. It’s like the only way she can interact with her daughters is feeling them up.


(Shizuku): Animation wise the anime matches up what the creators of the show wanted. We have over the top the animation with the sizes of some characters being inconsistent, cartoon logic at work throughout the anime, and awesome fight scenes that are over the top and done amazingly well. (Nitsuj): I also did like the hand-drawn backgrounds of the academy in some scenes. They were well done and a joy to love at. However, I didn’t like how the kanji would always just appear throughout the anime. I found it distracting and annoying, taking up the screen in the background and distracting us from the characters as well as what was going in the scene. (Shizuku): The music is rock music throughout the anime which is greatly well done and the voice acting is top-notch. Each VA matches up perfectly with their character and delivers their lines perfectly. There is a dub for this anime and I have to say I thought the dub was good. Aniplex did a good job picking the voice actors out for this anime and the dialog follows the Japanese version of the show. The only voice I feel that the English cast dropped the ball was Senketsu, his voice really doesn’t match up all that well with his character but other than that I say give the English version a watch I think you’ll like.


Final Score


(Nitsuj): The final score for Kill La Kill for me is a 9/10. (Shizuku): And my score for it is 10/10 for first perfect anime. (Nitsuj): So averaging out our scores the anime earns a 9.5/10 with a must watch stamp of approval. The anime is nonsensical and over the top but at the same time it gets a story that is both good, funny, and a enjoy to watch. Studio Trigger really nailed it out of the park with this anime giving us a compelling story that was both enjoyable, engaging, crazy, and fun to watch along with memorable characters that everyone still talks about to this day. As of now Studio Trigger has been quiet but I’ve heard they got another anime coming out sometime this year and I look forwarded to seeing what their next project will be. (Shizuku): Until that day comes, thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.


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