Project #106: Persona 3 vs Persona 4

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. We are in the last week of Persona-mas and it’s time for the main event. Persona 3 vs. Persona 4. There’s no doubt in my mind that these are my two favorite RPG games of all time. But I have to ask which one is the overall best, which one do I enjoy the most out of these two masterpieces. Everyone who has played these games have debated which one is better with everyone siding on a different side each time but I wanna give my thoughts on which game is the overall better game. Now in order to be fair I’m just going to look at games. I won’t be looking at the Persona 3 movie or the Persona 4 anime. All my choices and decisions will be made purely by looking at the games and their re-releases such as Persona 3 FES, Portable and Persona 4 Golden. Also, keep in mind that these are just my opinions and no else’s. Feel free to agree or disagree with me all you want but if you’re gonna disagree with me I ask that you be respectful and mature with your disagreement. By this I mean I don’t want anyone calling me or anyone else an idiot or anything nasty just because you have a different opinion. With that said, let’s get ready to rumble. This is Persona 3 vs. Persona 4.


The main character


Let’s start by looking at the main characters themselves Minato and Yu. It’s kinda hard to really judge these two since they’re supposed to be a representation of you in the game but I think they both have enough character and personality that makes them stand on their own as characters. Let’s start with Minato. Minato is a boy who lost his parents at a young age and has been moving around between relative and relative until he finally enters high school and goes to live in a student dorm where his life changes forever. Yu on the other doesn’t really have a tragic past, his parents are simply going away on a business trip and want him to stay with his relatives in the country for a year until they return and he gets involved in a murder mystery. Now as I said before while these two are supposed to be representation of you in the game they both have character and personality that makes them stand on their own. Minato is the cool emo kid. He’s cool, blunt, has the emo look working for him, and there’s an air around him that gives him that mysterious charm that draws people to him. Yu is also cool as well but he’s also quite the wacky guy. The cool wacky guy basically. He comes across as the guy who’s not gonna BS you, what you see is what you get, he doesn’t hide anything or try to be someone he’s not so he’s charming to be around. He’ll say or do something that might seem weird or wacky but that’s what makes him such a fun guy to be around. What else separates these two? Well it’s the change they go through throughout the game.


At the beginning Minato comes across as a cold and distant person who just does what others say and doesn’t really care what happens to him even if that means him dying (he works the emo character well). But to be fair this personality is understandable once you think about it. He saw both his parents die in front of him, imagine the amount of trauma that must of done to him and to top it off he’s been constantly moving from relative to relative never really having the chance to develop a relationship with people around him and even if he did he’s quickly moved to another place and that relationship is broken before it can fully blossom. I imagine why he keeps his distance from others is a defense mechanism to keep himself from feeling the pain of being left alone again. Another thing that might contribute to his personality is that he’s never been given a choice of what he wants to do. He’s always been told to do this, do that, go here, everything up until the beginning of Persona 3 he has had no control over so this might explain why he’s submissive and follows orders like a mindless zombie soldier without really caring what happens to him. But luckily, as time goes on and as you progress through the game Minato begins to change, he begins spending time with others, developing bonds and relationships with them, helping them and comforting them whenever they’re in trouble and need assistance. Yu really doesn’t change all that much in game he pretty much remains that same wacky cool guy everyone feels safe around. That’s not a bad thing of course because the personality is already fine the way it is so there’s no need to change it. Much like Minato, Yu also develops bonds and relationships with everyone in town and helps them out whenever they’re in trouble. So which one of these guys is the better protagonist? Well in my opinion Minato is the better one. While it’s cool that Yu doesn’t change because his personality and character are already good, in RPG games like these you wanna see the main character change, you wanna see the struggles they face and overcome thus making them a better person at the end and you getting emotionally interested in them. That’s what Minato does best. You really do interested in his character, you want to see him change and become a better person which in the end he does become a better person a person who comes to realize the importance of bonds with others. We really see his struggles he faces throughout the game and how he overcomes them to become a better person so that when the final scene of the game comes we’re shedding tears for him. Yu I like you but Minato’s the one who changes and learns the most out of you two. Point goes to Persona 3.


Persona 3: 1  Persona 4: 0


But the main character is only as good as they are because of their team and these two games have great teams for the main characters to work with and off of. Next up on the block, the best team.


The Team


This is another tough category because both of these games have great teams for you to interact with. Let’s start with Persona 3. The team for Persona 3 is the S.E.E.S students all of which all have been recruited by the Kurijo Group a large corporation to help fight and eliminate the shadows as well as discover the truth behind Tartarus. For this team we got Yukari who acts as a love interest for Minato and is the team’s main healer. Junpei who’s the resident class clown of the team who’s jealousy for you is annoying that you’ll quickly come to hate him and stop using him completely after the 2nd boss fight in the game. Your senpais Akihiko who’s a fighter and considered the team’s muscle along with Shinjiro who’s also a strong power hitter. Mitsuru is the leader of the team and your main magic user. Ken the young elementary kid who’s mature for his age and serves as the light element user along with the dog Koromaru who serves as your dark element user and has good magic skills as well. Fuuka the shy supporter of the team and finally Aegis the humanoid robot with the heart of a human searching for what it means to live, and also serves as a power hitter for the team. Yep we got some interesting characters in this team but what really makes these guys standout is their realistic nature as characters especially Yukari who’s probably the most realistic character in the game. I’ve heard that a few people didn’t like her character but personally I liked it, I thought that a lot of what she said, did and felt matched up to that of a real life girl. For example, there’s this one event in her social link where she gets cornered by these thugs. Rather than show fear to them she instead pretends to act tough and stand up to them and when Minato comes in to save her we see her quietly shaking and afraid but she’s still putting on a tough act because she doesn’t wanna show any weaknesses to anyone. That’s just like a real person. We don’t wanna show each other our weaknesses we want to show everyone how tough we are and not feel vulnerable and weak. Another thing these characters got going for them is their tragic past. Everyone of them has at least one tragic event in their past that brings them all together. Minato lost his parents, Yukari and Mitsuru loss their dads, Akihiko deals with the guilt of not being strong enough to save his sister from a fire, Shinjiro deals with the burden of accidently killing someone innocent with his powers, Ken lost his mom, Koromaru lost his master, and Aegis feels alone in the world because she’s not like the others. The only characters who don’t have a real tragic past is Junpei and Fuuka. They have a little tragedy such as Junpei’s dad being a raging alcoholic that Junpei can’t stand and Fuuka doesn’t really see eye to eye with her parents so their relationship with each other is pretty bad. They each have a tragic realistic past that helps create the character and personality that they are in the game and helps you see them more as just video game characters.


The characters in Persona 4 on the other hand are the exact opposite. These characters are more on the cartooney side of the equation. Almost every character in the game can be seen as a comic relief character. You got Youske the good friend, Chie the tomboy who loves Kung-Fu movies, Yukiko the princess, Kanji the tough guy who likes cute things, Rise the popular idol, Naoto the reverse-trap detective, and Teddie the mysterious being who likes to throw out bear puns and hit on women. While the characters in Persona 3 were a lot darker and realistic matching the overall atmosphere of the game the characters from Persona 4 are brighter and more cartooney matching the bright atmosphere Persona 4 was trying to make. While these characters don’t have as tragic a past as the characters from Persona 3 there is a hint of struggles that they deal with which are problems a lot of people deal with today. Because these characters are brighter they’re a lot funnier to be around than the cast of Persona 3 and because of their cartooney inspiration we get a lot more variety in character than we do in Persona 3.


So which team is better? Well let’s do a quick comparison between them individually. Junpei and Youske are considered Minato and Yu’s best friends but I actually like Youske more as the best friend than Junpei. Junpei doesn’t really come across as a best friend. As I’ve said before the guy can be a dick and rather act like a best friend he comes across as a friend/enemy someone who will chat and talk with you but deep down they hate your guts and when shit it’s the fans they’ll turn on you. Youske was also jealous of Yu but what makes Youske better is that he actually admits it to Yu’s face. He doesn’t act mean to Yu or treat him like crap he acts like a man and tells Yu that he was jealous of him but still liked and respected him as a friend. Chie and Yukari are alike in that they both act tough on the outside but deep down they both get scared quite easily and want someone to open up to. While Chie’s the funnier of the two I feel that Yukari is better because of the realistic nature and reactions she gives us. Akihiko, Shinjiro and Kanji are alike in that these three are considered the tough guys of the team but are real softies underneath. I like Kanji of the three because with him he really does try to act like a tough guy to hide who he really is while Akihiko and Shinjiro don’t try to hide it and will show it. Thus seeing Kanji go through his change and become more at peace with who really is makes him a more enjoyable character to be around. Mitsuru and Yukiko are alike in that they’re both pretty and popular characters that come across as unapproachable because of their looks and popularity. Mitsuru is the better of the two because with her she really does come across as unapproachable because she’s the student council president, the daughter of a major corporate leader, comes from a prestigious family, very mature and smart for her age, and just overflowing with that leader aura. Yukiko on the other hand is just a simple girl who has just lived somewhat of a shelter life and doesn’t really know how to interact with guys her age and once you get to know her you quickly see that she’s very approachable. Rise and Fuuka are the supporters of the teams with Rise being the better one because she’s okay with being the supporter because she knows it’s something that only she can do and it helps the team out the best. Fuuka doesn’t see this and tries to do more than what she needs to do only to fail and put herself down. While that’s not a bad thing and admirable that she wants to help out the team more sometimes it’s best to take a step back and ask yourself what is the one thing that you can do best to help the team out that no one else can. Ken, Koromaru, and Naoto are alike in that they represent the kids who are very mature for their ages and are the only characters on each team who can use light and dark skills. I like Naoto more than Ken mostly because she has the most to prove to everyone. Ken is only acting mature for his age because he feels that if he doesn’t everyone’s gonna look down on him like a kid and while he does a good job at acting mature there are times where he’ll show that he’s still a kid at heart. Naoto on the other hand is being mature for her age because that’s who she is. She was raised to be a detective, to analyze the situation and think about it in a calm and rational way while still maintaining one’s composure both physically and mentally. Aegis and Teddie are the mysterious characters of the group who want to know what their purpose in life really is. I prefer Teddie’s story over Aegis because with Teddie you really feel and see his struggles and how it’s tearing him apart inside. He knows he’s different from everyone but tries so desperately to be like them. He’s one of the creatures the group has been fighting against but he doesn’t want to harm any of them and instead wants to be like them and live a peaceful life. Aegis’ story is good too in that it’s the robot who develops human emotions and wants to be human. Not a bad story but I’ve seen this story done before in the past and in a better way.


So overall I like the team from Persona 4 more than the team from Persona 3. The characters in Persona 4 are funnier, interesting, and a bit more balanced. On top of that you feel more a part of the group like there’s nothing really hiding between you guys and you can open up to team about anything. Also, I like how this team is mostly at a disadvantage than the team from Persona 3. In Persona 3 the team has a major corporation backing team up and helping them with their investigation. Providing them tools, weapons, and whatever other equipment they might need. In Persona 4, the team only has each other to depend on. For a majority of the game we have no idea who the main culprit is and it’s up to team to come up with their own theories and ideas relying on each other and not going to the police or adults for help. Overall, while Persona 4’s team is on the cartooney side you do feel more a part of the team and feel a tighter bond with them because it’s just you and them trying to solve a murder case with no big corporation or sponsor backing you up. Persona 3 team I like your realistic nature and organization but without a major corporation backing you up you probably wouldn’t have a goal to accomplish or be as well prepared as you are now. Point goes to Persona 4.


Persona 3: 1  Persona 4: 1


But having a good team and main character is only one-half of the coin to what makes these games great. The other half is the villain and these games have some pretty menacing villains. The next category is the villains.




For both of these games the common villains are the shadows. Creatures who represent the suppress emotions of the human mind and have taken a physical form. But the boss shadows for each game differ. In Persona 3 the bosses are just more powerful shadows that come out on nights when the moon is full. In Persona 4 the bosses are a little bit more complex. The shadows are actually the personas of the teammates you go to save in the dungeons. Each character who gets thrown into the TV comes face to face with their suppressed emotions and when they refuse to accept those emotions they go berserk and turn into a shadow creature that you have to defeat. I like the Persona 4 shadow bosses better because there’s actual depth and character to them. You understand why they’re going berserk and doing the things they’re doing. In Persona 3 we really don’t know all that much about the shadow bosses we’re facing. All we really know is that they’re powerful shadows who can cause a lot more damage than a normal shadow and are hell bent on causing havoc in the city. We never know why they’re like this, what emotions they represent, and why they choose to take the forms they’ve taken. The only one that I can figure out is the Lovers shadow. This shadow takes control of a love hotel which makes sense because it represents the Lovers arcana so naturally it’s gonna get stronger feeding off the emotion of people in love or a somewhat hedonistic or worldly (sexual) love in this case.


The true villains for the games are also quite different from each other. In Persona 3 the main villain is Ryoji a mysterious guy who is really the shadow of the Death arcana who will summon Nyx the mother of all shadows who will destroy the world. Truth be told you kind of know Ryoji plays some part in the game’s final act earlier in the game. For starters he appears before you earlier in the form of a child that only you can see so you know this child plays a big part in the game. Second, Ryoji just mysteriously appears before you as a new transfer student near the final months of the game, so once again you know this character plays some important part in the game. The setup of him being the villain was pretty obvious but where they really drop the ball is that we really never get the chance to know that much about him. They do fix this somewhat in Persona 3 Portable where if you play as the female you get the opportunity to form a social link with him and learn a little more about him. But even than it’s really not that much. It would have been nice if we met him around midsummer or during the beginning of the second school term that way we could spend more time with him and develop his character showing us that he’s quite deep and tragic. Because in truth Ryoji really doesn’t want to destroy the world but he can’t go against his destiny. The true villain of Persona 4 on the other hand is freakin’ great. Adachi is hands down one of the best video game villains I’ve seen. You never really see him coming, the guy has you fooled throughout the game. He’s there at the beginning of the game as Dojima’s bumbling partner who keeps messing up and keeps letting his mouth slip on important information that should remain confidential. That alone right there makes him a funny character just because he’s your typical bumbling idiot but when you find out he’s the villain the guy becomes a major badass. He constantly talks down to you, reveals himself to be intelligent, tells you he’s been manipulating everyone behind the scenes all for his amusement, and we see that he’s actually quite sick and a womanizer. The guy killed two women just because they didn’t like him. On top of his badass villain character in Persona 4 Golden they even give you the chance to form a social link with Adachi and bond with him making you like him more, and when it’s time to reveal who the real murderer is the game even gives you the option to side with him and keep the fact that he’s the real culprit a secret from the others. That’s pretty cool, I’ve never seen an RPG give us the option to side with the main villain of the game before and follow through with it.


On top of having the main villain we also have the true villains. Persona 3’s true villain is Nyx the mother of shadows who has been sent to destroy the world because humans have asked for an end to their suffering. Again, they drop the ball here because we really never get the chance to know who Nyx is. She just shows up at the end saying nothing and is about to destroy the world. In Persona 4 the true villain is the goddess Izanami. Even though she reveals herself near the end of the game and is a possible miss if you don’t go for the true ending, we still get a lot of character from her. We find out that she’s the one who gave Yu, Adachi, and Namatame their powers to enter the TV world to see what they would do and we find that the reason she’s doing all of this is because she’s doing what she believes is best for humanity. Putting them in a world of dense fog where they become shadows and go through life living in a delusional world denying the truth. While her method and idea of thinking are wrong you can tell that she’s only doing what she believes is best for the world so you really can’t fault her on that. In the end the villains in Persona 4 are a lot more flushed out, interesting, and more badass than the villains in Persona 3. While the villains in Persona 3 aren’t necessarily bad it would have been nice to flesh them out more. Point goes to Persona 4.


Persona 3: 1  Persona 4: 2


Well now that we’re done looking at the characters what else is there to look at? The music. As I said before in the past I love music and the one thing you can always count on in the Persona games to be great is the music. The music in every Persona game is great, probably the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard in video games. Hell, I have a Youtube playlist dedicated solely to the music in the Persona games, I love the music that much. I only make playlists for stuff I really like, so for me to make a playlist entirely dedicated to the music in the Persona games speaks volume to how great the soundtrack is. Let’s see which game has the best soundtrack in our next category.


Playlist here: //




This is probably the hardest category to judge because both of these games have an amazing soundtrack and it’s all thanks to Shoji Meguro. For those of you who don’t know who Shoji Meguro is Shoji Meguro is the main music composer for a majority of the Shin Megami Tensei games. He’s composed music for pretty much all of them with the help of Kenichi Tsuchiya, Ryota Koduka and Toshiko Tasaki along with other musical artists such as Lotus Juice, Yumi Kawamura (the main singer for Persona 3), and Shihoko Hirata (the main singer for Persona 4). Meguro goes on record saying that his musical influence comes from all genres in the world whether its hip-hop, R&B, country, techno, rock any genre you can think of he takes influence from it and it shows in these two games. Persona 3 was the game that propelled Meguro into stardom worldwide where he gave Persona 3 a more hip-hop/pop-based vocal style for its soundtrack something which was very new in the Persona games at the time. And it worked, the hip-hop feel you get from Persona 3 was revolutionary, everybody loved it even those who said they weren’t big fans of hip-hop admitted to liking it. The soundtrack from Persona 4 was a little different. This game returns Meguro to his roots which is rock music along with a more rural style of music to better fit the country-side where the game takes place. As you can see we got different styles of music at work here. Persona 3 has more of that urban hip-hop feel to it that’s fast-paced, energetic, and matches the feel of a city. While Persona 4 on the other hand gives us a more rural rock music along with music that’s more slow-paced, more variety in music genres, and matches the feel of the country-side. There were honestly times in the games where I would just stop, do nothing, and just listen to the music playing in the various areas throughout the games.


So as you guess I’m pretty torn between the two. Do I prefer the fast-paced hip-hop feel Persona 3 offers or do I prefer Persona 4’s more rock music with a variety of other music that’s more on the slow side and matches the various moods of the game? Well after thinking about this hard enough and listening to the soundtracks of both games multiple times, in the end I have to go with Persona 3. The music in Persona 4 is great but the music in Persona 3 is just out of this world. Every single one of them is a hit and in some way are all connected. Like a tapestry being woven or a spider creating a web to trap other insects the music in Persona 3 is always building on top of each other until finally at the end when the credits are rolling it feels as if every music piece in the game has been combined creating a beautiful song to end the game on a high note. I wish I could vote for both of these games but in the end I think Persona 3 has the better soundtrack. Point goes to Persona 3.


Persona 3: 2  Persona 4: 2


Well we’re tied and it all comes down this one last category. The one category every RPG game has and needs. Story and theme.


Story and Theme


The story of Persona 3 is kinda like a combination of The Matrix, Men in Black, and Star Wars. The main character is just a normal everyday high school boy living the everyday life until at the stroke of midnight he enters into another world known as the Dark Hour a world where humans turn into caskets and creatures known as shadows roam the streets. After experiencing the Dark Hour he unlocks what’s known as a persona and gets recruited to join a bunch of other students who are trying to eliminate the Dark Hour and the shadows once and for all. Along the way he learns how to master his persona abilities and gets tangled up in a battle that will decide the fate of the world. As far as stories goes, this game stays true to the other Shin Megami Tensei games. It’s dark, serious, and has some real world aspects that come into play. Persona 4 on the other hand is the exact opposite. Oh don’t get me wrong Persona 4 has its dark moments but if you were to compare this game to the other Shin Megami Tensei games you’ll quickly see that this game is a lot more light-hearted than the others. The story for Persona 4 is kinda like what would happen if Scooby-Doo met NCIS and it was set in a darker world where we got rid of the stoner dog and his stoner owner and replaced them with a talking bear and instead of the gang going after weirdos in Halloween costumes they instead went after real criminals and instead of the team being this collection of highly trained detectives and investigation team we instead get a bunch of silly high school kids. A kid moves to the country side where he gets involved in a murder mystery that he and his friends decide to solve and the secret to solving it is journeying into the TV which leads to a strange world where shadows run rampant. Also, attacking from behind in both games will give you the advantage. While both these stories are different they’re both well done. Each of these stories does a good job at pulling you in to their world that you lose track of time playing them. The mysteries, challenges, social links, and side quests provide hours of fun and enjoyment that you’ll never feel bored or that you’re wasting time because almost everything you do in the game helps you in some way reach the goal you’re trying to accomplish.


The theme for each game is also different. In Persona 3 the theme is the past, learning to accept it and moving on from it. In the game each character has a past he or she is running away from or refuses to face. For Yukari, it’s that she can’t stand her mom fooling around with other men to fill in the void of losing her husband. In the game Yukari learns that she has to move on from it and forgive her mom so that they can be a family again. The other characters also have to look at their past and realize that what’s done in the past is done. They can’t change it or alter it they have to learn to accept it and realize that it’s their past that makes them who they are today but it doesn’t make them who are they are in the future. In Persona 4, the theme is learning to face yourself and living in the present. Don’t be afraid to face who you really are, be true to yourself, and accept you for you. The last theme these two games have is one that they all share and that is the destruction of the world. In the games the destruction of the world always come about through a divine being not because they want to destroy it but because we as a society want the world to end. In the games we’re told that the reason Nyx wants to destroy world is because humanity wants all their suffering to end because they can’t take it anymore and in Persona 4 we’re told that the reason Izanami is trying to cover the world in a dense fog that will turn humanity into shadows is because humanity would rather live in blissful ignorance taking the easy way out instead of searching for the truth of the world. I do like how both of these games don’t point the blame to divine beings for the destruction of the world but instead points it towards society because it’s true. Some people do want the world to end because they can’t take life because of their past or because they rather avoid the truth all together and live the blissful ignorant life not being true to themselves. In life you can make all of the excuses you want. But at the end of the day you’re the one who decides how to live your life, no one else.


So which game has the better overall story and theme? Well in my opinion, I think Persona 3 is the better one. The story of Persona 3 is darker, serious, and a little more realistic. Okay maybe not completely realistic but if you had to choose between the stories which one do you think is the more realistic one, fighting shadows and discovering that there’s another hour in the day or finding another world inside your TV that reminds you of the second season of Digimon? Persona 3’s dark atmosphere, serious and more realistic feel draws you into the game more because the darker the game is the more interesting, deep, and unpredictable it’s going to be. You know that the game isn’t going to talk down to you or belittle your intelligence it’s going to treat you like an adult and give you an ending that might be happy or might be sad but in the end it’s an ending that you’re going to be satisfied with, gets you thinking and makes you come back to it time and time again. Persona 4’s story is great and has an ending that’s satisfying and doesn’t talk down or belittle you but there are times where I was able to predict what was going to happen next and there are a few cliché scenarios. I think the one time the game caught me completely off guard was when Nanako was kidnapped. I did not see that coming, I honestly didn’t think they would get her involved in the case. The theme in Persona 3 is also done better than the theme in Persona 4. Both of these games deal with very tough themes and work them in to the game perfectly but I think Persona 3 had the tougher theme to deal with because it’s taking a look at the past which is something everyone has and has a hard time facing because no matter what, there’s always going to be something in our past that we wish we could change or do over but we can’t, we have to face it, accept it, and move on from it. Persona 4’s theme of dealing with the present and not being afraid to face your true self is a good theme and done well but at the same time the theme is a lot easier to play out and follow because the present is here and now you have time to change it or alter it to your liking so you won’t have regrets. When I think about it a few of the social links from Persona 4 actually do slip into Persona 3’s theme such as the Hierophant (Dojima), Strength (Kou and Daisuke), and Moon (Ai). While these links do eventually stick to the main theme of Persona 4 the fact that the focus starts with them confronting their past does give the links that Persona 3 feel to them. In the end both games had a great story and theme but in my eyes Persona 3 had a better story and theme that they delivered and keeps you coming back for more. Point goes to Persona 3.


Persona 3: 3  Persona 4: 2


And with that final category Persona 3 is the winner but in the end it really doesn’t matter which game I or you consider better. In my eyes these games are both equally great and shouldn’t be debated over. While it’s true Persona 3 had the better protagonist, soundtrack, and story/theme Persona 4 had the better team, villains, and I have to admit I found myself going back to replay Persona 4 more than Persona 3 because the game itself had a better replay value and the game mechanics were better. The two games are like the moon and the sun you can’t imagine one without the other and whatever one game lacks the other game makes up for it. The two games are masterpieces, my favorite RPG games of all time, and I’m sure when Persona 5 comes to the west I’ll love it just as much as Persona 3 and 4. Thanks for reading, happy New Year, and I’ll see you in 2015 next time on Project Nitsuj.


Honorable Points


Best Personas: Persona 4


Best Social Links: Persona 3


Best Velvet Room Assistant: Elizabeth from Persona 3


Best Dungeons: Persona 4


Best side quest: Persona 3


Best side activities: Persona 4


Best Graphics: Persona 4


Best Ending: Persona 3


Best Weapons: Persona 3


Best harem: Persona 3


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