Disneytoon-cember Part 5: Darkwing Duck

Hands down my favorite Disneytoon of all time. A majority I talk to say that Ducktales was the greatest Disneytoon but in my opinion it was Duckwing Duck all the way. The show was basically a parody of Batman only with a more comedic edge and geared more towards children. The show basically focuses on […]

Disneytoon-cember Part 4: TaleSpin

The Jungle Book was one of the first Disney movies I ever watched and featured one of my favorite Disney songs “I wanna be like you”. So when my older brother told me there was a cartoon that featured characters from the Jungle Book I got excited. I thought I was going to get to […]

Disneytoon-cember Part 3: Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Ranger

Rescue Rangers is honestly one of Disney’s deeper shows. The show focuses on Chip and Dale who along with a bunch other animals create the Rescue Rangers a group who go around stopping crimes and helping others. Such a simple idea but a creative story mixed with great characters and themes that I remember well […]

Disneytoon-cember Part 2: Ducktales

Considered by many to be Disney’s greatest cartoon, Ducktales was one of the crowning shows in the 80s and 90s for kids. The show’s premise is Donald Duck has to go back to service so he can’t look after Huey, Dewey, and Louie anymore. Thus he hands them over to his uncle the multi-billionaire duck […]

Disneytoon-cember Part 1: Gummi Bears

Hey guys Justin aka Nitsuj here, and season greetings to everyone out there. Welcome to another December where I take a look back at my childhood and do quick reviews of shows from my childhood. This year we’re going way back to my childhood to my Disney days. During my very young years I was […]