Cartoon Cartoon-cember Part 2: Johnny Bravo

God did I love Johnny Bravo, this was one of Cartoon Network’s best cartoons in my book. Getting started back in 1997. The showed center around the silly antics of a muscle beefcake named Johnny Bravo who could pass himself off as an Elvis impersonator. Each episode revolved around Johnny trying to impress a woman […]

Love and Romance and Shonen

Hey everybody, Justin here and welcome to the Otaku Mind. Following my promise in January I give you the first of what I hope to be a monthly thing in 2015 and in the future the Otaku Corner where I break character and give my honest thoughts on anime/manga topics as well as do the […]

Project #2: The World God Only Knows

Hello, and welcome to the second blog of Project Nitsuj. You know video games can be very helpful in today’s society. They can better your reflexes, relieve stress, teach you life lessons, and even help you get girls to fall for you. What, you don’t believe? Then, you clearly haven’t heard, read, or seen The […]

Project #1: Devil May Cry

Hello, my name is Nitsuj and welcome to Project Nitsuj. What I hope to do with this blog is give you the reader a fair and honest review of anime series I have seen. Anime continues to grow here state side and with so many animes out there it’s difficult to decide what to watch […]