Project #8: Highschool DxD

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. You know, a lot of anime today takes place in a high school setting. One could say this is laziness and lack or creativity on the part of the author but I think it’s a way for the author to connect more to the viewers. High school is like […]

Project #7: Okami-san and Her Seven Companions

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. If you’re like me some of the first stories that were read to you as a child were fairy tale stories such as the three little pigs and so on. Well what would happen if there was an anime based off fairy tales? I bet you anything it would […]

Project #6: The Top 11 Hottest Anime Girls

Welcome to Project Nitsuj. Well Valentine’s Day is around the corner or as a lot of us guys like to call it Single Awareness Day I figured today we have some fun and take a look at the girls of anime. One of the best things about anime is that they give us some of […]

Project #5: Princess Lover

Hello and welcome to another Project Nitsuj. If you haven’t read my introduction blog yet or have read it and forgotten about it you should know that I said I would never review a hentai. I stand by what I said and will continue to uphold that rule for as long as I do this […]

Project #3: Dog Days

Hello and salutations, welcome to another blog of Project Nitsuj. Today will be talking about fantasies. Fantasies have been around for as long as we can remember and since the start of anime. Some of most popular animes in the world today tend to place a heavy focus on magic and other supernatural phenomenon’s such […]

Project #2: The World God Only Knows

Hello, and welcome to the second blog of Project Nitsuj. You know video games can be very helpful in today’s society. They can better your reflexes, relieve stress, teach you life lessons, and even help you get girls to fall for you. What, you don’t believe? Then, you clearly haven’t heard, read, or seen The […]

Project #1: Devil May Cry

Hello, my name is Nitsuj and welcome to Project Nitsuj. What I hope to do with this blog is give you the reader a fair and honest review of anime series I have seen. Anime continues to grow here state side and with so many animes out there it’s difficult to decide what to watch […]