Project #149: School Days

Hello and welcome Project Nitsuj. The time has come at last my friends to reveal the true definition of horror and this horror comes in the form of an anime by the name of School Days. While School Days isn’t necessarily a horror-based anime it’s so bad and such a pain to sit through that I’m surprised no one considers it to be a horror-based anime. School Days is actually an adult visual novel developed by Overflow for Windows in 2005 and later ported to the PS2 and PSP. The novel follows the story of a high school boy named Makoto and his relationship with many female schoolgirls who develop crushes on him and depending on what choices you make in the game will affect the flow of the story and the ending you receive. The game is considered to be Overflow’s most popular game and well-known game having a radio drama, a short 2 volume manga, and even an anime in 2007 done by the famous studio TNK (Highschool DxD) which if you ask anyone is one if not the worst anime to ever exist. I mean it, this anime is bad, next to Ikkitousen this is the anime that I consider to be the worst anime I’ve ever seen in my life and today I’m here to look at it. Why, because spirits of the dead enjoy watching me suffer. Let’s not waste any time. This. . .is School Days.


Opening and Ending Theme


The open for this anime is “Innocent Blue” by Device High. It’s a happy pop rock song which I have to admit is pretty good. I wasn’t really expecting such an upbeat song for an anime like this. Does it work? No, not really and as the anime progresses the song becomes less and less appropriate for the anime. Good song but wasted on the wrong anime. For the ending we have multiple themes for each episode sung by different them. Some of them are professional artist others are voice actors for the anime.


Episodes 1-4


So the abomination of an anime begins on a train where the cockhole that is our main character Makoto voiced by Daisuke Hirakawa (Yuuto from Omamori Himari) ogles at the first of his many love interest (or victims as I like to call them) Kotonoha voiced by Tae Okajima. Makoto tells us that he really doesn’t know anything about her other than them going to the same school and her having an interest in books but he has feelings for her and is too afraid to talk to her (trust me you probably would have fucked up that conversation anyway). He snaps a picture of her with his cellphone (how she didn’t notice I have no idea) and puts it as his wallpaper not just for fapping material but as a charm that’s been going around school saying that if you put the picture of the person you like on your cellphone without anyone finding out about it your love will come true (that’s gotta be one the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard). He goes to school where his new desk mate and second victim Sekai voiced by Shiho Kawaragi sees the picture thus ruining the charm for Makoto. Sekai decides to take responsibility for this and help hook Makoto up with Kotonoha (and with that she has sealed her fate). Sekai quickly befriends Kotonoha finding out her likes and interest, inviting her to have lunch with Makoto, and even encouraging Makoto to confess his feelings to her which he finally does and they become boyfriend and girlfriend (ohh~, how disturbing). While Makoto and Sekai are waiting for their trains to arrive Makoto thanks Sekai for all that she’s done and wants to repay her in whatever way he can (alright, jump in front of a train. Oh I’m sorry you were asking her, I thought you were asking me). As payment for all that she’s done Sekai just kisses Makoto on the lips (Seras: Uh~, taste like scum) and gets on her train leaving the dumbstruck Makoto even more dumbstruck at what just happened to end the episode.


In episode 2 Makoto and Kotonoha go on their first date and here’s a little game I like to play to make this episode funny and less awkward, painful, and sad to watch. Count all the fuck ups Makoto does on his first date. Let’s begin. Okay, so first he reads a book about dating while waiting for Kotonoha to arrive and when she does arrive she sees him reading the book (1). Doesn’t compliment her on her clothes (2). Goes to a bookstore where Makoto looks at nude magazines (3). Goes to an arcade where he completely ignores Kotonoha (4). Buys too many sweets at a restaurant and can’t pay the bill so he has to borrow money from Kotonoha (5). Gets into a fight with a member of the Yakuza defending Kotonoha only to puss out at the last minute and gets saved by Kotonoha (6). Tries to convince himself and her that the date was fun when really it wasn’t (7). Finally, and probably the stupidest thing he did on this whole date (yeah the first 7 were just warm-ups) trying to go in for a kiss while holding the fish face making her feel uncomfortable and the train doors closing in his face (8). Also, let’s add a fuck up for not walking her all the way home (9). 9. 9 fuck ups in. . .how long was this date in anime time? (Mira): About a minute and a half but who’s counting. (Nitsuj): A minute and a half. What the fuck is wrong with this guy!? Even guys who haven’t gone on dates know not to do the 9 things Makoto just did. Hell, even bad boyfriends knew right off the bat not the do the things Makoto did. I mean, it’s like he really tried to make this the worst date possible. Why, why would you try to ruin such a good thing going for you? Do you honestly think she’s not gonna dump you and find someone else who’s better and more attracted than you because I got news for you, Male Student A looks good, sure I don’t know a lot about him but I’m sure he be more than a good match for Kotonoha. The next day in school Makoto tells Sekai about the date and she calls him an idiot (I would have called him a fucking dumbass but then again she’s nicer and more subtle than me). She than gives him two free movie tickets for him to use and Sekai’s best friend Setsuna reprimands her for her actions saying that she likes Makoto and wanted to use those tickets to go to the movies with him. The next day Makoto goes to the movies with Kotonoha where they go to see a romantic movie (in truth Kotonoha wanted to see the zombie movie. I would say I’m surprised by this but I’m not and you’ll see why later on. Also, fuck up number 10). Despite this obvious fuck up the movie does seem to get their attention and they both enjoy it. That is until the movie just turns into a straight up porno (man that escalated quickly) and Makoto once again tries to go in for the kiss (11. Will you stop rushing into things? Seriously, even I’m starting to feel embarrassed for you, and I can’t stand the sight of you) only this time Kotonoha punishes him by smacking him (that was great, do it again). After that Makoto doesn’t speak to Kotonoha for a few days (12) until Sekai convinces him to apologize to her and arranges a meeting for the two to meet and talk about their relationship (I’ll save you time, you two aren’t right for each other and he’s a lousy boyfriend. Dump him now and move on to something better in your life). At first Kotonoha is hesitant to meet him (and for good reasons) but after talking to Sekai and being told that Makoto only had good-intentions (// she goes to meet Makoto at the train stop, the two make up and she kisses him on the lips (now you’re moving too fast Kotonoha).


Not a whole lot happens in episode 3. We meet Kotonoha’s little sister Kokoro who immediately takes a liking to Makoto thinking of him as an older brother. We also meet the members of the student council Otome and her friends Minami, Natsumi, and Kumi who all like to bully Kotonoha from time to time (the bitches of the anime and future victims of Makoto). Makoto and Kotonoha begin first name bases with each other and Makoto tells Sekai being around Kotonoha is boring (Boring!? You are dating one of the most popular girls in school and you find her boring? You dumb motherfucker, how do we know you’re not the boring one in this relationship? Here’s an idea why don’t you try getting to know her more so she’ll be more interesting to you. Yeah, if you didn’t notice Makoto doesn’t really take an active interest in getting to know Kotonoha. He never asks her anything about herself, he just goes on dates with her, have awkward talks, and winds up making himself look like an ass. He never takes the time to really get to know her and it’s sad that the girl is still dating this guy. Any normal girl would have dumped his ass after the first date).


Continuing on in episode 4, Makoto once again fucks up big time when he makes out with Kotonoha on the roof of the school (he has no right to do this) where it gets cut short when Makoto gropes one of her breast (dude, we just talked about this like two episodes ago, you’re moving too fast slow it down). Kotonoha tells Sekai about what happened on the roof (and please be as discreet as possible) and Sekai takes it upon herself to teach Makoto about intimacy and setting the mood (no, no, no this is a bad idea on your part Sekai). They try to practice in the park but there’s too many people around (so freaks come out in the daytime as well), they then try a karaoke bar but the cameras are watching (give them a good show). They finally go to the school roof where nobody is around and begin practicing where Sekai allows Makoto to fondle and strip her (what the hell are you doing!? No seriously, what the actual Hell are you two doing? Sekai, the boy is in a relationship with someone. This isn’t training this is you seducing and trying to fulfill your sexual desires with him. Bad Sekai. And Makoto, you have a girlfriend, no matter how you look at this, this counts as cheating you should know better). After their “practice” (if you wanna call it that) Makoto heads home where he runs into Kotonoha who invites him to go to a waterpark with her (let’s see, getting to see you in a bikini? Yeah, I’m there).


Episodes 5-8


In episode 5 Makoto and Kotonoha go to the waterpark and with them are Sekai, Setsuna, and their classmate Hikari who invited Taisuke one of Makoto’s friends (he has friends?) who Hikari has a crush on. Everyone seems to be having a fun time except for Makoto who keeps thinking about Sekai (oh come on man! You have a cute girlfriend with big breast in a bikini standing right in front of you acting all affectionate and the only thing on your mind is some other girl? Get your head out of your ass and get your shit together). Sekai notices Makoto acting distant around Kotonoha and pulls him to side to remind him that he’s dating Kotonoha and that he and Sekai are just friends and nothing more (than stop giving him signs that you want him. Oh don’t get me wrong what’s to come is totally Makoto’s fault but still Sekai does contribute to this a little bit for being such a tease to him. She’s let him grope her, kiss her, and strip her, she’s giving him all the signs to attack her). After the waterpark everyone goes their separate ways and Makoto no longer able to control himself goes to Sekai, says he loves her, and that he doesn’t care about Kotonoha anymore (you manwhore). The two kiss each other and go back to Sekai’s place where they do it (*grabs a pill of Aleve and takes it with water* with this act of cheating the biggest trainwreck in anime history has begun. Look I can understand you falling in love with someone else while in a relationship but if you’re gonna go for that other person at least break up with the person you’re currently dating and do it in a way where both sides can walk away on good terms).


In episode 6 Makoto and Sekai continue their relationship behind Kotonoha’s back as well as everyone else’s meeting regularly in secret, doing it (under the guise of just being “practice”), and Makoto ignores all of Kotonoha’s phone messages and calls (hey, remember in That 70’s Show when Kelso cheated on Jackie with Laurie and it was funny because in truth Jackie mistreated Kelso and Kelso was just a horny idiot who had a good heart but was easily swayed by his sexual desires? Here, it’s just wrong and stupid. Kelso felt some remorse for what he did but Makoto on the other hand has no remorse for his actions, he doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong, he doesn’t care about the feelings of everyone he’s hurting, this is the prime example of an asshole). Eventually Sekai begins to feel guilty about their relationship (oh now you feel guilty. You slept around with the manwhore God knows how many times, betrayed the trust of your friend, and now you feel guilty? Our characters folks, morals mean nothing to them) and tells Makoto that he has to tell Kotonoha about their relationship in order for them to continue. Now that’s a smart and brave idea, being mature and actually coming clean with their relationship to the third-party and trying to work out an understand where not everyone is happy but at least they all walk away on good terms and still possibly be friends (. . .how does he fuck it up?). Instead of sitting down, acting mature, and talking to Kotonoha about his relationship with Sekai and how he wants to start dating her and break-up with Kotonoha he instead lies to Kotonoha avoiding her all together and manipulates Sekai into keeping their relationship a secret from Kotonoha (dear God, this boy is scum. Scratch that, he’s lower than scum). But it looks like their relationship might be discovered when Kotonoha sees them kissing each other while riding on the bus but she thinks it just a mistake that she saw (oh Kotonoha, you poor delusional girl). While the school is finalizing their plans for the school festival we find out that Otome has a crush on Makoto (why? For the love of God please tell me why). Apparently the two went to middle school together and she developed feelings for him (// Because of this Otome doesn’t like Kotonoha sticking around him thinking she’s actually annoying him but Kotonoha tells her that she’s dating Makoto owning Otome right in front of all her friends (// After getting done with a student council meeting early Kotonoha rushes to Makoto who is on the school roof with Sekai where she confesses her feelings for Makoto and Kotonoha overhears it (and this just keeps getting worse and worse).


Preparations for the school festival begins in episode 7 where we see that Kotonoha blames herself for Makoto’s cheating saying she needs to try harder (OoO, I’m sorry I need a minute to analyze that stupidity I just heard *Nitsuj gets up and walks out to porch to think about what he just heard and saw*. *Nitsuj comes back in after thinking and sits down* Okay, I’m good now, let’s continue). Setsuna gets the idea in her head that Makoto and Sekai are dating now (geez I wonder where she got that idea from) and announces it to everyone in class. To make matters worse she does everything in her power to keep Kotonoha away from Makoto and even blocks her number on Makoto’s cellphone (who the hell do you think you are little lady? You haven’t had 10 minutes of screentime throughout this whole anime so far and you think you can come in here and do whatever you want. Girl sit down). As time goes on a few of Makoto’s classmates begin to think of Kotonoha as a creepy stalker girl who keeps trying to get with Makoto and when Taisuke tries to invite her to the dance after the festival it creates an even bigger misunderstanding (I don’t know who to feel more sorry for. Kotonoha for being attacked even though she’s innocent or the classmates for being so stupid and not hearing both sides of the stories). Eventually Makoto unblocks Kotonoha’s number in his cell (took you long enough) and when Kotonoha comes to visit him at night he makes the promise that he’ll dance with her after the festival and confirms to her that they’re still boyfriend and girlfriend (and what does that make Sekai, mistress or the side dish?). Sekai overhears their conversation (yep, she just happened to be there as well) and overcome with emotion (you are tearing me apart Makoto) she leaves the apartment and runs into Kotonoha who knew Sekai was in the apartment with Makoto and gives her a slap to the face.


In episode 8 we find out that after smacking Sekai, Kotonoha begs her to stay away from Makoto (why are you begging her she should be begging you for forgiveness). The next day at school Sekai takes the day off (probably still recovering from that bitch slap) and Setsuna convinces Makoto to go visit her where Sekai talks about their relationship and her concerns about the effect it’s having on everyone (oh you mean how your relationship is slowly driving a sweet and innocent girl on the brink of insanity?). Despite these concerns however, Makoto still says that he prefers Sekai over Kotonoha (than man up and do the right thing. And to make sure you get what I’m saying I’m going to go very slow for you. Break. Up. With. Kotonoha. It’s the right thing to do and you owe her that much). The first day of the school festival ends in a not so good fashion with Makoto’s class maid café losing customers to the zombie café and little sister café (okay, I can understand losing to the little sister café because Japan has a lot of perverts but how do you lose to the zombie café?). After the first day is over Setsuna and Makoto go to fetch more supplies for the class where Setsuna reveals to Makoto that she’s moving to France and is leaving Sekai in the hands of Makoto (bad idea Setsuna. Really, really, really, REALLY bad idea). We then see a flashback to the day Setsuna first met Makoto (worst day of your life huh Setsuna?) where he comforts her because some guys were teasing her and even convinced her to run for class rep (Makoto actually being nice? So at one point in his life he was human). They return with the supplies and fix everything up with Makoto falling asleep (lazy bum). In the heat of the moment and enveloped in emotions Setsuna leans down and kisses Makoto only to be seen by Kotonoha (well that’s another girl Kotonoha will be adding to the bitches I gotta choke list).


Episodes 9-12


Okay, so here’s the situation in the opening moments of episode 9 for Kotonoha. She walks into a room, sees her supposedly faithful and innocent boyfriend sleeping on the ground, and a girl other than her is kissing him. What’s she gonna do? Sweep it under the rug and not get an explanation into what the hell just happened (you know despite the fact that everything Makoto has done behind Kotonoha’s back is wrong, she shares some blame by not taking the initiative and realizing that something might MIGHT be wrong here). So after that we go to the next day of the festival where Makoto explores the festivities with Otome where he gets dragged back to his class by Sekai to help in their café. While that’s going on pretty much everyone who has a personality in this anime tells Kotonoha that she’s no longer dating Makoto and that he’s dating Sekai now and Kotonoha being the sad and deniable airhead that she is denies these claims and tells everyone that she’s Makoto’s girlfriend (oh come on lady look at all the signs. Everyone keeps saying he’s dating Sekai, he pretty much ignores all your phone calls, and hasn’t come to visit you at all throughout the festival. All that’s missing is an announcement going over the school saying: “Makoto is dating Sekai and has dumped Kotonoha feel free to hit on her now”). Kotonoha decides to prove everyone wrong by dancing with Makoto at the folk festival and texts him hoping to meet him. Makoto checks his phone realizing that he’s received 20 texts from Kotonoha and missed them all (okay this is both sad and creepy at the same time) and rushes to see her only to be stopped by Otome who drags him away to the festival’s rest area which is a secret area unbeknownst to the teachers (oh God I know where this is going) where she has sex with Makoto (so Makoto is cheating on Kotonoha with Sekai who he’s cheating on with Otome. How do you cheat on two girls at the same time? Two!). After the quick sex (I’m assuming it’s quick. I know for a fact it was dissatisfying for Otome) Makoto goes to the folk dance festival with Sekai where they dance the night away. And where’s Kotonoha in all of this? She’s with Taisuke who out of loneliness and desperation has decided to rape Kotonoha (damn it Taisuke you were supposed to be the only decent guy in this anime. Now all hope is lost).


In episode 10 after the rape Kotonoha goes to the dance festival where she sees Makoto dance with Sekai and kiss her (now do you believe Makoto is cheating on you?). The next day when Makoto and Kotonoha meet on the train with her knowing full well what Makoto did he lies to her about trying to meet her and she forgives him (NOOOOOOOOO~). But the lying doesn’t stop there, oh no it continues. He lies to Taisuke telling him he broke up with Kotonoha long ago and she’s just acting bitter about the breakup (probably all because YOU TWO HAVEN’T BROKEN UP YET). He also tells the same thing to Setsuna who still isn’t convinced that Makoto is committed to Sekai and when Kotonoha sees them talking Makoto finally breaks up with her in the meanest and rudest way possible (so mean and rude that if I was sitting right beside him I would honestly beat the guy to a pulp right now. (Yin-Yang): Save a piece of him for me master. (Shizuku): And me as well). And to add more things to the list of why I want to kill Makoto, we find out that he’s been meeting up with Otome from time to time having sex with her (// Setsuna finds out about Otome and on the night before she leaves she goes over to Makoto’s house and tells him to break up with Otome and in return Setsuna will allow Makoto to have sex with her (don’t encourage his behavior you’re only making things worse). The next day the girls’ basketball club holds a special screening where footage of the couples having sex in the rest area are shown for everyone (mainly girls) to see (oh you bitches). Sekai is there as well where she sees Makoto doing the horizontal bop with Otome (ha! Now you know how Kotonoha feels when she found out about you and Makoto). Sekai rushes out and tries to find Makoto where she runs into Kotonoha who tells her that Makoto is most likely with Setsuna to end the episode (so for those of you keeping score at home Makoto has so far been with 4 girls, has slept with 3 of them, and has cheated on 3 of them. Fuck him and his life).


In episode 11 we see that a few days have gone by and Sekai has been absent from school feeling depressed about Makoto’s betrayal and Setsuna moving away without telling her (oh and possibly sleeping with her boyfriend. That might have also been a factor in Sekai’s depression). What’s Makoto doing while his girlfriend is feeling all depressed and refusing to come out of her house? Does he go to her, apologize and act like a man ready to accept the consequences of his action and deeds? Nope, too much of a pain as he puts it. Now that Sekai isn’t around anymore he feels that he can sleep around with any girl he can get his hands on so he fools around with Hikari (aren’t you the one who had a crush on the rapist? Go sleep with him) in his apartment, again in the science lab (well on the bright side the guy is building up a solid hentai resume. (Isis): How is that a good thing? (Nitsuj): I don’t know, I’m trying to be optimistic here. I’m failing obviously, but at least I’m trying), and the final nail in the coffin that pisses me off the most, he has a foursome with Otome’s three bitchy friends (no. Just…hell no. This guy, this manwhore, does not deserve a foursome. He doesn’t even deserve a threesome, he has done nothing to live every man’s dream. Issei from Highschool DxD deserves a foursome, Rito from To Love Ru deserves a forusome, and even Ichika from IS despite his great denseness deserves a foursome. Makoto doesn’t even deserve to masturbate). And what pisses me off even more is that the girls went to Makoto for this. He didn’t manipulate them, seduce them or even talk to them. They asked him to do this, they were feeling left out and just wanted to see how good he was and even though they know he’s in a relationship with another girl they still asked him to make their threesome into a foursome and he agreed to do it despite having the knowledge that he has a girlfriend who he is cheating on (so what we can gather from all of this is Makoto is a walking horn dog who is driven by his male hormones and will sleep with anyone or anything as long as it has a vagina. As for the women in this anime, we can gather that they have low standards and are very VERY desperate if they are willing to sleep with this walking dildo. That or they’re all just sluts). A few days go by as we enter the winter season and Sekai finally returns to school where she tells not only Makoto but the entire class that she’s possibly pregnant with Makoto’s child (very subtle of you Sekai. Also, great, now that bastard is going to be multiplying throughout the world. The world can’t even handle one of him). Makoto refuses to believe that she’s pregnant and once again refuses to take responsibility for what could possibly be his child (geez, the guy just keeps getting worse each episode. You know how people say “you’ve reached a new low” well I say we change it to “you’ve reached a new Makoto” because no matter how low you think you’ve become you will never reach Makoto’s level). So because of this information all the girls finally see Makoto for the manwhore that he is and cuts their ties with him. Even on Christmas Eve when he calls up some of them hoping to “Deck the bitch” (for the record I was also gonna go with “I’ll be cheating for Christmas”) they all ignore his calls (man you know you’re in trouble when not even 1 let alone 7 sluts wanna sleep with you). Makoto begins to feel all depressed wondering what went wrong when things were going so smoothly not too long ago (uhh~ you cheated on your first girlfriend and broke her heart mercilessly. Cheated on your second and possibly pregnant girlfriend with a bunch of other girls and through all of this not once did you show an ounce of regret or care for your actions. When exactly was everything going smoothly because from my standpoint everything has just been one big train wreck?). As he sits on a bench wondering what to do Kotonoha shows up completely out of it (just wait until you see her eyes you can tell she’s not there). Makoto literally broke her, she is long gone, she is nothing more than just an empty shell of a girl, and the worst part is she still thinks she’s in a relationship with Makoto and still loves him. Since Makoto has no one else he decides to get back with her and everything (bull! This is bullshit! You can’t be serious? They hook back up despite all the lies, cheating, and harsh words she decides to date this piece of trash again? Come on Kotonoha you deserve so much more than this. (Mira): Master, just remember 15 minutes. 15 minutes until the best moments in this anime. (Nitsuj): *devilish smiles* You’re right. (Mira): Also permission to cross examine this scene? (Nitsuj): I’ll allow it. (Mira): Now many of you out there are probably thinking this is Makoto’s only moment of redemption but I implore you not to be fooled by this scene. While it’s true Makoto feels sad for what he did in truth he is only doing this because Kotonoha is all he has left now. I assure you if one of the other girls had answered his phone call he would have been running to them and wouldn’t have given Kotonoha the time of day. Makoto no longer sees women as people anymore, he sees them as objects to satisfy his sexual needs and now that Kotonoha is all he has left he is settling for her. (Nitsuj): That’s true).


In the final episode Makoto goes out to dinner with Kotonoha where he receives a call from Sekai wondering where the hell he is (a good question but I think you know the answer). Makoto goes off on her blaming her for ruining his life (uh you did that yourself you phenomenal asshole) and tells her to get out of his apartment and go home. She does this but once she sees Makoto and Kotonoha on the train together she rushes back to his apartment and sees the two inside. An argument breaks out between the girls with Makoto in the middle of it and in the heat of the argument Makoto and Kotonoha begin to make out in front of Sekai which makes her scream and runaway (you know, if this had been a hentai, there’s no doubt in my mind she would have joined in. They would have had a threesome, worked out their differences and Makoto would have gotten them both pregnant to end this God awful series. But it’s an anime so the suffering continues). And finally just when you think Makoto has hit rock bottom just when you think he couldn’t get any lower, just when you think he has done everything wrong in the world he finds it he finds a way to make himself look like a bigger douchebag than he already is. *Deep breath* He texts Sekai later that night and tells her the woman who is possibly carrying his child to get an abortion (//, okay Sekai I know you love this guy but kill this motherfucker). No longer able to stand Makoto’s treatment she sends him a text message asking to meet with him in private at his house where we get…the most violent and best scene in the anime with Sekai stabbing Makoto to death (YES! WAHAHAHAHA! Bleed motherfucker bleed. Oh you have no idea how happy I am to see that bastard die. The only thing that would have made it better is if all the girls got together and killed him instead of just Sekai). Sekai leaves and Kotonoha shows where she sees the dead body of her boyfriend and calls Sekai to the top of the roof of the school where she kills Sekai and opens her up to see if she had a baby inside her (Speaking of Sekai while I thank her for killing Makoto I don’t think she deserved to die. Much like Kotonoha she was a victim of Makoto’s selfish and immature actions but the only difference is this was Kotonoha’s first real relationship. We were told that because of Kotonoha’s beauty and intelligence she was ostracized at school and had no friends at all. She was a lonely girl who finally got a boyfriend to like and care for her and through the process also made her first real friend but in the end they both betrayed her and let her feel the greatest amount of pain and suffering no one should ever have to feel in their life. Sekai deserved to face a punishment for her actions as well. Betraying her friend and killing the boy she liked was bad enough but I don’t know I think killing her was a bit over the top. But hey that’s what happens when you decide to kill a yandere’s boyfriend). After killing Sekai, Kotonoha jumps on her family yacht with Makoto’s decapitated head and sails out to sea cuddling the head to end the series (all I gotta say is that is one nice boat at the end).


Final Thoughts


Well guys there’s no denying it. This anime just plain sucks. The characters are the worst. They have no morals and only care about themselves. Makoto is just a bastard. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He’s immature, selfish, mean, and just an asshole. He shows no remorse for his actions whatsoever and is totally driven by his male hormones. Sekai is also a bad character. She pretty much knows she has feelings for Makoto but instead of just coming out from the beginning and telling him she instead hooks him up with someone else and flirts with Makoto making him fall for her instead and doesn’t reprimand Makoto for his actions and decisions. If anything she actually puts up with his actions and even at some points encourages him to make stupid decisions that hurt her and everyone else. The rest of the characters are all mean and terrible people. The girls are all pretty much sluts who will sleep with anyone even if the guy they’re doing it with is in a relationship with someone else. The only girl who’s actually decent in all of this is Kotonoha who plays the part of a tragic heroine. I feel bad for her, she started off as this sweet and innocent girl who only wanted to have friends and someone to like her for who she was but instead she winds up with a selfish bastard who never cared for her, cheated on her, and drove her to the brink of insanity where she forgot who she was all together.


On top of the anime just being mean it’s boring. Unbelievably boring to watch. Nothing at all happens. The whole anime is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You see every second of the carnage and destruction and you can’t look away but in your mind you’re saying hurry it up I’m bored now. This whole anime can be summed up within the last 10 minutes of the final episode. You could literally watch the last 10 minutes of the final episode and you wouldn’t miss a single thing in the anime. The last 10 minutes sum up the entire anime. That is so sad when you can watch the last 10 minutes of an anime series and not miss anything in the anime. The animation is nothing special to look at either it’s pretty basic animation for it’s time but the one thing I will say I did like in the anime was the soundtrack. They use a lot of songs that are sung with a lot of emotion and express the feelings and emotions the characters are feeling as the anime continues to progress. But no matter how you look at it this anime is just plain terrible and a waste of time building up a character for you to hate and see him get what he deserves at the end to give you that satisfaction you wanted.


Final Score


The final score for School Days is a 1/10. A terrible anime that shows what happens when a selfish immature bastard tries to start a harem and not care about the feelings and emotions of the people around him that can all be summed up by watching the last 10 minutes of the last episode. Just stay away from this anime, it’s not worth your time, you’re gonna hate every minute of it, and you’re seriously gonna hate all the characters except for possibly Kotonoha. Thanks for reading and I’ll see next time on Project Nitsuj. What say you now spirit of 4Kids?


*Nitsuj hears nothing but silence*


(Yin-Yang): I think you did it master. You scared them away.


(Nitsuj): Woohoo! I did it! Score one for the good guys. This calls for a celebration. Let me grab a quick shower and we’ll head out to Cheddar’s.


*Nitsuj goes to take a shower only to get doused with Otaku blood*


(Nitsuj): Oh God!


*Nitsuj exits the shower with a towel for everyone to see*


(Jack Frost): Woah! I think they didn’t like that review.


(Nitsuj): Oh then want to do I have to do? I reviewed a good anime and a bad anime. What more do these guys want from me?


(Pyro Jack): I think I may have a way to beat these spirits.


(Nitsuj): Really? Do tell.


(Isis): Before that could you please wash that blood off you.


(Nitsuj): Good idea and then we’ll gives those spirits what’s coming to them. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!


*Nitsuj goes to the sink only to get sprayed with blood again*


(Nitsuj): AHHHHHHH~!


(Jack Frost): Tell you what, why don’t you use our shower? You ladies are free to use it to.


(Shizuku): Yeah that’s exactly what we want to do. Get nude in your house.


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