Project #155: Mekakucity Actors

(Nitsuj): Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Let’s make this quick, Mekakucity Actors wasn’t a good anime. End of review bye.

*Nitsuj tries to leave but Mira forces him to sit back down*

(Mira): Oh no you don’t you’re seeing this all the way through and this anime didn’t suck this was a good anime and you know.

(Nitsuj): Oh stop being a fangirl and just admit this anime wasn’t really all that good as you thought.

(Mira): Yes it was. It was deep, thought-provoking, interesting, and a good watch.

(Nitsuj): Okay, perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves why don’t we first explain what Mekakucity Actors is to the audience. Mekakucity Actors when translated means Blindfold-city Actors. It was an anime that came out in 2014 done by studio Shaft (Negima!?).

(Mira): Unlike most animes which were adaptations of mangas, light novels, and videogames this anime was an adaptation of a music project and not just any project a Vocaloid project. The anime is based off the Kagerou Project also known as the Heat Haze Project. It was created by Jin aka Shizen no Teki-P and revolves around a group of teenagers with eye-related powers. It was dark, philosophical, interesting, had a good story, and the music was great. Today, it’s one if not the most well-known and popular Vocaloid project having an ongoing manga and light novel based off the project.

(Nitsuj): This project also served as the debut for a new Vocaloid named IA a new Vocaloid who made her debut at the beginning of 2013 and whose voicebank comes from the idol Lia who you might remember sang the opening for Angel Beats and Air TV. While Miku also had songs in the project IA was the main singer and sings a majority of the songs. Because of the project’s popularity and influence an anime was made. The only problem is the budget for this anime was rather low and was put in the hands of a studio who prefers to write their own stories instead of staying true to the source material. Because of this we get a bad representation of the project and a letdown for all fans out there.

(Mira): Only in your eyes. Let’s see why this anime is a masterpiece and check out Mekakucity Actors.

Opening and Ending theme

(Nitsuj): The opening for this anime is daze by Jin ft. MARIA from GARNiDELiA. As I said before this was my favorite opening from 2014. The speed of this song is just right. The vocals sound amazing and the instrumental blows me away. (Mira): I have to admit this opening is great as it hooks you in and gets you pumped for the anime. (Nitsuj): The ending for this anime is “Days” by Jin ft. Lia. At first I wasn’t a fan of this song but it grew on me as the anime went on. It just feels you with a sense of fulfillment as you listen to it. You feel at peace with the world like nothing can bring you down.

Episodes 1-4

So the anime begins on August 14th in the near future instead of our time like in the novels and manga (again Shaft can’t get even do the simplest of things right). We meet the main character of this anime Shintaro voiced by Takuma Terashima (Shiroe from Log Horizon). He’s your classic NEET who hasn’t left home for 2 years and spends all day online while dealing with the bane of his existence Ene a cyber-girl who was sent to him by an unknown sender (an obvious shout out to Miku and IA). She’s voiced by Kana Asumi (Chihiro from TWGOK). As Shintaro is trying to work Ene keeps bugging him until he finally loses his cool and drops the pop (scene here: // (Mira): Such a waste of a perfectly good keyboard). Since it’s Obon no one is making any deliveries so Shintaro has no choice but to go outside and buy one himself (Mira: Don’t die in the sun) where Ene wants to go to the amusement park the mall has on the roof. Shintaro doesn’t seems interested in it but Ene threatens to expose his fetishes to everyone unless he does it so he agrees to it as long as Ene forgets about his fetish file (scene here: //, Kana Asumi is so awesome in this role). They reach the mall where it gets attacked by The Joker gang who take everyone hostage, hack the security system and demand a billion yen in 30 minutes or they’ll start killing people (where’s Batman when you need him?). Also, everyone’s in black and white while everything else is red. At first I was confused by this scene but then I remembered who directed this anime my old nemesis Akiyuki Shinbo the same guy who directed Negima!? one of my most hated animes. (Mira): I thought you said he was a good director. (Nitsuj): Oh he is, when he’s not trying to be all artsy and just telling a story. As I said before in my Negima review Shinbo is a good director of anime but for some reason he feels that he has to show everyone how artsy and symbolic he is in his animes when really he doesn’t need to. By doing this he distracts people from the anime. Anyway, as Shintaro is tied up figuring out what to do he’s greeted by Kano and Seto two guys who know he’s got a plan and will play a pivotal part in the anime. Shintaro tells them the he needs a distraction and they give him one by causing the whole place to fall apart around them (Mira: How’s that for a distraction) which allows Shintaro to get free and connect Ene to the security system where she takes control (Mira: She is the system. Transcending time. She is your god) and Shintaro passes out (too much excitement for the NEET. Scene here: //

So we move onto episode 2 where we see the second part of the first episode. In this episode we focus on Momo voiced by Nanami Kashiyama, the younger sister of Shintaro and a popular idol who’s quite famous around town. However, unlike her brother who is quite smart Momo is well, what’s the best way to describe (Mira: A girl about as sharp as a bowling ball. (Nitsuj): Yeah that’s perfect. Scene here: // She gets dumped with extra prep test to help her study and then receives a call from her manager telling her she has the afternoon off and should hangout with her friends which she said she doesn’t have (not even an entourage). This causes Momo to remember her childhood. When she was a child she almost drowned and got saved by her father however this unknowingly caused him his life. At school Momo was alone which Shinbo confirms to us by making all the students including the teacher flowers (we get it she was alone. You don’t have to be all symbolic about it. (Mira): Oh he’s just showing how out of place she felt in the real world what’s wrong with that?). As a child Momo was constantly overshadowed by Shintaro because of his smartness so she tried her best to receive attention just like him and focused her talents on art where she came in first place at a local contest but at the same time got bullied by her senpai (well you wanted senpai to notice you). Because of this an idol agency (in the form of a teddy bear, a balloon, and old school record player *stares at Mira* (Mira): Okay that was weird. I’ll give you that) became interested in her and wanted to make her an idol but her mother wouldn’t allow it because she’s too young to become one (so was Michael Jackson yet he cemented his fame as the King of Pop). Eventually Momo’s mom became sick from overworking so much and had to be hospitalized. This forces Momo to take the idol job in the hopes that she’ll earn money to cover her mother’s hospital expenses and take some stress off of her. We return to the present where Momo is trying to enjoy her time off when all of a sudden she runs into a boy named Hibiya voiced by Misuzu Togashi (Origami from Date A Live). A boy from the country who appears to be lost and refuses to accept help from Momo who he calls old hag (and she takes offence to this. Scene here: // So yeah Momo has the eye power to catch people’s attention no matter what. It’s a power she got from nearly drowning to death and from her jealousy of Shintaro and how she wanted people to pay attention to her the only problem is it’s a power she can’t control all that well so whenever she uses it people go crazy flocking to her (Mira: Be careful what you wish for). After losing the crowd Momo has a breakdown and begins to cry saying how she wish she never had this power and can just be normal where unbeknownst to her someone with an eye power like her is watching her.

Episode 3 starts off with Momo being approached by the girl following her Kido voiced by Yūko Kaida. Much like Momo she too has a mysterious eye power but unlike Momo who attracts people to her Kido’s power makes people ignore her all together (just like Bieber’s singing). Kido shows off her powers in order to earn Momo’s trust but it just causes her to faint so Kido takes her back to the hideout where we meet the rest of the gang who also have powers. First up is Kano voiced by Shinnosuke Tachibana (Minato from Sekirei) who has the powers to deceive how people see him (Mira: Basically the powers of illusion). Second is Seto voiced by Sōichirō Hoshi (Death Gun from SAO II) the nice guy of the group who has the power to read the minds of others (Mira: Professor X much?). The final member is Marry voiced by the ever popular and adorable Kana Hanazawa (Marie from Persona 4 Golden the Animation)  who has the power to temporarily paralyze anyone she makes eye contact with her (and just like all of Hanazawa’s characters she’s adorable and cute). And of course Kido their fearless, cool and badass leader. After Momo wakes up they introduce themselves as the Blindfold Gang (they’re the fucking fuckers that fuck with the fucking fuckers. You got it? Got it) a group of people who use their powers as detectives to solve crime and get paid. They want Momo to join their gang and help her control her powers and she gladly accepts their offer. They then go to the mall where Kido runs into Shintaro (scene here: // and the mall gets attacked by the Joker gang (oh the stories are all coming together. (Mira): See I told you it would all make sense. (Nitsuj): But it took us three episodes to get here. If it was two I be okay with that but three? Come on there was a lot of stuff in episode 2 that could have been cut out). This leads to the behind-the-scenes distraction we got in episode 1 (scene here: //

(Mira): Episode 4 takes us to plot C of day 1 (Nitsuj: We have a C plot? How many plots does day 1 have?). The C plot focuses on Hibiya who we find out came to the city with his crush Hiyori in an attempt to confess to her even though she’s kind of a bitch to him (Nitsuj: I’ve dealt with girls like that) and only has eyes on her uncle’s foster son Konoha voiced by Mamoru Miyano (Light from Death Note) who is hands down the cutest character in this anime (scene here: // As they eat dinner we see the hoops Hibiya had to go through to come to the city (scene here: //, did he really have to be fed to the dogs. (Nitsuj): Yes). Eventually he convinced his father about a summer school seminar going on in the city and how much he wanted to go to it. His father bought it and that’s how Hibiya deceived his father and went to the city without adult supervision. After dinner he goes to bed where he enters the Heat Daze zone (not to be confused with the Twilight Zone). This is where everyone got their eye powers from and it is a zone where the characters are stuck in a time loop forced to repeat the same events over and over again (Nitsuj: It’s Endless Eight all over again). For Hibiya it’s seeing Hiyori die again and again. Even when he tries desperately to save her she still dies. This of course leads to the Heat Haze song which is the most popular song in the project (scene here: //, (Nitsuj): Fuck you~cat).

Episodes 5-8

In episode 5 we return to plot A where Shintaro wakes up in a girl’s room (most likely Marry’s room). He asks Ene what happened but she refuses to answer unless he strips to his underwear and begs her (I am onboard with this. (Nitsuj): This whole scene reminds me of my relationship with you guys. (Mira): You’re welcome). Marry walks in, sees this, and screams her whole little heart out causing Momo to come in and tie him up where Ene adds more fuel to the fire of this misunderstanding (scene here: //, for a guy who’s been locked in his house for 2 years Shintaro has a pretty hot body). After that misunderstanding Kano takes on Ene in a duel (Nitsuj: Can we get on with the story? (Mira): Can you shut up and just enjoy in the show. Scene here: // Once all the laughs are done it gets announced that Shintaro and Ene are the newest members of the Blindfold Gang with Shintaro wanting nothing to be a part of it and leaves believing this is all an intervention to get him to change his lifestyle (Nitsuj: Oh please they have better things to do than worry about your NEET lifestyle). He runs into Kotonoha who is looking for Hibiya and Hiyori where he has no choice but to help him look for the kids where they see them being kidnapped by some guys with no faces or colors (Nitsuj: Can we please show a little effort and correctly animate all the characters?). Once Kotonoha realizes they’re being kidnapped, he springs into action trying to save them. He grabs the getaway van and tears the door opens with his bare hands (Shintaro has made a powerful friend today) scary the poorly animated people away however he and the kids get swallowed by this magical snake which comes out of nowhere and gobbles them up as Shintaro tries to save them (well that was trippy). Back with the Blindfold Gang they decide to go and visit the grave of their founding member Ayano who died two years ago via suicide (hmm~ two years ago. Around the same time Shintaro became a NEET. I sense foreshadowing). They reach the grave where Ene easily recognizes Ayano (Nitsuj: You got some explaining to do Ene).

Episode 6 opens up with another popular song from the Kagerou Project Headphone Actor (scene here: // Okay, now you have to admit LiSA sang that song amazingly well. (Nitsuj): Is anybody else wondering why the city is so conveniently empty? I feel as if I’m watching a Michael Bay production). After the introduction we return the city to a peaceful time (Nitsuj: One populated by people) and the story takes place in school where we meet Ene and Kotonoha’s human counterparts Takane and Haruka. Takane is a short-tempered girl and Haruka is an optimistic guy with a frail body who Takane has a secret crush on. The two are the only students in a special needs class run by Kenjiro the father of Ayano and teacher of Momo. The culture festival is two weeks away and the special needs students need to come up with an amazing attraction for the festival to show that the school isn’t wasting money on them. Takane suggest that they do a shooting gallery game which everyone likes and since Takane is a wiz at these games being known as Ene the Flash Dancer she’s the perfect competitor for challengers to face off against. Her first opponent is Kido who around this time was very shy (Nitsuj: And so cute to look at. Scene here: // Once word spreads about Ene the Flash Dancer taking on challengers the masses come running to face her (like pigs to the slaughter) and she beats all of them but meets her challenge when she has to go up against Shintaro (scene here: // After the game Ayano voiced by Mai Nakahara (Nagisa from Clannad) talks to Takane where she drops the bomb that she and Shintaro will be attending their school next year (Nitsuj: Start practicing calling Shintaro master Takane). After she leaves we get to hear the song Sunset Yesterday sung once again by LiSA (scene here: // After the credits we see Takane and Haruka doing summer classes where Haruka collapses because of his frail body and Takane not noticing it at all and walking away (she’s a bad friend).

(Nitsuj): Episode 7 starts off with Takane rushing to the hospital to see Haruka (scene here: // After fainting Takane enters what I believe is the Heat Haze (// where she meets Azami the creator of the Heat Haze and giver of the eye powers (Mira: And a trend setter for snake hair). Azami turns Takane into Ene and sends her back into the real world where she became Shintaro’s cyber girl and since then has been living with him ever since however her memories are still a bit fuzzy from the experience. The others as you would expect are shocked to hear this (Mira: Everything’s connected. That’s pretty much the theme of this anime. (Nitsuj): And confusing) but are still happy to meet someone who knew their sister. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Kido, Seto, and Kano are all Ayano’s adoptive siblings (quite the family if you ask me). They then receive a call from Seto who tells them about Konoha’s accident and how Shintaro is shaken up about his friend nearly dying. They decide to go and check up on him with Kano staying behind to tend to Ayano’s grave and talk to her (scene here: //, okay I have to admit that was a touching scene. He puts up a strong face in front of others but in truth he’s hurting the most out of all of them). As he’s cleaning he realizes that Ene stayed behind to talk to him where we see Kano turn into somewhat of an asshole and torment Ene (scene here: // After that scene we receive more shocking news and discover that Konoha is actually Haruka (where do the lies end and the truths begin? Scene here: //

Episodes 8-12

Not much really happens in episode 8. Kido, Momo, and Marry go the hospital where they meet Shintaro and Seto as well as Hibiya who has begun awakening to his powers. The group decides to take him in since they don’t know what his powers are and decide to keep him under lockdown until they can get an idea of his powers. Back at the Blindfold cave Seto becomes worried about Kano and goes out to search for him while Kido tells Momo and Shintaro that they all got their powers when they all nearly died. For Kido it was her real sister who died in a fire with her, Seto drowned trying to save a puppy he loved, Kano died along with his real mother when a burglar broke into their house, and Momo died with her father when she drowned at the beach on a family vacation. They entered the Heat Haze with a loved one but only they were able to return and as a result they each got an eye power (so that’s how it works. Beat death and get an eye power. Not a bad trade off. (Mira): I guess that explains the Uchida clan). Kido believes that all of their loved ones are still trapped in the Heat Haze and are determined to find a way to save them. Hibiya hears their conversation while resting where he runs out on them because he’s determined to save Hiyori from the Heat Haze (why? She treated you like trash?). Kido and Momo chase after him while Shintaro stays behind with Marry where he discovers a picture that brings up some bad memories (scene here: //

Episode 9 starts off with Ayano’s mom telling the kid version of Ayano the story of Azami. In the story Azami is a monster wondering the world treated horribly by everyone because of her monstrous powers. She decided to live in isolation from everyone until she came across a man where the two fell in love with each other and had child of their own. For the first time Azami was happy that is until the man she loved passed away of old age. Azami soon came to see how short and sad the human life was so she used her powers to create the Heat Haze a world where she and her family could live together forever happily (okay that’s not a child’s story that’s a horror story). After the story we get the classic song from the Kagerou Project Ayano’s Theory of Happiness (scene here: //, what the hell happened to the animation? If there was ever a sign that the show ran out of budget this was it). So we see Ayano really was a kind and sweet big sister to Kido, Seto, and Kano and the whole family was happy until their mother died in a landslide accident. While sad by this tragic event they still continued to live on as a family. One day, Ayano went into her father’s lab where she discovered that her parents were researching the story of Azami where they found the truth about her story. Her story ended tragically (Mira: No shock there) and the story holds the origins to the powers of everyone in the anime. The powers all come from the snakes in Azami’s hair (eww) and Ayano’s mom realized that Kido, Seto, and Kano had the powers and wanted to find a way to save them but she died in that landslide. From studying her mother’s notes Ayano comes to the conclusion that her father Kenjiro has also gained powers but unlike the others who have control of their powers Kenjiro’s powers have a mind of their own and is controlling Kenjiro to bring all the characters together to create a new Medusa in our world. Kano stumbled upon Ayano researching this and she ask him for help telling him to keep this a secret from everyone. Back in the present Kano is telling Ene the whole story (where the two seem to have made up). We also see that Kano was a bit jealous of Shintaro because Ayano always hung out with him and actually had a bit of a crush on him. Kano takes Ene to the school (the place of her greatest defeat) where he tells her that she and Haruka were human sacrifices to bring the snakes into the world where they will all gather around their queen which is Marry (what? Our cute little Marry is the eater of worlds? Why must the cute ones always suffer?). The episode ends with them arriving in a secret lab underneath the school where Ene’s real body is being kept.

(Mira): Episode 10 focuses on the backstory of Marry and her family. It turns out that Marry is actually the granddaughter of Azami. Long ago Azami and her husband along with their daughter Shion lived together in the forest inside a large tower full of books (Nitsuj: Man that’s quite the upgrade. In the song and novels it was a cabin). Azami and Shion get attacked by villagers but Azami defeats them with ease and reads the mind of one of the attackers to find out that her husband was beaten because of her. Blaming herself for this she choose to go into the Heat Haze alone to protect her family where we see the Heat Haze is anything but pleasant (it’s hell where time stands still and there’s no escape. Scene here: // The years pass by and Shion has a child of her own, Marry who she keeps safe from society by not letting her go out. However, Marry sneaks out of the house one day and gets caught by villagers (Nitsuj: Again, it was really kids from the village picking on her) forcing Shion to use her powers to save Marry and at the same time put a huge strain on her body. The two die that day and get taken to the Heat Haze (scene here: // So Marry gets reborn as the queen snake and now lives alone in her wood tower until Seto (who ran away from home because of Kano) uses his powers to hear the thoughts of Marry and finds her leading to probably the best cover song in this anime (scene here: // Now what do you say to that master? (Nitsuj): Well hell. That was actually a very good cover. I mean it, this is hands down the best cover in the whole series. The instrumental is beautiful to listen to and the scene is quite cute with Seto and Marry since I ship these two. (Mira): Yes! So you have no complaints about this whatsoever do you? (Nitsuj): No I do have a complaint why wasn’t the singer Kana Hanazawa? As great as the male vocalist is in this song the song is being told from Marry’s perspective therefore it should have been sung by Kana or another female artist. Now I’m not saying a male can’t sing this song, I’m saying that if the lyrics were changed up a bit to make the song sound like it was being sung from Seto’s perspective than it would work out great for this scene. (Mira): There’s just no winning with you is there? (Nitsuj): Hey I said the song was good). We return to the present where Marry has woken up to discover that everyone has left her behind (that was rude of them). She goes outside and finds Kotonoha inviting him back inside for some tea and the two quickly become friends (well that’s nice the two cutest characters of the show becoming friends). After turning on the TV and seeing a mob outside a school chanting for Momo, Marry and Kotonoha decide to go and investigate it.

Episode 11 starts off rather dark (are we in Route XX?). Shintaro discovers that he has an eye power as well. His powers allow him to remember the past as well as all the routes and events that happened in them. He begins remembering the past routes where everyone died and how he and Marry vowed to never forget this tragedy and change it. After realizing this Shintaro grabs a pair of red scissors and commits suicide. While that’s going on Momo and Kido catch Hibiya where they offer to work together and get surrounded by the lazy animated characters from episode 5 (Nitsuj: Ha! You admit it. (Mira): Shut it). We then cut to Kano remembering the great sacrifice Ayano made to not only save the world but her family as well (scene here: // Kano realizing he and the others are in danger got them as far away from the snake possessing Kenjirou and left the house where they found and created the Blindfold Gang a group dedicated to solving the Heat Haze and rescuing their love ones (Nitsuj: And being the fucking fuckers who fuck with the fucking fuckers. You got it? Got it). Kano returns to Ayano’s grave where Seto comes by and Kano finally has his breakdown where Seto said he’ll bear the burden along with Kano and he uses his powers to read Kano’s mind (scene here: // Back with Momo, Kido, and Hibiya they all get captured and placed in a glass prison where they plan their escape (scene here: // (Nitsuj): Oh my God it’s IA and her new voicebank! Thank you Shaft! Thank you so much for bringing back the original singer from the series). After the credits we get a ShinAyano moment (scene here: //

The final episode begins once upon a time ago (scene here: // After that we see the Blindfold Gang try to make their way to Kuroha the snake inside Kenjiro to defeat him avoiding all the obstacles and poorly animated colorless characters (scene here: // While that’s going Shintaro along with Ayano set Haruka free. Back with the gang they finally reach Kuroha where he explains that in the past they faced each other and he killed them all except for Marry who he says created this world they’re currently in because of her wish of wanting to be with everyone. Because of this she accidently created an endless loop with Kuroha being revived over and over again and her friends dying. Kuroha than possesses Konoha’s body and begins overwhelming everyone (scene here: // Once Kuroha is defeated Marry has some final words with her loving mother (scene here: // After that the group returns back to reality where everything wraps up nicely just like in the project with the song Summertime Record sung by the creator himself Jin. (Nitsuj): Who I’m not gonna lie knocks it out of the park (scene here: //

Final Thoughts

(Nitsuj): So that was Mekakucity Actors and I still don’t like this anime. (Mira): Ohh~. (Nitsuj): However, I don’t dislike it as much as I did before reviewing it with you. (Mira): Beg your pardon? (Nitsuj): I really didn’t like this anime when it first came out. I saw it as a poor telling of the series, a confusing story with everything out of order, and a poor representation of the characters and music of the series. However you showed me how wrong I was. While the story can be confusing at first the anime does a good job tying everything together as the anime progresses. When you think you have a firm grasp on something in one episode the next episode dives deeper into that grasp and shows us if we were right or wrong however there are a few scenes that they really don’t explain all that well. It’s also pretty cool how this group of random teenagers are all connected to each other despite them having no real character development. While the anime doesn’t do a good job following the source materials it is an interesting interpretation of the series. One with faults but still an interesting one nonetheless.

(Mira): Yes I must admit. The lack of character development is disappointing. I also wanted to see more interactions between the characters such as them just enjoying hanging out with each other like going to a park, playing soccer, or even going to a theme park. You know just stuff to help dive more into their characters. Some of them can also be a bit out of character at times. (Nitsuj): As far as animation goes it kind of goes up and down for me. At times the animation is great but at other times it tries to be too artsy and symbolic when it doesn’t need to be and becomes rather distracting. (Mira): I personally rather liked the animation. I felt it was good from beginning to end showing us how Shaft have some of the best animation in animes to this day and of course the music is great to listen to right? (Nitsuj): Okay. Okay. The music in this anime is phenomenal. The various artist and new takes on each song are all cool and range differently from each other giving them each a new refreshing spin for newcomers. While I would have liked to hear the original singers of the project more I will admit that human artist do a great job singing the songs. In fact some of them actually sing their songs better than Miku and IA.

Final Score

(Mira): My final score for this anime is an 8/10. A very wonderful anime from beginning to end that steps away from traditional story-telling and tries to do something new and innovated. While character development is rather low and the story can be confusing the first time you watch it this anime is still enjoyable to watch. (Nitsuj): I’m going to give the anime a 5/10. While I appreciate the anime trying to be innovated and new it makes a lot of mistakes and makes the story come across as convoluted and clustered that makes the anime confusing to watch at times but if you hang in there to the very end the anime does make sense. (Mira): So the final score is 6.5/10. I’ll accept that. As long as you see that the anime wasn’t all bad and had some good moments in it I’ll consider that a victory in my book. (Nitsuj): And as long as you respect my opinion and recognize that the anime had a few problems I’ll consider that a victory in my book. (Mira): So it’s agreed, the anime has its faults and problems but it’s still a good anime nonetheless. (Nitsuj): Yes *Nitsuj and Mira shake hands*.

(Mira): Well master thank you for the review. I guess you’ll be moving onto Attack on Titan with Isis right.

(Nitsuj): With Isis?

(Mira): Yes. Surely you had planned on doing a crossover review with her since she loved the anime so much. According to her this was the best anime of 2013.

(Nitsuj): Uh, I had planned on doing this review alone. And to make sure you don’t tell Isis about this I have prepared a bribe just for you.

*Nitsuj pulls out a briefcase and opens it to reveal Free doujins*

(Mira): You’re bribing me with yaoi doujins? Well played you sneaky troll.

*Mira takes the briefcase and disappears back into the system*

(Nitsuj): Now with that taken care of nothing will get in the way of me reviewing Attack on Titan. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj where I will finally review Attack on Titan. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

*As Nitsuj laughs hysterically he doesn’t realize that Isis has bugged the room and knows what he’s planning to do*

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