Project #201: The Top 11 Worst Anime Worlds to Live In

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Anime has given us many creative and wonderful worlds to explore and see. But at the same time they’ve also given us some dark and scary worlds. Worlds that are so dark, scary, and dangerous that you wouldn’t want to live in them because you would die within 5 minutes. Well seeing as how we’re still in the month of Ani-ween why not take a look at 11 anime worlds you wouldn’t want to live in. Why top 11? Because just like someone else I too like to go one step beyond. For this list I’m going to try and stay away from slice of life animes because those worlds are similar to our world in a sense. Now with that said let’s get started. These, are the 11 worst anime worlds to live in.

#11. Highschool of the Dead (H.O.T.D)

It’s one of humanities worst fears. A zombie apocalypse breaking out in the world. This outbreak happened so quickly and so suddenly that nobody really had time to evaluate the situation all they could do was act quickly and do whatever it takes to survive one more minute. In this world anarchy erupts as everyone struggles to survive even going as far as turning on each other and abandoning each other just to survive and some even acting stupid and refusing to face the state of the world they live in. At the end of the day you either adapt to this zombie apocalypse, die, or lose yourself. The only thing that’s for certain in this world is that you will lose a part of your sanity and humanity. Also, the reason why this world is so low on the list is because if a zombie apocalypse were to break out in real life I think we’d be more than prepared for it.

#10. Death Note

Ahh~ yes the world of Death Note. While taking place in a modern day Japan, at first it doesn’t seem like such a bad place to live. That is as long as you stay on Kira’s good side and try not to piss him off. In the world of Death Note your life is in the hands of a maniac who can kill you just by writing your name in a notebook. It’s a world where you live in constant fear knowing that if you piss off one guy or this one guy feels threaten by you you’re screwed. Kira’s version of Japan is one country you do not want to live in.

#9. Higurashi no naku koro ni

Here’s another anime that at first seems like a nice place to live in. It’s the country, you got cute girls all around you, and everyone seems nice. This seems like the perfect place to spend your peaceful quiet days. Wrong! While everyone seems nice and innocent, beneath those happy smiles lies the mind of sadistic murderers who are not afraid to go mental on someone at the drop of a hat and you keep repeating the experience over and over again with a different setting each time. It’s as if you were in some sadistic experiment where doctors are trying to understand the minds of these deranged killers and you are placed in the experiment as an innocent bystander who gets caught up in their killing game all in the name of science. The city has a crazy killer with a god complex and the country has crazy sadistic girls who don’t mind killing. We just can’t win.

#8. Black Bullet

Do you hate bugs? Do you hate unfair prejudice? And do you hate living in a cage where the only thing protecting you from certain death is a large stone surrounding your city? If you said yes to all these questions than the world of Black Bullet is not for you. In the world of Black Bullet humanity is plagued by giant mutant insects who want to destroy us and the only thing stopping them from crushing humanity are these giant monolith like stones that surround cities and specially trained officers of the government equipped to fight these bugs off along with cute little girls with special powers who can fight the bugs as well. But in this world we see that these little girls are outcast to society because it’s hinted that over a period of time they too will become giant insects and try to kill us. Because of this many people abuse and kill these girls without hesitation when in truth all these girls want to do is be treated as normal people but because of humanities fears we see them as monsters who need to be killed before they kill us. In the world of Black Bullet humanity is fighting both killer insects and themselves where the situation is so bad that even the main character questions if this world is worth saving. When you have your main character asking this question you know this is a screwed up world to live in.

#7. Owari no Serph

What’s worse than a zombie apocalypse? How about a vampire apocalypse and that’s what we get in Owari no Serph. Within the opening moments of the anime the adult population is killed off by some disease unleashed by the vampires and then if by some stroke of luck you managed to survive the disease you get to see the vampires take over the world and turn you into living vending machines for them. Or you can escape your human plantation and join the army controlled by corrupted individuals who have their own agenda and don’t mind sacrificing their own soldiers to achieve their goals. Oh but don’t worry, you get your own demonic weapon to fight vampires with but if your will is weak your body will get taken over by the demon living within the weapon and you’ll have to be taken down by your own comrades. In the world of Owari no Serph it’s hard to decide who’s the real enemy and even harder to gain the power to fight against said enemy and keep it under control without letting it consume you.

#6. Kabaneri

Sort of like a cross between H.O.T.D and another anime I’ll be naming soon. Humanity lives within confined fortresses that keep out these zombie-like creatures who seem to be slightly more intelligent than a normal zombie, have tougher bodies so regular ammo won’t work on them, and are scarier than a normal zombie as well. On top of that the technology is very limited. We’re talking Sengoku or Edo period here along with steam-powered trains and paranoia where soldiers have no problem killing off innocent people they believe are infected. Kabaneri is an anime that takes the worse of H.O.T.D and that other anime to give us a world that’s both scary to live in and harder to survive in.

#5. Attack on Titan

Do I even need to go into much detail about why this world is terrible to live in? Humanity’s number are at an all-time low, we live within walls closed off from the outside world, and there are giants who are constantly trying to eat us. What else can I say about this world that nobody else has said about it? This world is terrifying and if I was living in this world I would have a heart attack.

#4. Berserk

Imagine the world of Mad Max. Now imagine that world with a violence level of over 9000. You my friends will get Berserk a world where violence is taken to a whole new level. Every day is just a struggle to survive. You got monsters, demons, demigods and other mercenaries coming at you from all sides trying to either kill you, enslave you, or rape you (sometimes all 3) and every fight is more brutal than the last one (and that’s just on Monday. You don’t wanna know what goes on for the rest of the week). In this world, your closest friend and ally can either turn on you or die on you and at the end of it all your stuck living under the rule of a sadistic ruler who is so evil that he’ll rape his best friend’s lover just to get revenge against him.

#3. Psycho-Pass

If there was ever a caution tale about the use of psychological or polygraph tests being admissible in the arrest of someone than this anime takes the cake. In the far future humanity, has created this system known as the Sibyl System a system that actively measures one’s mental state, personality, and probability of them committing crimes. If you exceed a certain level, you will be pursued and apprehended by the authorities or in the worst of cases killed. No warnings or evidence, the police can just come in and arrest you. Now I can understand trying to eliminate crime before it happens but here’s the problem with this system. It’s all based on probability. As in your arresting someone for something they may or may not do. Just because I have a stressful day at work and my mental state is frustrated and exhausted doesn’t mean I’m going to walk in the next day and shoot the place up. Could you imagine if this system was used in the real world and the amount of complaints you’d be getting from people about how unfair and broken this system is? Now that I think about it, this system is like the physical form of Youtube’s copyright system. Totally unfair to innocent people, broken beyond belief, and impeaches on so many laws that it’s ridiculous. Psycho-Pass serves as a cautionary tale of what would happened if the Youtube copyright system ruled the world and just how messed up the law can be.

#2. Dragonball Z

Now I love DBZ. In fact, all the animes on the list so far are all animes that I like. I just don’t want to live in their worlds. In the world of DBZ the Earth is constantly getting attacked by aliens, cyborgs, biological creatures, and other beings with an unknown number of people dying each time. Yes, they do have the dragonballs which bring you back but what’s the point? As soon as your resurrected in a couple of months, years, if not days something else is going to come to Earth to wreak havoc and during that time there’s a high chance you are going to die and then get resurrected again just to die again. The cycle continues again and again and again as you will most likely go crazy from it. Your only chance of surviving is being a saiyan and even than your chances of survival are low. Toriyama, I respect your work but you have created a very dangerous world where the cycle of death and resurrection never stops.

And the number 1 worst anime world to live in is. . .














#1. Evangelion

Yeah sorry to be cliché but it’s true, this is the worst possible world to live in. The world is constantly in a state of panic as these creatures being called angels come out of nowhere and begin wrecking shit. The only things that can stop them are these giant mechs who wreck even more shit so once the fighting is done the repairing has to start only to have it stop because another angel comes and begins wrecking shit again while also killing people along the way. There’s also the fact that the end of the world is coming and all of our lives are placed in the hands of an emo kid who jacks off to comatose girls, constantly runs away whenever the situation demands that he fights, and is hung up on his daddy issues that he can’t set them aside and realize that the issues of the world outweigh his issues by a long shot. In the other worlds that I mentioned we at least have a fighting chance for survival. Some of them are low but at least we have a fighting chance to make it to tomorrow. In this world however, we’re stuck in a situation where we’re screwed from the very beginning because our lives are in the hands of an emo kid with daddy issues and who constantly whines about his situation while running away. Our hero? More like our executioner.

Well guys that’s my list. I hope you enjoyed, let me know if there were any worlds I missed, Happy Halloween, and do be sure to check out the Halloween special coming out on Halloween. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-

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