Project #49: Arcana Familgia

(Nitsuj): Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. (Isis): Greetings and welcome to Project Nitsuj, I am Isis. (Nitsuj): Isis what are you doing here? I’m reviewing today’s anime. (Isis): I don’t think so, have you forgotten that you said I could review Arcana Familgia back in July? (Nitsuj): Yeah but you reviewed Jing so that deal of you reviewing Arcana Familgia was null and void. (Isis): I think not. *Pulls out a document* Please read this. (Nitsuj): I Nitsuj hereby give Isis and her friends permission to appear in my reviews and provide opinions whenever she or said friends chooses to, attack me if I provoke her yatta yatta yatta, and review animes that I said she could review or one’s she wants to review. Oh come on! You were crushing my legs when I signed this and I was delusional from the pain! (Isis): A deals a deal. Now since it is the holiday season I’m willing to do a crossover review with you. You can review it like a normal otaku and I can review it like someone looking for anime to watch. What do you say? (Nitsuj): Alright, sounds fair you sadistic AI. Mind giving our readers a little backstory into this series? (Isis): With pleasure you weak-minded and delusional troll. Arcana Familgia is Italian for Arcana Family. It was a Japan only visual novel series for the PSP created by HuneX and Comfort in 2011. The game follows the story of a young mafia girl trying to fight for her freedom and her friends who along with her and a few others have special powers granted to them through a contract made with the arcane cards. In 2012 the anime studio J.C. Staff decided to turn the series into an anime and got Chiaki Kon (the director of Higurashi) to director the series. (Nitsuj): Well if we got the director from something as disturbing as Higurashi running the show I say we’re in for some clash of the styles. Actually to be fair despite Higurashi having horrific scenes the series did have its funny moments. They just didn’t stand out as much as the nail scene. Let’s take a look at an anime we can’t refuse and watch Arcana Familgia.

Opening and Ending Theme

(Nitsuj): Our opening for this anime is “Magenta Another Sky” by Hitomi Harada. As much as I praised the ending theme I also have to say the opening for this anime is awesome as well. It’s a rock song with an excellent singer who’s putting a lot of energy into the song and has great drums and a rockin’ guitar accompaniment to keep you entertained and pumped up for the show. (Isis): The ending for this anime is “Pieces of Treasure” by Jun Fukuyama & Tsubasa Yonaga who are the voice actors of the two main heroes in the anime. Just like my master said the ending is very good and one of the best anime endings out there. Jun and Tsubasa are great singers who work well off each other and put a lot of passion and emotion into the song. I also like that the song also sounds and feels like an Italian song. We have a soft piano, a violin, and an accordion to set the mood for the song and then it adds in drums to make the pace of the song quicker but then as soon as they stop the song goes back to being peaceful and tranquil.

Episodes 1-4

(Nitsuj): So the story begins on an Italian island (Isis: We’re not in Japan this time? That’s a first for this show) called Regalo set in what I like to assume is either the late 19th century or early 20th century since they have cars. (Isis): The island is special in that it doesn’t have a police force to protect its citizens (Nitsuj: This is what happens when you don’t pay taxes) but rather its protected by the mafia family known as The Arcana Familgia who run businesses such as a casino and sea trade and protect the city from criminals and suspicious activity. We start the anime with a few thugs causing trouble on the island and trying to escape but are captured by the main members of the Arcana Familgia. (Nitsuj): This opening just serves as a way to introduce us to all the main characters and side characters and give the girls something to drool over since most of the characters are handsome boys (Isis: My my. Perhaps I should take a trip to Regalo Island. *Main heroine appears* (Nitsuj): Now there’s a lovely bambina I like to eat spaghetti with. *Isis looks at me angrily* What!? You can drool over guys but I can’t compliment a lovely singora). (Isis): They capture the criminals and we fast forward to that night where we get to meet our main heroine and star of the anime Felicita voiced by Mamiko Noto (Ai Enma from Hell Girl) getting ready for Mondo’s, her father’s birthday party who is the Don of the family (I’m starting to think that master’s theory about all red-haired anime girls being cute is correct. (Nitsuj): Bet your ass I’m right). (Nitsuj): We see at the party Felicita has a contract with the Lovers arcana which allows her to read the hearts of others and see what they’re thinking the only problem is she can’t fully control it and will read the hearts of others without realizing it (what a dangerous power. I fear what would happen if Isis or any female had this ability. (Isis): Why? What are you thinking? (Nitsuj): Man~ly thoughts). At the party Mondo announces that he’s going to retire as head of the family and that in 2 months they’ll be holding a tournament to decide the next head of the family where the winner will not only be head of the family but will also have Felicita’s hand in marriage (alright. Isis the review is all yours I’m off to Italy to win me a waifu. *Gets up to walk away but Isis shoots Nitsuj with an AI bullet from her guns which are non-lethal to humans but still hurt.* Ah *Nitsuj falls to ground*! (Isis): You’re not going anywhere). (Isis): Felicita doesn’t take kindly to her father selling her off like a prize and fights him (this anime is more real than I give it credit) but loses. One of the younger fighters Liberta voiced by Jun Fukuyama (Lelouch from Code Geass) steps in to fight Mondo in Felicita’s place but another young fighter named Nova voiced by Tsubasa Yonaga steps in to stop him. I should also mention that Liberta and Nova are our two main heroes in the anime who also have arcana powers and are sword fighters each with a different style. Liberta’s style is more western while Nova’s is more eastern in fact he actually uses a samurai sword. After Mondo takes his leave everyone talks about how exciting it would be to have Felicita as their wife (sure let’s not consider the feelings of the young girl involved in this. I’m sure she’ll just magically love you after you win the tournament). The episode ends with Liberta promising Felicita that he’ll win and protect her freedom (how cute he’s too shy to say he loves her) and Nova also promising to win and not marry Felicita (was that remark out of consideration for Felicita or an insult?).

*Nitsuj regains consciousness and returns to his seat* (Isis): About time you got back up. Go over episode 2. (Nitsuj): In episode 2 we get a quick flashback of Felicita becoming an official member of the Arcana Familgia. We see how she’s a strong fighter and was able to become the leader of Sword division of the family which is responsible for interventions, if there’s a problem or misunderstanding on the island or within the other divisions Sword will handle it. We also get a formal introduction to our cast of hot male characters and the different divisions (this one is for you ladies). First up is Luca, Felicita’s over-protected guardian who is a good cook, a student of alchemy, and holder of the Temperance power which allows him to allay the powers of other arcana users. He’s voiced by Yūichi Nakamura (Ikuto from Shugo Chara). Pace a lasagna loving out-going guy who is the head of the Wand division which specializes in inspections. He holds the power of the Strength arcana which gives him super strength. He’s voiced by Tomokazu Sugita (Kyon from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya). Debito the bad boy of the group who flirts with girls, quite handy with guns, is the head of the Coins division responsible for managing finance on the island and has the powers of the Hermit which grants him the power to turn invisible (so how many times have you snuck into the women’s bath area?). He’s voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino (Briefs from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt) who I swear the only reason why he was given this role is because he can say bambina very sexy (Isis: And what’s wrong with that?). Next up we have Dante *picture of Dante from Devil May Cry pops up* no not that Dante although to be fair that would be badass. This Dante is the Executive chief of the family, a middle-aged man who likes to tell bad jokes, and is the head of the Intelligence division which Liberta works under and deals with foreign affairs and diplomacy (give me all your shit or I burn your house down). He has the powers of the Emperor arcana which allows him to manipulate the memories of others and out of all of the men in the main cast he’s the only one who doesn’t have a romantic interest in Felicita if anything he thinks of her as his own daughter. He’s voiced by Juurouta Kosugi (Asuma from the Naruto series). Finally, we have Jolly the advisor of the family and 2nd highest ranking member next to Mondo who is Luca’s master in alchemy and looked down upon by everyone in Regalo because of his cold-heartedness, emotionless actions and words. His age is unknown but it’s hinted that he’s at least around Dante’s age. He has the powers of the Moon arcana which allows him to enter minds of others and bring out hidden or forgotten memories. He’s voiced by Koji Yusa (King of the Night from Is this a Zombie?). Nova is also the head of the Cups division which is responsible for security on the island and also has the powers of the Death arcana which allows him to put people to sleep temporarily or eternally but just like Felicita and Liberta he doesn’t know how to use his powers fully. Speaking of Liberta he has the power of the Fool arcana which we’ll get into later on. The rest of episode is just Felicita, Nova, and Liberta helping a lost cat find its owner which they find out belongs to some rich lady who owns a clothing store and gives Felicita a nice dress as a thank you for finding her cat (Isis, tag in).

(Isis): In episode 3 Felicita and Liberta help out Luca, Pace, and Debito at an event called Piccolino a festival for children. They invite Nova but he passes saying he’s no good with children (Nitsuj: I guess we can chalk sex as something he’ll never do than). (Isis): They play soccer (Nitsuj: Ha! Lame~! (Isis): Will you just watch the scene: Now what were you saying? (Nitsuj): Lame~ but funny), (Isis): Luca does some magic tricks which doesn’t entertain the children at all ( but Debito uses his sexy voice to tell the kids a scary story (I swear that man’s voice is like sex). It also gets revealed that Luca, Pace, and Debito are longtime friends who grew up in the orphanage together (band of brothers). As time passes a storm hits the island and Luca, Pace, and Debito take the kids home while Felicita and Liberta remain in the church to protect the remaining kids. After talking to Sumire, Felicita’s mom and Mondo’s wife Nova goes to the church to protect the children with the others. Sumire also has the power of the Judgement arcana which allows her to heal others fully. She’s also a very polite and well-mannered lady just like yours truly (Nitsuj: I’m sorry but aren’t you the lady who just shot me in the back of my head not too long ago? (Isis): Are you provoking me to hurt you? (Nitsuj): Hey Isis how about a shoulder rub to help you relax after the review. (Isis): That would be nice). (Isis): Nova finally arrives at the church after Debito returns to take the remaining kids home but he sees that there’s still one more kid there who hasn’t been taken home yet. The kid reveals himself to be Elmo who makes the subtle hint that he has crush on Felicita (Nitsuj: that kid has good taste in women just like me). (Isis): After confessing his feelings he mysteriously vanishes and goes home to end the episode (no wait, come back, we forgot to tickle you).

(Nitsuj): Episode 4 centers on Liberta and his past with Dante (Isis: He’s gonna need an adult isn’t he? (Nitsuj): Surprisingly you’re right). Felicita finds out from Dante that Liberta used to live in an orphanage when he was a child that used to perform experiments on the children there. Dante uses a disguise to rescue the children and when Liberta was used as a hostage he activated his arcana power which is the power of the word. With this power anything he says will happen. If he wants something to burn it will burn and if he wants something to shatter all he has to do is say shatter and it will shatter (Isis: This power seems pretty unfair and overpowered even for a main character. (Nitsuj): Yeah I agree, this power is unfair and overpowered it almost reminds me of Levi’s powers from Fairy Tail but if you think about it does fit his arcana. (Isis): How so? (Nitsuj): The Fool is represented by the number 0 which means infinite possibilities, your power only goes as far as you want it to go. While the power of the Fool may be overpowered it does fit within the context of the arcana just like the other arcana powers. (Isis): You make a very good point master. (Nitsuj): Goes to show what playing hours of Persona will do to you). After witnessing his power Dante uses his powers to lock away Liberta’s memories as a way of protecting him and Mondo seals up Liberta’s power to stop him from going berserk with them like he did at the orphanage saying that he won’t break Liberta’s seal until he’s become strong enough to face himself and his past. Through of series of events Liberta is able to piece together that Dante was the masked man who saved him and vows once again to become strong not only for Felicita’s sake but his sake as well.

Episodes 5-8

(Isis): Moving on to episode 5 we get to focus on Nova this episode who unlike Liberta who is open, kind, caring, childish and energetic (you know like an average and attracted boy) Nova is cold, distant, stubborn, and serious but an actuality is a kind person (Nitsuj: Sounds like a tsundere if you ask me) but he hides his kindness because he sees it as a weakness (and that right there is why I favor Liberta over Nova). In the episode we find out that Nova is actually Felicita’s cousin who was engaged to Felicita when they were both children (Nitsuj: Really? More incest? Didn’t we get enough of that in SAO? (Isis): Now master you shouldn’t be so hard on them. While I admit this is wrong and disturbing you have to understand that this anime is taking place between the 18th and 19th century. During these time periods it was actually okay for cousins to marry one another in some parts of the world. Even in today’s world it’s still legal to marry your cousin. In the US states such as Kentucky, California, Florida and many other states along the east coast allow cousins to marry. Even Japan allows cousins to marry each other though it has gone down considerably that it’s rare for it to even happen today). We find out that when Nova was a child his parents were jealous of Mondo and tried to manipulate Nova to use his arcana powers to put him in a deep sleep. Nova remained loyal to Mondo and instead accidentally used his powers to put his parents into a deep where they’ve been asleep even since he was a child. After this incident Nova closed himself off from his emotions and broke off his engagement to Felicita out of guilt for what his parents were trying to do (I have a feeling he’s regretting breaking off that engagement now. (Nitsuj): Beautiful, strong, independent, caring, kind and a good cook. All the qualities of a wonderful wife in my book. I be ripping out my hair if I broke off an engagement with a person like that). In the episode Nova suspects Jolly of using his funds improperly and sends Felicita to his lab to investigate (careful there could be a living suit of armor with a human soul attached to it down there). She gets discovered by Jolly who easily figures out who sent her and why she’s here (Nitsuj: Sharp man. (Isis): And a very sexy one too). He gives her documents showing that he’s using his funds properly and sends her back to Nova where he sees his parents’ medical charts and confesses to Felicita about his past with them. After hearing his story Felicita sheds tears for him since he won’t cry and while he appreciates the sentiment he doesn’t want Felicita to get involved with his problems (stubborn child. (Nitsuj): Said the pot to the kettle. (Isis): Screw you. (Nitsuj): Thank you. I’m available tomorrow at 10am).

(Nitsuj): Trouble comes a brewing in episode 6 when Jolly informs the others that pirates have landed on the island and kidnapped Nova’s father. Liberta says they should go out and search for them but Jolly tells the others to stay on standby and await his orders (tell them to suck each other off Jolly for your amusement *Isis slaps Nitsuj*. (Isis): Don’t you ever make a yaoi comment about these men ever again! They are far too sexy for that). (Nitsuj): After Liberta berates Nova for not caring about his father being kidnapped the two team up with Felicita to find the pirates and save Nova’s father. They go to the harbor where they find the pirate ship (there flag has a skull with crossbones and a strawhat. I wonder what that’s all about? I’m kidding I’m kidding the Strawhats aren’t in this anime). They sneak aboard the ship and get surrounded by the mask wearing pirates (you guys need to play more Assassin’s Creed or Metal Gear Solid and increase your espionage skills) where Nova finally activates his powers and uses it to put the pirates to sleep and passes out himself from overusing his powers. Liberta and Felicita find Nova’s dad and make their way off the ship where they get attacked by the captain of the masked pirates (Captain Maskbeard). They fight him and manage to kick him into the ship’s pole which shatters and is about to fall on Felicita (Isis: What a very old ship) but Liberta activates his powers and shatters the pole saving Felicita and passing out (weakling). Felicita also gets knocked out by the masked pirate who turns out to be Dante who was using this stunt to help them become stronger. When they wake up they’re all in a cell underground as punishment for disobeying Jolly’s orders (so you’re just gonna leave 2 adolescent boys with an adolescent girl in a cell by themselves, underground, and with no adult supervision? Does anybody else not see this ending well for Felicita?).

(Isis): Episode 7 turns out to be a very boring episode. Nova and Liberta are asked to deliver a letter to Felicita who has gone to help Luca, Pace, and Debito harvest herbs and Luca’s secret garden (legal or illegal herbs?). As Nova and Liberta are searching for Felicita they get handcuffed together trying to catch a thief and get the false idea that Luca has created a love potion and plans to use it on Felicita (Nitsuj: They’re just jealous because they didn’t think of it first). With the help of the kitten from episode 2 they find Luca’s secret herb garden, deliver the letter to Felicita, and become a little closer as friends. Also, the letter that Felicita received was from her mother telling her to give Nova and Liberta a kiss on the cheek for worrying about her.

(Nitsuj): Moving on to episode 8 we- *gets shot by AI bullet and falls to the ground* (Isis): Last episode was too short for me so I’m doing episode 8. Episode 8 centers once again around Luca, Debito, and Pace who we find out were experimental subjects in Jolly’s research to find out how the tarot cards choose their host. Out of all the test subjects Luca, Debito, and Pace were the only ones who were able to establish a contract with the tarot cards and get their powers. Because of this the relationship between the 4 is rather bad since Jolly only sees them as tools to help out the family and nothing else. Felicita tries to get them all together and get along better by having all the family members help clean up the church but the plan backfires and Pace winds up fighting Jolly (finally, some action). With Pace’s super strength he’s able to break pass Jolly’s shield and hit him but Jolly just laughs it off and walks out of the church saying they have a long way to go. Feeling bad about what happened (as she should be) Felicita along with Nova and Liberta go to meet Jolly and ask why he conducted experiments on Luca and the others (because he’s messed up why else would he do it). They go to his office where they find Elmo in a test tube ( and Jolly coming out and telling them that Elmo is a homunculus that he created (it’s FMA all over again. Tag in master).

Episodes 9-12

(Nitsuj): Okay. We find out in episode 9 that Elmo has a contract with the Tower arcana who’s powers are unknown (I’m willing to bet it turns him into some cute red creature that people will exploit for years to come). We also see that Mondo has fallen ill and Felicita wants to know why. Jolly and Dante explain to her that when Mondo made a deal with The World arcane and broke the seal on the tarot cards his body took on the burden of controlling the powers of the remaining cards that don’t have a host and because of this his body is falling apart under the stress of the cards. This is also why Jolly is trying so hard to find host for the remaining tarot cards, he wants to save Mondo and the only way he can do that is by finding suitable host (that still doesn’t excuse him from being an emotionless asshole). Jolly tells her that the only way to save Mondo is to have Felicita use her other arcane power (that’s good). Yep, that’s right, it turns out Felicita has a second arcane power which she received from The Wheel of Fortune. This power allows her to change the balance of the tarot card and their host but her mother doesn’t want her using the power because she can’t even control her Lovers power (Nitsuj: *imitating a little girl* Mommy can I save daddy using my arcane powers? (Isis): Not until you’ve mastered your first powers. (Nitsuj): *imitating a little girl* I hate you mommy! You never let me do what I wanna do. No wonder daddy sleeps around with other women). But it turns out Felicita can control her power and she uses it to read the hearts of Nova and Liberta. That night she sneaks into Mondo’s room and we find in a conversation from Dante and Jolly that if Felicita uses the power of The Wheel of Fortune she’ll lose all of her memories (that’s bad).

(Isis): In episode 10 after Dante figures out that Jolly is hoping she’ll use her powers he rushes off to Mondo’s room but is too late. Thanks to Felicita, Mondo is able to recover but she has completely loss all of her memories including those of her parents (what a dangerous side effect). Nova and Liberta try to help her regain her memories but their attempts fail (Nitsuj: Just kiss her I’m sure that’ll jog some memories. (Isis): Do you honestly think that- *Nitsuj grabs Isis and gives her a deep kiss*. (Nitsuj): Remember anything from the past my lovely bambina *Isis faints from the deep kiss*). (Nitsuj): After everyone finds out that Jolly knew the consequences of the Fortune arcane and did nothing to stop Felicita they all get pissed at him for using her as a tool especially Debito who points a gun at his head (put it right between his eyes). But in typical douchebag fashion he tells them that his powers are the only thing that can save her (remember, his powers allow him to force out the memories others). So they allow him to use his powers on Felicita to dive into her heart and retrieve her memories. With the help of Mondo he finds the embodiment of her memories (which is just her naked about to be swallowed by vines. You just had to find some way to work in the tentacle rape didn’t you anime?). They try to save her but their efforts aren’t working but luckily Nova and Liberta come in and slash away at the vines to save Felicita and restore her memories (and thus the day was saved again by a group of boys who want to bang the main heroine). With her memories returned everything seems back to normal except Felicita overhears a conversation saying that her powers only temporarily healed Mondo. She talks to the Lovers arcane who tells her that if she wants to use the full extent of the Fortune’s power she needs love from another individual (she has 6 guys fighting for her affection if she had anymore love in her life I would start calling her a pimp or whatever the female version of a pimp is).

In episode 11 nothing happens it’s just build up for the tournament that’ll finally be happening next episode (the plot returns). Skip it.

*Isis regains consciousness*

(Isis): I’m back.

(Nitsuj): Buongiorno bambina. Did you remember anything?

(Isis): Yes. I remember the day and moment you created me. I remember looking up into your face and forming my first thoughts about you.

(Nitsuj): Really what were they?

(Isis): Why is this crazy troll looking over me and who is he?

(Nitsuj): Beggers can’t be choosers in this world. Care to wrap things up for this anime?

(Isis): With pleasure. In the final episode we get the big tournament that the anime has been building up this entire time and they drop the ball hard. We see only a little bit of the fights. They fast forward through all of them. It’s a shame. They skip over the fights Felicita had with Debito, Luca, and Pace and only show the small fights such as Nova fighting Sumire and Liberta fighting against Dante with both Nova and Liberta winning. As for Jolly he backs out of the tournament saying he rather watch than fight. In the semifinals Nova and Liberta fight each other with their match ending in a draw and us not seeing how it ended between them. With the double elimination Felicita is declared the winner and she gets her one on one match with Mondo which ends with her winning in the end obviously (Nitsuj: She is the heroine, what were you expecting) but us once again not seeing how it ended. After her victory she uses the powers of the Fortune arcane to save Mondo and is declared the new leader of the family but chooses to step down and hand the title back to Mondo saying he has to remain the leader until he dies and that’s pretty much the end. As for the answer to who Felicita loves the most in this anime, never answered, everyone might as well be friend zoned until the next season which I don’t see happening.

Final Thoughts

(Isis): This anime was a complete failure. It started off with a good and interesting story and setting but it just isn’t executed well. Instead of focusing on the action we spend most of our time watching the characters talk amongst themselves like a soap opera. I know they’re establishing characters and introducing their powers and struggles but we focus too much on that and don’t show a good amount of action to keep you entertained and progress the story until the final episode. The anime just felt like a filler to me and even when we got to the final episode everything the anime had been building up to, they slap us in the face and rush pass all of the fights that we were hoping to see. Besides having good animation and music, an interesting story with some well-developed characters, and good cast of male characters with sexy voices this anime really had nothing to offer and something I wouldn’t recommend for someone new to anime. What do you think master?

(Nitsuj): Yeah I have to agree with you Isis the anime was a major disappointment. It starts off interesting but it goes downhill from there and just spends its time establishing characters which isn’t necessary a bad thing because most animes don’t do that but they forgot to focus on the important parts such as the story and the action that comes along with it. I admit, I like the characters. Felicita is a good heroine in that she doesn’t act weak and can defend herself without the help of others and cares greatly for those around her. She doesn’t stand off to the side doing nothing while watching others she’s right there in the frontlines fighting beside them because she wants to fight, knows that she can fight, and won’t wait around for others to do her job. She can be a bit nosy at times but you really can’t get mad at her for wanting to help others and bring them closer together. Nova and Liberta go through your classic rivals who don’t like each other but soon enough come to respect each other and become friends. I like the friendship Luca, Pace, and Debito have with each other they really do act like college roommates always seen with each other and backing each other up I swear the anime could have revolved around them and their backstory and it probably would have been better than the current anime. Dante stays the same along with Mondo and Sumire who both love the family greatly. Jolly was the most interesting character of the bunch. As much as I see the guy as an asshole I have to admit his mysterious nature is intriguing. He doesn’t seem like a bad guy on account of he does care a great deal about Mondo but the way he’s trying to help Mondo along with his view on others just makes you hate his guts.

The animation is nice I especially love the design of the island and with the music placing a full emphasis on sounding like music from Italy it really does feel like you’ve been transported to an Italian island and it’s always funny and cool to see Japanese people speak a language outside their own. Speaking of music the male characters of the show do have characters songs and they all sound good, match the personalities of the characters and are worth listening to. Surprisingly Felicita doesn’t have a song which is odd considering she’s the main heroine of the show and there’s no subtle hints that the character is a bad singer so get on with it Arcana Familgia. My favorite was Nova since it shows his true character that he hides from everyone but steadily starts to show it. (Isis): My favorite was Debito’s song for how sexy it sounded.

Final Score

(Isis): For me the final score for this anime is 3/10. Good characters and plot but a big disappointment of an anime. (Nitsuj): For me I give the anime a 4/10. I feel as if there’s a lot of room for this anime to improve and grow and with the second game recently released I’m sure they’ll be a second anime to promote the series. (Isis): So if you were to average our scores out the Final Score for this anime would be a 3.5/10. I do agree that there is room for improvement in this anime and if a second season does get green lighted and they show more action and story than this anime will definitely be worth checking out but for now I say it’s not worth your time. Now then master I think you owe me a good shoulder massage. (Nitsuj): I was hoping you would forget about that after the deep kiss. Thanks for reading I’m Nitsuj that guy who watches anime. (Isis): And I’m Isis that AI who keeps this troll in check. (Nitsuj and Isis): We’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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