Project #55: One Piece Movie 10 Strong World

*Nitsuj wakes up after being knocked out*

(Nitsuj): Ugh~ my head.

(???): About time you woke up.

(Nitsuj): Oh my God it’s been you this whole time. You’re. . . a Nitsuj cosplayer. It all makes sense now. You’ve become obsessed with my blogs and success you’ve come to replace me. Well let me tell you something buddy I-

*Nitsuj cosplayer punches Nitsuj in the stomach*

(Nitsuj): Ohh~, yeah that’s my stomach.

(Nitsuj cosplayer): You will be as quiet as possible and listen to what I have to say, or this samurai sword will be doing more than shaving your head.

(Nitsuj): Spoiled sport. Is this really how you’re gonna treat your idol?

(Nitsuj cosplayer): You’re not my idol nor am I a cosplayer. I’m you from an alternate timeline.

(Nitsuj): Alternate timeline? You mean to tell me you’re me?

(Nitsuj cosplayer): That’s correct. Surprise?

(Nitsuj): Not really, I always had a feeling there were alternate timelines that coexisted beside my own. What I’m curious is how you got here?

(Nitsuj cosplayer): Along time ago I came across the discovery of peeking into other timelines seeing how my life would have been if I did something different. In each of those timelines I saw something different but each timeline had one thing in common. Out of all the timelines I’ve seen your timeline was the closest to my very own timeline.

(Nitsuj): Interesting, awhile back ago I thought of creating of device that would allow me to peek into other timelines as well but I choose not to. I stopped because I came to the realization that a timeline shouldn’t be interrupted or looked upon. We should all stick to our own timelines and live are lives.

(Nitsuj cosplayer): Such foolish thinking. After I created the device I decided that I would make my life’s mission to travel to the other timelines and destroy my other selves from continuing Project Nitsuj. So far I’ve managed to destroy 6 other timelines and kill the Nitsuj in those timelines.

(Nitsuj): Woah! That’s pretty messed up Nitsuj cosplayer.

*Nitsuj cosplayer punches Nitsuj across the chin*

(Nitsuj): Ugh~, again with the hitting.

(Nitsuj cosplayer): Stop calling me that. I’m Nitsuj from timeline 45 so call me Nitsuj 45.

(Nitsuj): Alright that seems easier. So which timeline am I from?

(Nitsuj 45): You’re from timeline 44. Up until now I’ve only been able to send my AI assassins into other timelines but since we’re so close together I’m able to make the jump over to your universe easily.

(Nitsuj): Interesting. So just out of curiosity what’s your timeline like?

(Nitsuj 45): Pretty much the same as yours except I’m an Xbox fanboy. Long ago when you were deciding to get a second PS2 after the old one died out on you and you had the choice between the PS2 or Xbox. You choose the PS2 and became a loyal follower of Sony while in my timeline I bought the Xbox and pledged loyalty to Microsoft buying both the 360 and Xbox One.

(Nitsuj): This explains so much now. Now I understand why the AIs that came after me had such simple programing. The laziness and small attention to detail that Microsoft is famous for. This also explains why you’re kinda a prick.

(Nitsuj 45): Shut up *slaps Nitsuj across the face*!

(Nitsuj): So do I get hit everytime I talk or just when I say something true about the Xbox such as it’s a black brick that’s only good for holding doors open.

*Nitsuj 45 kicks Nitsuj in the stomach knocking him the ground*

(Nitsuj): So that’s everytime I say something bad about the Xbox right?

(Nitsuj 45): Make all the smart comments you want. It won’t do you any good in the long run. Seras what’s are status.

*An AI girl appears closely similar to Isis except she has red eyes and white hair*

(Seras): The AI known as Isis has been neutralized I have my AI hounds watching her so she won’t be moving anytime soon. I regret to say Chibi Isis got away. I’m currently looking for her as we speak.

(Nitsuj 45): Good. Find her immediately and when you do destroy her.

(Seras): Understood.

(Nitsuj 45): Now while that’s going on I can move on to more important matters *pulls out a small laptop and begins hacking into Nitsuj’s system*. Looks like it’ll take my virus longer to upload than I expected. Nothing to do but wait.

(Nitsuj): Look, as long as we’re waiting can I at least do my review for the week?

(Nitsuj 45): Depends, what are you reviewing?

(Nitsuj): One Piece. Many months ago I reviewed the One Piece movie Film Z. While I admit it was an epic movie with a deep antagonist I don’t think it’s the best One Piece movie out there. Personally, I think that title belongs to Strong World. The 10thmovie in the One Piece franchise Strong World is what I considered to be the best One Piece movie out there so far. This movie is special for two reasons. One this movie was made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the One Piece series. Second, it’s the only One Piece movie that’s cannon, it actually fits within the One Piece universe. Oda Eiichiro the author of One Piece himself wrote the story and script himself. In the past he was just a consultant supplying character designs and giving the thumbs up on story ideas. The movie takes place after the Thriller Bark arc and introduces a new villain and a threat that the Strawhats must work together to stop. The movie was also directed by Munehisa Sakai who directed a small chunk of the One Piece episodes, the One Piece Soccer special, and directed the Suite Precure anime series. Well Nitsuj 45 care to set sail on the high seas with me?

(Nitsuj 45): Well I suppose it’s better than doing nothing.

(Nitsuj): Glad to hear. Let’s see what amazing adventure our favorite pirate gets into this time and take a look at Strong World.

So our story begins at Marine Headquarters where Garp and Sengoku are worried because a pirate known as The Golden Lion Shiki has returned to the world after disappearing for 20 years. He’s voiced by Naoto Takenaka (Entei from The 3rd Pokemon movie). We get a brief exposition from Garp saying that Shiki is a pirate from the Age of Roger who tried to conquer the world by taking over the East Blue but Roger and his crew defeated him (nothing less from the Pirate King) and he was locked away in Impel Down. But he escaped Impel Down by cutting off his legs off and replaced them with swords (ouch! And I thought Zoro was hardcore). After his escape he disappeared from the world and was never seen again until today ([MEDIA=youtube]R8oQtQ5hZXs[/MEDIA]). We then cut to everyone’s favorite rubberman Luffy walking through the jungle of an island which is floating in the sky (wow, Angel Island has started to expand on properties. (Nitsuj 45): Yeah I’ll say this would be a great tourist attraction. (Nitsuj): Working too hard, need to get away from it all? We’ll come on up to Angel Island resort where our wide varieties of islands and exotic locations await you. For the low price of 7 chaos emeralds take a dive in the pool, explore the islands, and fight steroid induced animals. Call your local travel provider now for offers). Luffy does a leap of faith from one island to the next where he gets attacked by some giant alligator who gets attacked by a giant octopus, who gets attacked by a giant mantis, who gets attacked by a giant bear who gets beaten by Luffy (Nitsuj 45: so in case you didn’t follow all of that here’s how it works: Idiotic but loveable rubberman>Bear>Mantis>Octopus>Alligator. Survival of the fittest. (Nitsuj): Agreed. Here’s something else that works Sony>Microsoft<Nintendo. Survival of respect for their customers). We then cut to Franky, Brook and Robin (who I swear to God looks hotter than usual in this movie. (Nitsuj 45): It’s the glasses and the ponytail) who get into a fight with a bunch of army ants who just got through eating a giant man-eating fish (I would say this is weird and crazy but let’s be honest it’s One Piece we’ve seen crazier stuff you should be used to it by now). The ants try to attack them but Brook takes care of them (scene here: How does Oda make a character so funny and nonsensical and yet make him a total badass?). After that cool scene we get a nice opening showing all the characters. After that we go to Nami (who also looks amazingly hot in this movie) swimming in a pool in a sexy bikini (you just love rubbing it in everyone’s face that you married a Nami cosplayer don’t you Oda? Well it’s better than hanging out with this Xbox fanboy/ Nitsuj cosplayer. (Nitsuj 45): Shut the hell up dick). After her swim we finally get to see Shiki and his two commanders Dr. Indigo a clown who wears whoopee cushion shoes and uses them to communicate rather than talk (trust me its funny) and a gorilla named Scarlet who is a pervert and who Shiki constantly mistakes as his mom (I hate to see what she looks like). They make an impactful entrance by dancing (scene here:, I’ve heard of the sword dance but this is ridiculous). It turns out that Nami is being held captive by Shiki who wants Nami to be his navigator but how did she get captured by Shiki (Nitsuj 45: Lured by the promise of money no doubt)?

Well we get a flashback that shows the crew finding out that islands in the East Blue have gone missing which worries the crew since a majority of them are from East Blue and are worried that their home islands might be next. As they’re contemplating what to do Shiki’s fortress flies over there ship ([MEDIA=youtube]Wn7csReoEJk[/MEDIA], I couldn’t resist. (Nitsuj 45): Really that’s the joke you’re going with? (Nitsuj): Screw you it’s funny and epic). After Nami warns his ship that a storm is heading their way he becomes interested in her (can’t say I blame him) and makes plans to steal her from the crew. He goes down to their ship where he reveals that he too is a devil fruit user, who has eaten what’s known as the fuwa fuwa (floating) fruit which allows him to make himself or whatever he touches weightless and control it freely (except for humans. For reasons unexplained he can’t make other humans float). He decides to give the crew a ride back to East Blue using his powers to show his gratitude for saving his ship but along the way he grabs Nami, reveals that he’s the one attacking East Blue, takes control of the Strawhat’s ship and dumps them all on his floating islands. After the flashback Dr. Indigo shows Shiki his newest creation an electric bird (geez I wonder where Oda got the idea for that one. (Nitsuj 45): Zaptos from Pokémon dumbass. (Nitsuj): I know dumbass I was being sarcastic). Shiki tells Nami that the animals have evolved in ways much different than regular animals because they have eaten a special plant called the IQ plant which alters their brains (it’s true, vegetables are good for the brain). Shiki reveals that he and his crew extracted all of the IQ plants from the islands and has spent the last 20 years studying them and developing a new drug which increases the animals physical strength and combat as well as make them more violent which is why they constantly fight each other (sounds like steroids to me. (Nitsuj 45): Or internet trolls). What does he plan on doing with these steroid jacked-up animals well you’ll see soon, for now let’s shift gears and focus on Usopp and Sanji who is worried about: [MEDIA=youtube]pflsUNRGIa0[/MEDIA]. They get rescued by the people of the village who have wings on their arms. Are they people from Skypeia? Don’t know never explained. We find out that the men and young women of the village were taken away to work for Shiki and if anyone in the village opposes him he’ll kill them (that goes without saying he’s a pirate, I’m surprise he didn’t kill them and burn their village to the ground to set an example). After that funny/tragic bit we go to a snow area where a little girl named Xiao is about to get attacked by. . .I have no idea what that thing is but it’s creepy, scary, and creative. Zoro comes in with Chopper and saves the girl who brings them back to the village which is protected by an array of plants called Daft Greens which emit on odor so bad that animals can’t stand it but at the same time it’s quite dangerous because the trees are poisonous and if you sniff in too much you’ll start to develop a green rash on your body which will slowly kill you (Poison Ivy made these trees didn’t she). They reach Xiao’s house where we find out that the reason she journeyed into the snow lands was to find IQ plant to save her grandmother who breathed in too much of the Daft Greens but she needs more IQ plant than just the one she has. After they step out of the house Zoro and Chopper are reunited with Sanji and Usopp who are thrilled to see each other (well Usopp and Chopper are. Zoro and Sanji could give two fucks about each other).

Going back to Nami we see that she escapes Shiki’s palace along with Zaptos’ pre-evolutionary form which we will come to know as Biri (I like to call him Ziri). She escapes using the water vent in the pool which leads her outside the palace and flies to another island on Biri where she finds Sunny-Go and Luffy (I give Nami credit, even though she’s not the strongest member of the crew she doesn’t play that damsel in distress role). After a quick wardrobe change from Nami that shows off her ass (that is one fine piece of ass. (Nitsuj 45): I’ll say) they fly off to the village where Zoro, Sanji, Usopp, and Chopper are in and decide to rest in the village before going off and finding the others. We then cut to Robin, Franky, and Brook who have snuck into Shiki’s palace where we see that he’s gathered a number of pirate crews to join him in conquering the East Blue (Shiki: I have an army! (Me): We have a Luffy. Oh hey it’s the barkeeper from Movie 4 in this scene). They find out what Shiki’s plan is (which we already knew) and rush off to inform the others. Returning to the village, Shiki has arrived to get Nami and fights against Luffy as well as the other members of the crew in a good fight scene. Shiki beats them by trapping them in a giant tower of dirt (The Tower of Dirtel) and threatens to kill them unless Nami joins his crew (scene here: Wanting to save her friends she agrees to join him and leaves with him where we see that his men destroy the Daft Trees surrounding the village and set the steroid enhanced animals loose on the village (damn this is ruthless. He’s a possible idiot but he’s a ruthless idiot). After the attack on the village Robin, Franky, and Brook show up and free them from The Tower of Dirtel where they go back to the ship and make plans to rescue Nami (you should have killed them when you had the chance. Now you’ve got a bunch of pissed off dangerous pirates who have no problem taking on the world to save their friend coming after you). At Shiki’s palace Nami tries to remove the Daft trees surrounding the palace but Shiki discovers her plan and leaves her there to die from the poison which is slowly spreading throughout her body (in only a few short minutes her body will be so green that everyone will start to mistake her for the hot female version of the Grinch).

Shiki returns to his meeting which gets interrupted by the Strawhat crew where we possibly get the best scene in the whole movie. They arrive all decked out in mafia clothes (The Strawhat Mafia. This needs to be a special or a spin-off anime), knock out anyone who gets in their way, and kick the doors down to Shiki’s meeting while epic music is playing in the background (scene here:, oh my God Franky’s wearing pants). After that. . .badass entrance (sorry I’m still recovering from how great that scene was) they start firing off guns taking out everyone in the room who for some odd reason just stand there waiting to be fired at (there is a gun being point in your direction. Dodge it you idiots it’s not really that complex and complicated. Scene here: Shiki runs away and Luffy goes after him while Usopp and Chopper search for Nami and the others entertain Shiki’s guest (Zoro: Hey guys how’s your health? *Shiki’s men try to rush him* Apparently it’s great *sword slash*). Usopp and Chopper find Nami who with the help of Biri destroys the Daft trees which allows the animals to invade Shiki’s palace and go wild in the place. After that it’s just straight up action with the right amount of comedy. Usopp and Chopper find out that the antidote to save Nami is in the hands of Dr. Indigo who gets taken down by Zoro whose attacks are always well animated and the best to see (scene here: Sanji takes on Scarlet who rips off King Kong and kidnaps Robin (oh it’s on now. Scene here:, gotta love Brook stealing the show at the end). After receiving the antidote Nami regains consciousness and sees that a storm is coming so she tricks Shiki into using his powers to steer the ship into the storm. Luffy and Shiki fight in the sky back and forth (it’s almost a homage to the fights of Dragonball Z) with Luffy beating him with a new move (scene here: Shiki gets defeated and arrested by the Marines, his drug factory gets destroyed, the islands that were under his control return to the ocean as well as the bird people and their families, and Nami gets well to end the movie as the crew continues on their journey.

Final Thoughts

Now this is a One Piece movie. The animation is nice, great music, a well-written and well-paced story with an excellent balance of comedy, action, and drama. The parts where you’re supposed to laugh make you laugh and parts where you’re supposed to feel sad make you feel sad. This is what Film Z was missing, it had good drama and fight scenes but it needed that comedy factor to make it feel like a One Piece movie. While I admit Shiki isn’t as a deep a character as Z was he can still be quite intimidating, menacing, cold-hearted, and funny I mean the guy pretty much enslaved a whole island and was trying to destroy an ocean that’s pretty ruthless and we know he’s strong, he actually took on the King of Pirates himself so he’s got high fighting skills. The fight scenes are great and what you would expect from One Piece and everyone still has their same personalities that we all know and love. Finally, the animals presented in this movie are awesome to look at I love how creative and imaginative they are from normal animals, it’s like looking at something from the Avatar series if anything I say these animals were more creative than the current generation of Pokemon, Gamefreak should really think about consulting Oda on the next generation of Pokemon creatures.

Final Score

Strong World earns a strong and rewarding 9/10. The only downside I feel this movie has is that it wasn’t long enough I wanted to see more of it because it was so good and fun. It’s good to know that Oda still has what it takes to make One Piece the best manga out there, the one we should be reading and I hope in the future Toei asks him to write another movie because he is very good at this. If you want to see a more serious side of One Piece watch Film Z but if you want to watch the true side of One Piece I say watch Strong World you won’t be disappointed. Anything you wanna add Nitsuj 45?

(Nitsuj 45): Oh sorry I kind of lost interest halfway because I’m just about to hack into thatguywiththeglasses site.

(Nitsuj): What!

(Nitsuj 45): Don’t worry I won’t destroy the site I’m just going to upload a special virus.

(Nitsuj): Not on my watch. Chi blast!

*Nitsuj breaks the ropes and gets up from the chair*

(Nitsuj 45): No fair! Not even I can do that.

(Nitsuj): And that my friend is because just like Microsoft you lack imagination and creativity.

*Nitsuj punches Nitsuj 45 to the ground*

(Nitsuj): That’s for the multiple hits while I was tied up.

(Nitsuj 45): That was a bad move. Have you forgotten I have your precious Isis-

*A screen pops up showing that Chibi Isis has saved Isis from the cyber hounds*

(Chibi Isis): Nii-chan I did what you said and saved Isis.

(Nitsuj): Excellent job Chibi Isis. So got anymore plans up your sleeve?

(Nitsuj 45): Seras! Destroy them!

*nothing happens*

(Nitsuj 45): Seras response where are you?

*A screen pops up showing Seras has been knocked out and slowly fading away*

(Nitsuj 45): Seras was defeated! How?

(???): By us.

*Mira, Shizuku, and Yin-Yang show up on screen having new weapons and everything. Mira a whip, Shizuku a hammer, and Yin-Yang a Bo staff*

(Nitsuj 45): You guys are live!?

(Isis): They’re alive? I thought you destroyed them master.

(Nitsuj): I didn’t destroy them. After we defeated them I tried to crack their codes but couldn’t. All I managed to find out was that what they were doing was against their will. These 3 girls were taken from the Nitsuj’s from the other timelines. Nitsuj 45 brainwashed them and has been controlling them for months. After finding this out I couldn’t bring myself to destroy so instead I decided to rewrite their programs and give them all a fresh new start.

(Yin-Yang): I gotta say this guy is amazing, he rewrote are codes and everything, giving us a free-will of our own, with secondary weapons, upgrading are old weapons, clothes, and everything.

(Mira): Yes, it’s like a whole new beginning for us.

(Shizuku): This guy is way more creative than you Nitsuj 45.

(Nitsuj 45): YOU! ROOOOAR~!

*A black aura gathers around Nitsuj 45 as he lunges at Nitsuj and grabs him*

(Nitsuj 45): He’ll break your skull.

(Nitsuj): It’s not fault I’m popular and charming. Tell me are you fan of wrestling?

(Nitsuj 45): Yes, what of it?

(Nitsuj): Does the Great Muta ring a bell?

*Nitsuj spits out green mist blinding Nitsuj 45*

(Nitsuj 45): Ahh~ my eyes! Why is this move legal?


*As Nitsuj calls out his attack his left hand begins to blaze like fire and he punches Nitsuj 45 into the wall incapacitating him.*

(Nitsuj): Isis, stop that virus he loaded up on the site.

(Isis): I’m on it.

(Mira): Please allow me to assist.

*As Mira and Isis work together to stop the virus they get attacked from behind by more cyber hounds*

(Isis): Great more hounds.

*Isis pulls out AI pistols and fires at two of them but one gets close enough to attack*

(Shizuku): Kanadzuchi kuruma (Hammer wheel)!

*Shizuku throws her hammer taking out the cyber hound about to attack Isis*

(Shizuku): I got your back. Just focus on stopping the virus. I’ll tame these mutts.

*Yin-Yang gets behind a few of the hounds and unleashes a devastating attack*

(Yin-Yang): Doragon tsume (Dragon claw)!

* Yin-Yang swings her spear taking out the hounds*

(Yin-Yang): Now behave.

(Nitsuj): Isis, Mira, can you guys stop the virus in time?

(Isis): You’ll find out in a few minutes, but still this is strange I don’t sense it being dangerous at all.

(Nitsuj): What do you mean?

(Mira): The virus isn’t threatening at all. It pretty much does nothing.

(Nitsuj 45): That’s where you’re wrong Mira my dear the virus does have a sinister purpose.

(Nitsuj): Oh will you just stay down, am I gonna have to throw you through another wall?

(Nitsuj 45): The virus has only one purpose, and that’s to make so that everything on thatguywithglasses site shows only your blogs.

(Nitsuj): Only my blogs?

(Nitsuj 45): It’s true, I originally wanted to kill you but after seeing all that you’ve done and fought through I decided I would help by making sure everyone sees your blogs.

(Nitsuj): And this is what you call helping? Forcing others to read my blogs and not giving the other bloggers or critics on the site their chance.

(Nitsuj 45): Who cares about them, focus on yourself! Trust me, I know where the road you’re on leads. It leads to nothing but pain and suffering. Think about it, you’ve been doing this gig for about a year and only a handful of people read your blogs, you receive only a few comments, and nobody sends you emails sending a request or feedback The only way these people will ever notice you is to eliminate the competition and make sure that you’re the only one they see. Come on I know you, your no different than me, surely you know what I’m doing is right.

(Nitsuj): No, this is wrong. I will not force others to read my blogs, if they wish to read it than let them read it. You’re way of thinking is wrong, selfish and inconsiderate. You’re just acting like a child begging for attention because nobody is paying attention to you. That’s not how life works. Isis, Mira stop the virus now.

(Mira): Neutralizing it right now and stopping it. The virus has been deleted.

(Nitsuj 45): You idiot what have you done you just-

(Nitsuj): Isis deploy Protocol Reaper. Chibi Isis bind this guy so he can’t runaway.

*A rune appears underneath Nitsuj 45 binding him to his spot and making him unable to move*

(Nitsuj 45): What is this?

(Nitsuj): Preparations for Protocol Reaper. It’s my last weapon of defense against intruders. It’s when I summon The Reaper AI system who does a complete environmental check on my house and system and anything it sees as an abnormality gets destroyed. Because the guy is way too dangerous I always keep him locked up and use him as a last resort.

(Nitsuj 45): So you’re going to destroy me huh? Go ahead, but you know deep down I’m right and someday you’ll see the pain Project Nitsuj has bought and wished you accepted my help.

(Nitsuj): Maybe or maybe not. But you’re wrong about one thing. You and I are nothing alike. When we both looked into the Internet and it looked back you blinked while I didn’t.

(Isis): Preparations ready. On your word.

(Nitsuj): Launch it and take this guy out.

*The Reaper AI activates and a dark mysterious figure appears right in front of Nitsuj and Nitsuj 45. The Repaer looks at Nitsuj 45 and approaches him slowly. Nitsuj 45 tries to fight him off but his attacks do nothing against The Reaper. The Reaper grabs Nitsuj 45 and crushes his body with a small black hole right in front of Nitsuj. He goes into the system and seeks his sights on Mira, Shizuku, and Yin-Yang*

(Nitsuj): No! They stay! They’re my new friends and assistants.

*The Reaper nods his head and disappears*

(Isis): Protocol Reaper is completed. This protocol cannot be done again for another 6 months.

(Shizuku): Man that was scary.

*Sometime later*

(Mira): I have to say Nitsuj I’m rather impress you didn’t take his offer, you could have achieved so much with it.

(Shizuku): Yeah I really expected you to take his offer.

(Yin-Yang): A deal like that only comes once in a lifetime.

(Isis): And that goes to show how well you girls know him.

(Shizuku): What did you say?

(Nitsuj): Stop it guys. To be honest I almost did take it. It pains me to say this but he’s somewhat right, I do want people to read my blogs more, comment on them, and send me request. If he had appeared before me about a year ago when I was starting out I probably would have accepted his offer.

(Chibi Isis): So then what stopped you Nii-chan?

(Nitsuj): Well, it’s because in my time writing these blogs I’ve learned that forcing it never works in the end. I’m sure the day will come when people will start commenting and sending me request, I just have to wait and be patient. Until then I’ll keep on doing my thing and reviewing anime while waiting for my big break and having fun while doing. After all the journey is the destination. Speaking of destination where are you girls going from here? If you want I can try an open a portal back into your timelines.

(Shizuku): That won’t be necessary.

(Mira): We thought about it and came to the conclusion that even if we go back to our timeline there’s nothing waiting for us over there so we’ve decided we’ll stay here and help out on the show if you’ll have us.

(Nitsuj): Alright, welcome to the show and the family. Looks like this year is shaping up to be a fun one. Let’s celebrate by ordering Pizza Hut. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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