Nicktoon-cember Part 20: The Fairy OddParents

The Fairy OddParents is Nickelodeon’s third longest running nicktoon as of right now, still airing and considered one of Butch Hartman’s greatest show. The show focuses on an average 10-year old boy named Timmy. Timmy is that average kid going through life. He has normal friends, isn’t all that popular, has caring parents but they […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 19: Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom is hands down one of the best nicktoons Nickelodeon has ever made. It’s my second favorite Nicktoon next to Avatar. The show was created by Butch Hartman the original creator of Johnny Bravo and one of Nickelodeon’s golden creators. The show focuses on a 14 year old boy named Danny whose parents are […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 18: My Life as a Teenage Robot

My Life as a Teenage Robot is one of those shows where at first glance you think the show isn’t gonna be all that interesting but after watching a few episodes and getting to know the characters you quickly see it’s a good show. The show centers around a robot named XJ-9 or Jenny as […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 17: All Grown Up

As the Rugrats were coming to end, Nickelodeon tried one last attempt to cash-in on the series and that attempt was in the form of All Grown Up. The series is based off a 1-hour Rugrats special which was made to celebrate the show’s 10th anniversary. In the special the babies see what their lives […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 15: ChalkZone

Here’s a show that had the potential to be something good and interesting but fails at what it’s trying to do. The show focuses on a 10-year old boy artist named Rudy and his friend/crush Penny who discover magic chalk called White Lightning chalk which allows the two to draw a circle on the school […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 14: Pelswick

Pelswick is a rather bizarre show and one of the nicktoons I’m not very fond of. The show centers around kid named Pelswick a handicapped boy going through life with his friends, bully, family, and secret crush who only sees him as a friend. He also has a guardian angel who comes to give him […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 13: Invader Zim

The cult classic ladies and gentlemen. Invader Zim is arguably the most memorable out of all the nicktoons. The show opens up on a planet of aliens known as Irks who go around and conquer planets. When it’s time for their annual conquering event one of the Irks named Zim who wasn’t selected for the […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 12: As Told by Ginger

Back in 2001 Nickelodeon created TEENick a 3-hour Sunday block that aired shows to reach preteens and teenagers. Most of the shows were live action shows but there was one nicktoon that was created specifically for TEENick and that show was As Told by Ginger. When it first aired I really didn’t pay that much […]