Nicktoon-cember Part 29: Sanjay and Craig

What the hell is this? Did I accidently watch Fanboy and Chum Chum again because that’s what this show feels like? This show focuses on the adventures of a boy named Sanjay and his pet Craig a talking snake who wears a t-shirt and hat to disguise himself as a human. And we have our first problem. Why can the snake talk, how did the snake learn to talk, and why does nobody recognize the snake in human clothes. There’s suspension of disbelief and then there’s stupidity. This is stupidity and that’s pretty much this whole series in a nutshell. Stupidity upon stupidity upon stupidity upon fart jokes.

The characters of Sanjay and Craig suffer the same problem as Fanboy and Chum Chum. They’re too identical to each other. Both of them are hyperactive idiots who make nothing but dumb toilet humor jokes that aren’t funny, timed poorly, and used poorly. When you have two or more main characters make sure they’re different from each other. They can like the same stuff and have the same goal but they must and repeat must have be different from each other in some way. We don’t get that here all we see is the same character twice and wouldn’t entirely be a bad thing if the character was likable but they’re not. Sanjay and Craig aren’t likable characters, they’re annoying hyperactive characters with no redeeming qualities. The humor in this show is basically toilet humor which as I said before isn’t funny, timed poorly, and executed poorly that it comes across as stupid and insulting to viewers. Hell, there are times when it comes across as disturbing. Finally, the animation is terrible in this show. The same guy who does the animation for Bob’s Burgers does the animation for this which if you ask me the animation in Bob’s Burgers is ugly but tolerable. Here, the animation is so bad I honestly have a hard time sitting through an episode of this crap. Even the facial expressions are bad which is odd considering that they stole them from Adventure Time. There isn’t much to this show other than the fact that it makes the same mistakes as Fanboy and Chum Chum. The only difference is Fanboy and Chum Chum suffered from a lack of pacing while this show has pacing but absurd and unfunny situations with terrible jokes. This is Nickelodeon’s second worst show to date. What’s the first one, you’ll find out next time.

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