Nicktoon-cember Part 30: The Breadwinners

What the hell is this? I keep asking that question but I never get an answer to it. Is this really what counts as entertainment today? Has the standard of children’s show fallen this badly? This is it, this is the worst cartoon that Nickelodeon has ever aired. The same channel that gave us the Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Danny Phantom, and Avatar gave us one of the worst cartoons to ever be put on TV. The Breadwinners is a show that Nickelodeon picked up from Youtube as a way to reach out to the young crowd. The idea was basically the same idea they had when they decided to make the Fred movie but the main difference between Fred and The Breadwinners is that at the time the Fred movie was being made Fred was the most popular channel on Youtube (what were we thinking?) so it made sense to cash in on his 5 minutes of stupidity. If Nickelodeon didn’t do it I’m pretty sure Cartoon Network or Disney would of done it eventually (it was a dark time for these channels). Breadwinners on the other hand is not a popular Youtube channel. Nobody has ever heard of this channel until Nickelodeon decided to turn the show into a series and those that visited the channel before it got turned into a series said the show was stupid and unfunny (sound familiar Nickelodeon?). According to the creators of the show, Breadwinners was meant to get a good laugh out of other animators. Well if that’s the case than you better go back to the drawing board because no animator in their right mind would find this shit amusing.

The show focuses on these anamorphic ducks who look nothing like ducks who go around delivering bread to people in their flying rocket van (I really do wish I was making this up). The whole series is done in horrible flash animation which anyone anywhere could do a better job than these guys. It’s even worse the animation they used in Robot Jones. And it uses a bunch of stock footage similar to Gumball only worse. The difference is the stock footage in Gumball works while stock footage here is actually better than the flash animation because the stock animation actually has real ducks. Also, the animation never stops moving it’s always moving and bouncing and the music sounds like something out of an 80’s arcade machine that wears on your ears quickly. Pretty much all the problems I had with the previous reviews can be found in this show. The characters are annoying and unfunny. They’re a little different from each other but when you get down to it they’re essentially the same. The pacing is bad, the jokes are predictable, unfunny, and timed poorly. Nickelodeon had three shows that were exactly the same airing at roughly the same time and they tried to pass it off as entertainment. Everyone wonders why Nickelodeon has poor ratings when they got shows like Avatar and TMNT. It’s because they show God-awful shows like this that aren’t funny or entertaining and instead talk down to children not caring about them and just cashing in on a dumb craze while destroying their once great cartoons. Breadwinners is a terrible show that should not exist and anyone with a working brain should stay away from it. Unless you’re dead don’t watch this show at all.

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