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Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. You know I take my reviews very seriously. Don’t get me wrong, I have fun writing these blogs and watching anime but at the same time I want to give you guys a serious insight into the anime I’m reviewing. So what do you when you watch an anime that doesn’t take itself seriously at all? Not take it seriously either and that’s what I did when I watched Kenzen Robo Daimidaler. Also known as Daimidaler the Sound Robot when translated Kenzen Robo Daimidaler asks the simple question just how ridiculous can a mech series get? The answer very. Based off a manga series written by Asaki Nakama in 2008 and ending in 2012 with a sequel getting started in 2013. Daimidaler follows the story of a boy who has to use his ero powers to save the world from an evil empire bent on world domination. In 2014 the anime studio TNK (Highschool DxD) saw the series and decided to turn it into an anime giving us what people say is one of the worst animes of 2014. Is Daimidaler really that ridiculous and bad? Let’s find out, this is Kenzen Robo Daimidaler.


Opening and Ending Theme


The opening for this anime “Kenzen Robo Daimidaler” by Endoh-kai aka Masaki Endoh. This opening is fucking epic and I love it! Why? Because it’s sung by Masaki fucking Endoh one of the most epic rock singers in Japan! I don’t how but he finds a way to make anything sound epic and he works his magic in this opening. Like take the opening from the original Power Rangers show: // Awesome. Now let’s look at Masaki’s version of the song: // Epic! Honest to God epic! On top of Masaki’s voice the instrumental is great and gets you hyped up for the show and is manly as hell. The ending for this anime is “Suki Suki//Links” by Ayaka Ohashi, Ibuki Kido, Azusa Tadokoro. The song is pretty meh. The song overall is upbeat and happy sounding but at the same time it just doesn’t fit all that well with the anime. Usually you would expect a slow rock song to go with this anime but instead we get happy upbeat song which just feels out of place. It’s not a bad song but it’s not a memorable or song either.


Episodes 1-4


So the anime starts off with a sexy shower scene (scene here: //, and it’s here that the anime establishes is in fact for perverts *grabs popcorn*. Hey I sat through 4 seasons of Ikkitousen, I’m gonna enjoy my smut). She’s getting ready to go out and fight against the Penguin Empire’s giant mech which is destroying the city (the world is being threaten by penguins? Man Futurama predicted the future big time). Nobody knows who these guys are, where they come from, or what they’re after all we know is that they’re in a war with humanity and need to be stopped. The female goes out in her mech called the Daimidaler which has got to be the ugliest mech I’ve seen (it’s even uglier than the Megazoid from Power Rangers season 1). She goes out and fight but all of the generators in the mech shut down on her and she gets owned having her clothes blown apart in the process (anime for perverts don’t judge). The next day the pilot who we find out is named Kyoko voiced by Yōko Hikasa (Emi from The Devil is a Part-timer) is asked by her commander to go out and find a new pilot for Daimidaler (because she sucks at piloting it right?) but to be careful because the enemy is also looking for pilots as well. The candidate that she’s looking is none other than Koichi your typical thug-looking delinquent who has one interest and one interest only, the female body (hellomain character). He’s voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki (Shido from Date A Live). After escaping his school, Kyoko follows him to the bridge where he’s peeping up skirts and we get a series of interesting events (scene here: //, where to begin? First off, penguins are walking around with boners and everyone’s okay with this? Second, he powers up by groping breast? As crazy as that it is it’s not far from the truth). After escaping the penguins Kyoko tries to get Koichi to join her but he refuses saying this whole situation has nothing to do with him (these guys are destroying your city it pretty much does concern you). He returns to his small apartment where he has uninvited (and perverted) guest (scene here: //, that’s a man law right there folks). As he runs away from the penguins he runs into Kyoko where the penguins show-up and their folic penguin mech (okay this anime is making penguins look like horny perverted bastards). Kyoko finally convinces Koichi to pilot Daimidaler (it’s either pilot the robot or die knowing you were killed by a bunch of perverted penguins. Your choice?). So he fights the penguin in his mech where he runs out of ero power (yes, the robot is powered by ero. The more perverted the pilot the more power the mech receives) so he fondles Kyoko’s large breast to refuel the robot and destroy the penguins (I don’t why but every anime character seems to love fondling Yoko’s breast).


Episode 2 starts by introducing the Three doctors, the ones responsible for the creation of Daimidaler (and their all females too. Couldn’t you guys have made the robot cooler and better looking? I’m sorry but that thing is ugly). The team leader is Moriko a mature beauty with big breast, Soriko the shy cutie, and Sewashiko the loli with a lot of energy (alright all the archetypes that boys like). After greeting each other the Penguin Empire has launched another attack onto the city and this time their mech is the form of a cute penguin (well this has got to the cutest attack I’ve even seen). Koichi is launched onto the scene (I get the feeling that their mech is gonna cause more damage than the Penguin Empire in this series) with Kyoko as a second pilot and as materiel for Koichi’s ero power. The penguin gets the better of them and when Koichi tries to fondle Kyoko for power Daimidaler’s power doesn’t increase at all. With the two in a tight spot the government launches porn magazines and dvds from the sky (Shizuku: It’s raining porn. (Nitsuj): Hallelujah). This distracts the penguin mech allowing Koichi to gain the upper hand and force the penguin to retreat. Koichi and Kyoko return to base where they meet Matayoshi administrator of Prince Hair Salon (what once started as a beauty shop became a secret organization fighting to protect our world. Quite the business move on their part) and ero master who can have girls orgasms by simply touching their nipples (teach me your ways oh wise one). He tells Koichi that he was defeated by his own weakness and lack of imagination and discipline (// Their conversations gets stopped by a message from the Penguin Emperor leader of the Penguin Empire (the head pervert so to speak) who wants to stop the fighting saying all he wants is the Hi-Ero particles in our world (never). Kyoko outright says no and we discover she has a deep hatred for the Penguin Empire for what they did to her father (scene here: //, goddammit Japan you found a way to make one of the cutest animals in the world look like a pervert). Because of this traumatic event Kyoko’s father got hospitalized and developed a fear of bananas (can’t say I blame him). Penguin Emperor tells them that he’s going to launch his ultimate plan on the city called Operation Shadow Hell which is basically them putting a huge umbrella over the city, blocking out the sun, and giving the illusion of nighttime where the only thing people can do is go inside and have sex (you do know people can have sex in broad daylight right? Not to mention rapist in parks and alley ways and the fact that some people actually get turned on doing it outside at night. Yeah, your plan is pretty much a bust). The plan backfires on them as most people just find the whole thing annoying and just continue on with their day (our villains everyone). Koichi and Kyoko are launched onto the scene (why, the situation has pretty much solved itself) where they start to lose again and Koichi figures out what’s wrong with him (wait till you hear this). He’s grown bored with Kyoko’s breast (*grabs a lead pipe and smacks Koichi upside the head with it* don’t ever say that again). Naturally, this offends Kyoko and she smacks him (too lenient) but Koichi realizes that he needs to step up his game so he rips off Kyoko’s shirt and lifts up her bra to see her bare naked breast (now that’s what I call stepping up your game). This of course gets him excited (bored with her breast. You’re a damn liar and you know it) and gives Daimidaler all the power it needs to destroy the cute penguin mech. They return to base where Koichi starts calling Matayoshi master and Matayoshi decides to put him through some rigorous training.


In episode 3 a cute girl named Ritz who is a pervert and loves penguins joins the Penguin Empire (well, she’s come to the right place than). At first Penguin Emperor isn’t too sure about her but after she proves her fighting skills and waxes all of their front tails (handjobs) making them shine like the morning sun she gets accepted by the Emperor (this was meant to be a hentai, the outrageous story, the lack of common sense, the innuendos it all points to one thing. Hentai). She goes to the city in another penguin mech from episode 1 (not the folic one again) where she begins reading a sultry story for everyone in the city to hear (this girl is too perverted) until Koichi and Kyoko show up to fight. Koichi begins acting cocky in the fight (hey we already got enough cocks swinging around here Koichi we don’t need more) and winds up losing to Ritz but before she can deal the final blow she gets motion sickness and has to retreat from the fight. Koichi returns to the base feeling defeated so Matayoshi puts him through some more rigorous training to make him a better pilot. He returns after 10 days where he doesn’t want to be touched by Kyoko and has a hard time looking her in the eyes (he’s playing for the other team now, // Actually, he’s abstinent, he’s gone 10 days without seeing or touching a girl so just being around Kyoko is making him feel all tingling below the waist. Just as Koichi returns so too does Ritz whose next act of public perverted-ness is putting panties on everything (your crimes are about as harmful as a box of puppies). Daimidaler is launched onto the scene where we see that Koichi has become a better pilot without the need to go all ecchi on us (fix this now please). Kyoko starts to feel left out and thinks that Koichi doesn’t need her anymore (that could not be farther from the truth my fair lady) and sure enough Koichi does need Kyoko (to show him her breast) and together they defeat Ritz but she survived the fight and retreats.


We get a serious episode in episode 4. The Penguin Emperor transfers Ritz’s Hi-Ero particles to one of his soldiers creating Commando Six a penguin soldier who has Hi-Ero powers in his body. With this power Six is able to go toe to toe with Daimidaler ending their match in a draw where Six winds up on a shore having lost his memory and turning into a good looking human man (gotta work in fanservice for the girls somehow). He meets and befriends Kyoko where the two actually start to fall for each other (yeah love doesn’t exist in this anime so let’s move on) but Six starts to remember his past, where he comes from (Happy Feet unfortunately), and tries to kill Kyoko but finds that he can’t do it because he loves her. Kyoko finds out who Six really is and the next day the two sides meet up and have their fight where Koichi and Kyoko defeat and kill Six much to Kyoko’s displeasure since deep down in her heart she found someone to fall in love with.


Episodes 5-8


We start episode 5 by finding out that Daimidaler is actually a mech created from the original designs of a penguin mech that the humans got their hands on because the penguins left their penguin mech in the city without realizing it (dumbasses). Once the Penguin Emperor finds out about this (mad beyond belief) he creates a new mech for Ritz to use to defeat Daimidaler. While that’s going on Koichi is still having problems at school. He’s missed too many days and is in trouble of repeating the same grade if this keeps up. Kyoko goes to speak to Koichi’s guidance counselor Chieko to explain the situation to her which she doesn’t believe (can’t say I blame her. Even I find this story ridiculous and unbelievable) but Koichi demonstrates his skill by ripping off her shirt and messaging her nice breast to show off his ero particles (you are not making the situation better idiot). After that Ritz attacks the city in her new mech which does a better job at using her Hi-Ero particles and has a second form where the penguin grows human arms (that’s just gross man). With this mech she gains the advantage and when one of the penguin soldiers gets injured in the crossfire she goes berserk and loses control of her mech totally determined to destroy Daimidaler (hell have no fury like a perverted furry). She keeps pounding away at Daimidaler until the penguins sneak in and knock her unconscious because the mech can’t contain anymore particles and is about to explode wiping out everything in the area. The penguins escape with Ritz and Daimidaler is too damaged to escape so Koichi in an act of bravery and selflessness (I guess there’s a first for everything) uses his Hi-Ero particles to create a shield around Kyoko protecting her and he takes the full explosion where he dies (so long Earth pervert). As for Kyoko she falls into a coma after this event.


So, yeah, the main character Koichi is apparently dead but the story must go on. In episode 6 we see that the Penguin Empire have got the public on their side (I guess destroying the robot responsible for destroying the city really paid off) and Prince Hair Salon is shut down for failing and destroying a part of the city (sucks to be them). But their problems will have to wait as we focus on our two new protagonist Shoma voiced by Natsuki Hanae (Ken from Tokyo Ghoul) and Kiriko voiced by Shizuka Ishigami. These two are Koichi’s seniors in high school and go to the same school as him. Shoma is a boy who fell in love with Kiriko at first sight and finally confesses his feelings to her on the school roof. Shocked by this sudden confession Kiriko’s body begins to overflow with Hi-Ero particles (holy shit she’s the pervert in their relationship? Shoma you are gonna have a fun time in bed). Kiriko begins to freak out over the glowing but she finds that hugging Shoma stops it. As the two are walking home from school they officially become boyfriend and girlfriend and the next day go to the movies for a date (nice choice). After the movie they get attacked by the penguins who have come for Kiriko (both literally and very figuratively). Kiriko kisses Shoma to get herself excited (man if a kiss gets her excited imagine what’s gonna happen when Shoma gropes her) and she takes out the penguins herself. After the fight Matayoshi appears before them where we find out that Kiriko used to be a part of Prince Hair Salon but left for her own reasons (it’s because everyone there is a crazy) and throws her some device saying she’ll need it in the future (is it a box full of condoms?). Back at school Chieko tries to get Shoma to break up with Kiriko because everyone is complaining about their PDA but Shouma refuses to do it so Chieko strips in front of him and volunteers to be his sex partner if he breaks up with her (best teacher ever). But like a loyal boyfriend Shoma resists Chieko’s advances and meets up with Kiriko where Ritz and the penguins show up to capture them. Ritz manages to capture Shoma and kisses him right in front of Kiriko and is about to give Shoma the best handjob of his life (man cute girlfriend, teachers offering to have sex with you, and now being offered the best handjob in the world. Can we switch spots?). Kiriko not standing for this uses the device given to her by Matayoshi to summon Daimidaler to end the episode.


Episode 7 opens up with Kiriko piloting her Daimidaler (which is cooler and more badass than the first one) and rescuing Shoma (and no buildings were destroyed in the process). Penguin Emperor tells Ritz to retreat saying that their mech isn’t built for combat (than why make a giant mech in the first place?). Kiriko officially rejoins Prince Hair Salon with Shoma as her co-pilot. The penguins attack again having modified their mech for combat (using figure skating as it’s bases for fighting) and proves too much for Kiriko to handle. Shoma is told to do perverted things to Kiriko with her consent but he refuses to make his pure Kiriko impure (fucker! You be a man and rub that girl’s breast or so help me God I will take this lead pipe whack you upside the head with it and use it to drill another hole in your ass). Shoma finds another way to excite Kiriko by using his special move the Gulliver stick (google it). This move excites her but she’s too daze to fight so Shoma takes over and manages to get a few shots in before Kiriko regains herself and with their combine effort manage to destroy the penguin mech.


Not a whole lot happens in episode 8. Ritz and Kiriko get into a battle of the women to see who has the best measurements with Kiriko winning in the end (I still say Kyoko’s got them beat by a mile) and the Penguin Emperor has created a device that will allow him to teleport to and from his home world and the thing he teleports to Earth is a large and imposing mech that makes the other mechs look like child toys.


Episodes 9-12 and Specials


Episode 9 starts off by explaining why Ritz love penguins. When she was just a little girl (and before she got all perverted and sexy on us) she was an orphan in a country that finished a war. As she walked the streets lost she ran into the Penguin Emperor who came to our world from another world accidently after his empire lost in his world looking for Hi-Ero particles to rebuild his empire. Not wanting to leave Ritz alone, the Penguin Emperor accompany Ritz until he found a human village for her to stay and grow-up safely (man, the more I watch this series the more I find it hard to believe these guys are evil). It’s now years later and while Ritz remembers the event the Penguin Emperor doesn’t because he’s not a Lolita (good, because I was about to call the cops on him). Later on in the episode the new penguin mech that was bought over won’t function in this world but they come up with an alternative to this problem by transferring the powers of the mech to Ritz’s mech and training her to control and use those powers so she doesn’t go berserk again. After her training is complete she attacks the city to face Kiriko again where at first Kiriko is able to hold her own against Ritz (despite Kiriko and Shoma being an annoying couple I have to admit the two are better pilots and fighters than Koichi and Kyoko) but Ritz activates the Hi-Ero generators in her mech making the fight even again and somehow this activates the Hi-Ero is Koichi’s Daimidaler’s left arm (a sign of things to come hopefully) and Kyoko awakens from her coma.


In episode 10 thanks to the power of ero (a running factor in this anime no doubt) Ritz’s mech transforms into a badass penguin mech completely owning Kiriko and for some reason Shoma’s body absorbs too much Hi-Ero particles turning him into a penguin. He switches sides and joins the Penguin Empire (surprisingly this is an upgrade in his character) which causes Kiriko to go berserk over losing her boyfriend (he was no good for you anyway) and decides to use up all of her power to destroy Ritz and get her revenge (with Matayoshi totally okay with her sacrificing herself and getting her revenge which will destroy half the city again. You are the good guy right?). But thanks to Ritz training she’s able to defeat Kiriko’s attack and stop her mech from functioning (alright Ritz you the girl). With Kiriko defenseless and Ritz moving in for the finish Kyoko tells Matayoshi to launch Daimidaler’s left hand onto the battlefield with her on it and he permits it. Once the hand arrives on the battle scene the sky breaks (literally. Where’s Chicken Little when you need him?) and out comes a mech with a candle on top of its head (. . .I’ll wait for an explanation before making a joke) piloted by the ero king himself Koichi (YES! The real protagonist has returned! Save me Koichi this new protagonist is so annoying).


At the start of episode 11 Koichi returns and defeats Ritz with his new (and oddly more ridiculous) ugly mech. He picks up Kiriko’s mech and returns to base where he explains that the explosion didn’t kill him but instead sent him to the Penguin Empire’s parallel world where the humans there took him in and repaired Daimidaler giving it a thermal power system which explains the candle (so does this mean Koichi will be useless on raining days?). He continues on telling them that the way he got back to our world is thanks to the Hi-Ero particles flying around during the fight with Kiriko and Ritz which allowed him to pass through the worlds and return however Koichi can’t remember the faces of the people who fixed Daimidaler and helped him out. Thanks to Google the group has found where the Penguin Empire is hiding and prepare for a full attack on their fortress but before they can attack the Japanese government attacks them because their presence is causing the young men in Japan to buy porn, their statistics show that once the Penguin Empire appeared the buying of porn dropped greatly (because they were stealing the porno) but once Daimidaler showed up the increase in porn purchases and destruction started skyrocketing and the government blames them for it (and in their defense the government is right). The government evacuates the city, launch their own Daimidalers and attacks Prince Beauty Salon to destroy everyone inside to protect the health of men in Japan (you’re going to destroy the porn in your country? Why would you that!? That’s about 10% of your identity. The other 90% is anime).


In the final episode the government attacks Prince Hair Salon but thanks to the 3 doctors Koichi and Kiriko are able to get their mechs and fight back but they’re out numbered greatly (fear not perverts. For tonight we dine in Japan). Ritz shows up because of the “I want to defeat them” cliché with Shoma who joins up with Kiriko but can’t quite handle Shoma’s appearance. They manage to hold their own against the government but all the government daimidalers combine to form one giant daimidaler (Daimizilla). They tell the group to stop because their perverted nature is destroying their country (your wrong it’s making your country great). Kiriko finding it unforgivable that her country can’t except her and Shoma’s love (well maybe if you two weren’t so annoying they be okay with it) ejects Shoma from the cockpit and gets berserk again only to get blasted away herself (man she sucks in berserk mode). With the help of Six (does nobody die in this anime) Shoma gets infused with Hi-Ero particles and returns to his human form (oh damnit he got downgraded) and returns to Kiriko to help her fight. With their combined powers they defeat the giant daimidaler and the penguins come in to explain everything (you’re gonna love this). Okay so the penguins master plan was to absorb all the Hi-Ero particles in our the world (which is basically our libido which is why everyone stopped buying porno after Koichi left) and turn us all into the penguins establishing the new Penguin Empire because the penguins are the result of people who lose their libido (so in order to become a fun-loving enjoyable penguin who gets to grope a hot blonde everyday who gives the best handjobs in the world I have to give up my libido? Tough call). But the penguins have discovered that the Hi-Ero particles are too dangerous since they have the power to turn them into humans so they’ve decided to leave our world and return to their world with Ritz joining them and being adopted into their weird family. In the end both sides leave on a good note agreeing that eros is the true form of our world, the penguins leave with Ritz, and the anime finishes up with the announcement of Highschool DxD season 3 coming soon (best news I’ve heard all day).


After the series was over the show sent out 6 specials which were all extra fanservice. They pretty much used all the major characters in the show with the best special being the third one with Ritz going berserk on Hi-ero particles and raping the penguins. In fact, about half the specials focus on just Ritz and the penguins. These specials really don’t add anything new to the story and are just there to give you extra fanservice. If you wanna watch them go ahead. If not, you’re not missing anything.


Final Thoughts


Well guys that was Daimidaler, it’s ridiculous, nonsensical, goes absolutely nowhere and. . .you can’t stop watching it. I mean it, the whole series is just so ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh at it and not take it seriously. This is series that knows it’s ridiculous and doesn’t attempt to be anything else but that and in my opinion that what makes this series so much fun to watch. The character Koichi is your typical hotheaded pervert with not a whole lot of character other than that. I do admit I found it admirable that he used his powers to protect Kyoko in episode 5 but other than that there’s not much to him. I’ve heard a lot of people like comparing Koichi to Issei from Highschool DxD but in my opinion there’s really no comparison between the two. With Issei we know he’s a pervert but he’s a pervert who will respect the girls he’s groping and spying on plus we actually get a chance to explore his character and see his good side and traits. With Koichi we never got that, there are times when he actually comes across as a rapist more than a pervert. The couple of Kiriko and Shoma are can be annoying, they did get on my nerves a few times with their whole lovey-dovey relationship that you know high schoolers would never do. If they were younger I probably be okay with it but these guys are 3rd years in high school there is no way 3rd years would act like that. However, I will admit they do make a cute couple and I have to give the series props for actually giving them a healthy and normal relationship with each other given the subject and direction the series keeps going. The other characters are cliché ecchi characters with not a whole lot to their character unfortunately but the characters who hands down make this series work is Ritz and the penguins. These guys are just awesome every time they’re on screen I found myself laughing and liking them more each time. They don’t even come across as villains in the show if anything they act more like heroes than the actual heroes, I actually found myself rooting for them to win. The comradery and jokes between them as well as their pervy but friendly nature with Ritz is both funny and admirable that you will easily side with these guys and see them as the main factor that keeps you coming back for more.


The animation is very similar to the animation for Highschool DxD which isn’t bad so if you liked the animation in Highschool DxD you’ll like this animation. The mech battles aren’t really all that great, we get like one or two decent battles but the battles really aren’t that mind-blowing. Speaking of mechs, I’m sorry, but besides Kiriko’s Daimidaler and Ritz’s second mech the mechs in this series are some of the ugliest and folic mechs I’ve seen. Music, is barely noticeable but when I did hear it I noticed that they liked the dramatic trumpet and orchestra music that you hear in a lot of mecha animes. Fanservice wise the series is very ecchi with it being completely uncensored and you’ll see boobs at least once an episode so if you’re not a fan of ecchi anime than yeah I would back out right after the first episode.


Final Score


The final score for Daimidaler is 3/10. This anime isn’t really that good as it doesn’t offer something all that memorable but at the same it’s not total crap. In the end this is an anime that doesn’t take itself seriously, knows that it’s just a fanservice anime and nothing more, and was created to get a good laugh out of you and see just how ridiculous they could be. If they would have added more depth and explored their characters more I probably would have given this anime a 3.5 or a 4. If you decide to watch this anime don’t expect to be blown away by awesome mech battles, get emotionally invested with its characters, or take it seriously. Instead, expect to see good fanservice, “villains” who make you laugh a lot, and an anime that’s just having fun and nothing more. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.


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