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Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Well guys we’re entering the final week of the Sequel arc and I can think of no better way to end the arc then with a good laugh. So, what better anime to review then Konosuba. The first season of Konosuba was a big hit. It was funny and really changed the way we viewed isekai animes. It took everything we would like or expect to happen in an alternate world and turned it upside down. Our hero isn’t some chosen one with good morals, he’s just a guy trying to live the easy life and get women, his party is filled with some of the most useless individuals who cause him trouble, and instead of going off on a grand journey to vanquish the Demon king, he just spends most of his time taking up odd jobs in the first town he started in. It was a funny and delightful so of course a second season had to made. The second season of Konosuba came out in 2017 and we couldn’t be happier to see our funny heroes at it again. Let’s get the laughs rolling and take a look at Konosuba S2.

Opening and Ending Theme

This season’s opening is “TOMORROW” by Machico. It was good I enjoy this opening quite a bit. I actually do like how there’s a mini-episode in the opening which I get a good laugh out of and could never bring myself to skip over it. While I still prefer the first opening over the second one, this one is still enjoyable to listen.

The ending is “Ouchi ni Kaeritai (Wanna Go Home)” by Sora Amamiya, Rie Takahashi, and Ai Kayano. I’ve talked about this ending in my top 11 endings of 2017 list so I’ll keep it brief. This song is follow-up song to the first ending sung once again by the VAs of Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness. Much like the first song this song is relaxing  and helps you unwind after a long day’s work. All three ladies sound great here and each one has a very distinct voice that you’ll find yourself enjoying. Whether it’s Darkness’s mature and soothing voice, Megumin’s child-like innocence, or Aqua’s cheerfulness you’ll enjoy this song. I personally like this ending more than the first one as the melody just seemed to flow better.

Episodes 1-5

Okay, so the first episode starts off with tons of laughs. First off, Kazuma gets arrested and thrown in jail where he is labeled a servant of the Demon King. Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness try to bail him out but since Aqua is an idiot his chances of escape are zero (scenes here: and He gets put through a lie detector test (scenes here:,, and and then goes on trial where despite multiple testimonies labeling him a pervert he manages to prove that he’s not a terrorist or a servant of the Demon King (no, but he is a pervert) and prove his innocence but the lord is corrupt and overturns the judge’s order until Darkness steps in and presents her family crest and name to save Kazuma and offers to complete one request for the lord no matter what it may be. Kazuma is set free but will be under strict surveillance for the time being and must prove that he’s not with the Demon King as well as pay off the debt he owes the lord. At the end of the episode Darkness goes off to fulfill her promise to the lord (stay strong Darkness stay strong) and Kazuma and the others get all of their items repossessed in order to pay off the large sum money that he owes which is 1,240,000 Eris.

At the start of episode 2 it’s winter and Kazuma and the others are forced to do a mission courtesy of their prosecutor Sena. You remember all of those explosions Megumin did last episode (they were beautiful)? Well, apparently, those explosions woke up the hibernating toads (you know, the giant toads who eat people and cover girls in slime?) and now they have to kill them. During the toad scene we get to see Kazuma’s new skill snipe, a long-ranged skill who’s accuracy depends on the luck of the user and since Kazuma has high luck this skill is perfect for him. Kazuma uses his snipe skill to take the toads down with an arrow but it has no effect on them (why must you fail at everything?). More toads show up and are about to swallow everyone (man this is some way to go. Usually adventurers get defeated by a mid-boss, secret boss, or the big boss. But these guys are going down by toads) they get saved by Yunyun a girl from Megumin’s clan and her self-proclaimed rival (yeah this is her formal introduction into the series. Scene here: Yunyun challenges Megumin to a fight where Megumin beats her by coating her in toad slime (scene here:, dirtiest mage in the game). After that Kazuma and Megumin return to the mansion where they each want to take a bath first and since Kazuma believes in gender equality and Megumin refuses to be treated like a child the two take a bath together (call the cops) where Aqua shows up and Kazuma not wanting to be labeled a lolicon (too late for that) freezes the door and uses up all his magic leaving him at the mercy of Megumin and eventually getting labeled a lolicon (scenes here:,,,,,, and The next day, Kazuma and the others go to Wiz’s shop where Yunyun is there waiting for them and challenges Megumin to another duel (that girl really needs to find some friends). They settle their duel by trying to use magic on a crystal ball that is said will make them friends but instead reveals their past where we see Yunyun never really had any friends (that’s actually quite sad) and Megumin was Megumin (‘nough said. Scenes here:,, They decide to call their duel a draw but in the end Megumin gets a win by saying she’s more adult than Yunyun because she took a bath with Kazuma (scene here: Also, Megumin adopted a cat and named her Chomusuke (scene here:

In episode 3 in order to get some money Kazuma forces the group to explore a dungeon for beginners. A new path has been discovered so there’s a good chance there could be some undiscovered treasured waiting to be discovered (or an undiscovered catastrophe waiting to happen to our main character. One must always suffer in the name of comedy. That’s one of the first rules of comedy). He explores the dungeon with Aqua (it was either her or Megumin who’s pretty much useless in a dungeon) where she actually becomes a competent goddess you can be proud of (who are you and what did you do with the real Aqua). The section of the dungeon they’re in is crawling with undead but thanks to Aqua they managed to get pass them without trouble (scene here: and arrive at the final part of the dungeon where they meet Keele a famous wizard many years ago who has now become a lich. Along time ago Keele did a great service to his kingdom and was granted one wish by the king. He asked to marry the princess but the king refused so he decided to take her and run away (well done sir). During their escape he got severely hurt so he turned himself into a lich in order to protect his love. Years have gone by and now Keele wants to die so that he can be reunited with his wife however he needs the help of a powerful arch priest to help him pass on (Aqua’s turn to shine has arrived). Aqua allows him to pass on and as a thank you he gives them his gold (scene here: As Kazuma and Aqua head out, Kazuma figures out that the reason the undead have been drawn to them so much is thanks to Aqua who attracts them to her because she’s a goddess. Once they arrive back in town they celebrate their victory and party with everyone at the guild spending all their money (well at least it went to a good cause).

The filler is finally over in episode 4 and this episode will have you in tears for how funny it is. Darkness is back ( and she’s in trouble. The lord wants Darkness to meet his son for a marriage interview. The guy is a knight, he’s kind, strong, respectful, totally handsome (he’s everything a girl could dream about), and the exact opposite of Kazuma. Which means he’s everything Darkness hates in men. Darkness wants them to help her get out of this arranged marriage thing so Kazuma and Aqua go with her acting as her butler and maid and telling her to get the boy to back out of the marriage while still maintaining her family name. However, Kazuma pulls a 180 and decides to help wed Darkness off after her dad promises a handsome reward for his services and making this go right. Kazuma does everything in his power to make Darkness look like a good partner until she can’t stand anymore and tells the boy to be more like Kazuma (a pervert, deadbeat, and unlucky bastard rolled into one?). In a twist turn this makes the boy want Darkness even more now. Originally, he was going to turn her down but after seeing how straightforward she is he takes an interest in her (I question your preference in women. (Yin-Yang): Didn’t you put her on the top 11 hottest anime girls- (Nitsuj): Different). Darkness challenges him to a sparring match where even though Darkness is destined to lose her determination to keep on fighting and handle the abuse brings the boy to a standstill (just how much of masochist can she be?). He gives up upsetting Darkness, so she challenges Kazuma to show the boy how ruthless and deprived he can be. Kazuma douses her with water and ice which seems to turn her on even more (she is a freak) and the match turns into a grappling match where Kazuma uses leech to drain Darkness of her strength, but she refuses to give up. It seems like it’s going to come down to the wire but Kazuma plays into Darkness’s twisted sexual fantasy by promising to do something to her so embarrassing and horrendous that she’ll beg for mercy. So she pretends to lose, fantasizes about what Kazuma will do to her (where I think she has an orgasm), and passes out just as her dad comes in to see his daughter lying on floor unconscious with half of her dress torn off  (seems like a normal situation to me). Sometime passes where the boy decides to give up on Darkness believing that she and Kazuma are a thing and once Darkness wakes up she openly lies to everyone saying that she’s pregnant with Kazuma’s baby (scene here: Wow, so the doujins were canon after all. At least the ones involving Darkness). As her dad celebrates this false truth (scene here:, Sena and Megumin shows up saying something has come up.

Picking up where episode 4 left off, episode 5 opens up with Sena saying that there’s been some strange activity coming from the Keele Dungeon and since Kazuma was the last one in there he’s a prime suspect in the activity. It turns out before leaving Aqua created a magic circle which according to her would take care of the monsters (but knowing her she goofed and now this whole mess is the result of her). They go to the dungeon where they see strange monsters coming out of it who latch on to people and explode (scene here:, you guys walking around with grenades or are you just happy to touch a girl?). The explosions don’t seem to affect Darkness (not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing) so she leads the way into the dungeon followed by Kazuma where they find that the monsters are being made by Vanir a commander of the Demon King’s army. He was sent to find out what happened to Verdia but came across the dungeon and decided to take it over and live out his dream of fighting heroes in his dungeon, ultimately lose to them but get the final laugh by giving them nothing for completing their dungeon (that’s pretty evil). Darkness and Kazuma fight him where they manage to destroy his human body (scene here: but not his real body which is his mask. He latches onto Darkness and takes over about 50% of her body and mind. Darkness is still there (scene here:, if anything she’s enjoying this situation) but in time Vanir will eventually gain full control of her so they race back outside to have Darkness use her goddess powers to destroy the mask but Vanir takes control and dodges of all of Aqua’s attacks. Kazuma manages to reach Darkness and orders Megumin to hit her with her explosion magic (ohh~ the ultimate pain for our lovely masochist). Megumin hits her destroying Vanir and seriously injuring Darkness (scene here: Luckily, Darkness survived thanks to Aqua’s healing magic (and that’s only the start of many good news to come). After defeating Vanir, Kazuma gets cleared of his charges of being spy of the demon lord (scene here:, his debt gets paid off, and he earns 40 million eris for defeating Vanir and destroying that fortress (scenes here: and, he did it! He finally won).

Episodes 6-10 and OVA

Not much happens in episode 6. We discover that Vanir is still alive and is now working in Wiz’s shop as her assistant. Kazuma uses some of his new-found wealth to create a katana but got it shorten since he keeps failing with it. He also gets new armor created but it’s too heavy for him to use (scene here: Finally, the group goes on a quest to eliminate these lizard-like creatures where Kazuma dies after falling from a tree so we get to see Eris again (which is always nice) and Kazuma tries to get reincarnated but fails and returns to Aqua and the others where he discovers that Megumin has given his penis a nickname, Excalibur (scene here:

Still nothing to say about episode 7. We get a few laughs especially near the end. The group has decided to go to a hotsprings city in order to rest and recharge and Wiz is joining them. They take a caravan to the city where the caravan gets attacked by wild roadrunner-like creatures who are attracted to Darkness because her armor is made out of a rare metal and the creatures are attracted to metal (well this is an enjoyable situation for Darkness no doubt). The adventurers hired to protect the wagons go out to fight but Darkness heads out as well to face them because this is what she wants (she is a pervert and I love her for it).

Things continue to be funny in episode 8. Picking up where the last episode left off Darkness gets herself tied up and about to get run over by the creatures but thanks to Aqua’s blessing skill they avoid Darkness all together (you tease). Kazuma’s group lures the creatures to a cave all while dragging Darkness through the dirt via carriage (is it just me or our they letting Darkness indulge in her pleasures a lot this season?) and Megumin uses her explosion magic to take them out. Later that the night the caravan gets attacked by zombies who are attracted to Aqua (who knew she was in to necrophilia) but she destroys them easily. The next day they arrive in the city of Arcanretia which I have to admit is a very nice city. I like the design, the setup, the different species, it really does feel like we’ve stepped into a fantasy world. The whole place would be even better if it wasn’t for all the damn Aqua cultist. Apparently, Arcanretia is the headquarters of Aqua’s religion and just like the goddess they worship, the people are crazy. They keep constantly trying to get Kazuma to join their religion (they’re like Jehovah’s Witnesses you wanna hit them so they’ll leave you alone, but your conscience just won’t let you do it) and Darkness receives the blunt of their attacks. Darkness is a member of Eris’s cult and since the two cults don’t get along with each other, the members of Aqua’s cult treat her badly. Instead of giving her a glass of water, they give her a dog bowl and a bone and they always spit in her direction (jokes on them she likes the abuse. Scene here:

In episode 9 the craziness continues in the city of Arcanretia. We get a funny moment of Kazuma spying of Megumin and Darkness in the hotsprings (scenes here:, and as well as a confession box scene between Kazuma, Aqua, and one of her followers tempted to follow Eris because of her amazing breast (scene here:, this world’s viewpoints of their goddesses is way off). While touring the hotsprings Aqua gets booted out of them because she keeps purifying them and just turning them into hot water (your ruining their business). Aqua notices that something is wrong with the springs so she takes to the streets and tries to warn her followers but nobody believes her and even when she reveals her true identity everyone doesn’t believe her (idiots. Hey, they really are followers of Aqua) and come to the conclusion that she’s a witch working for the Demon King sent to destroy their town so that night they get ready for a witch hunt.

In the final episode, the group comes across their biggest challenge yet. After escaping the mob, they make their way to the source of the hotsprings where they meet Hans ( a member of the Demon King’s army who is a poisonous slime monster which in this world is one of the most dangerous creatures out there (instead of level one enemies that you meet in the first dungeon). He’s been steadily poisoning the water source of the springs in order to stop the income of Aqua’s cult (Aqua was right? Wonders never cease). Kazuma, Aqua, and Megumin run away scared (The 3 Cowardly-teers) and as they run away from Hans the members of Aqua’s cult show up to catch them (elite soldier of the Demon King behind us and a group of cultists in front of them ready to kill. I’ll take my chances with the Demon King’s minion). Aqua realizing, she can’t abandon her followers goes back to face Hans alone and Kazuma along with the others show up to help her. Hans transforms into his true form a giant slimeball (he also turns into a blob of slime) where we see he actually killed an overseer of the springs which pisses Wiz off and she joins the fight shocking everyone. You see due to a contract with the Demon King, Wiz is not allowed to attack or fight against her fellow soldiers serving the Demon King but in return she’s free to do whatever she wants (such as opening up a failing magic shop). However, if say one of the Demon King’s soldiers were to kill an innocent bystander instead of an adventurer that would be a violation of the contract and Wiz would be allowed to fight (this is a rare opportunity where we get to see Wiz go all out). Thus, we get a chance to see Wiz’s true power which earned her the name the Ice Witch. Despite having Wiz on their side Hans is too big for Wiz’s ice magic to do any real damage so Kazuma at the costs of his life tricks Hans into falling into a ditch where Megumin unleashes her explosion magic on Hans shrinking him and allowing Wiz to freeze him solid. Hans still managed to survive the attack however he’s now the size of a baby octopus (or a blooper from the Super Mario Series) and Aqua goes to face him one on one where thanks to the belief of her followers she gains the powers she needs to take Hans down (scenes here: and Later on, Aqua revives Kazuma (this guy cheats death more times than Starscream from Transformers) and then the group gets run out of town thanks to Aqua. Because of Aqua’s purification magic she turned the source of the hotsprings water into just hot water meaning she ruined the whole city’s income. So, the group returns back to Axel ending the season on a relatively peaceful note instead of something bad happening to them or them getting screwed over (hey wait, where’s their reward for defeating Hans?).

We get another OVA this season which honestly has more laughs than the last one. It starts off with a girl named Ran a new adventurer who has heard all about Kazuma’s exploits and has become a fan of his. Kazuma tries to act cool in front of her and barely pulls it off. He then gets tasked by the guild to defeat a golem in some old ruins. They go to face the golem where it has the look of a mech and it assaults Darkness by flicking her boobs (this guy gets her). Megumin doesn’t want to destroy the mech because it’s so awesome (it’s really not) but Aqua convinces her to blow it up and she beats it but it self-destructs creating an even bigger blast (boy, Megumin has got to be Michael Bay’s favorite anime character). Once Kazuma brags about his achievement to Ran the guild gives him another mission of investigating the ruins the golem was guarding. What they find is the dairy of the person who originally lived there. We find out that the person who lived there was just like Kazuma (only worst if you can believe it), a normal Japanese NEET who came to this world and was tasked with defeating the Demon King. His power allowed him to create whatever he wanted as long as he had a strong desire for it (with a power like that I could rule the world. Oh, who am I kidding, I was just use it for own personal needs). At first the guy really did want to defeat the Demon King but as time went on he gave up because he’s a NEET and decides to embrace his NEET life in this new world. We find out that he created the golem and even tried to create a girl golem for his personal needs (see? Personal needs first. Than the world) but just couldn’t get it right. So, he moved on to plan B, move to the capital, sell his ideas for money, and hire maids to serve him. The only speed bump in that plan was that he was the original creator of the Destroyer and spent his years trapped inside it until he eventually died. After reading the diary, Kazuma becomes interested in the female golem and wants to claim it as his own. They find it, activate it, and it attacks them because the NEET was a masochist and wanted a sadist golem but the problem is she keeps going berserk on everybody. In the end Megumin blows up the ruins which causes Kazuma and the others to pay a fee for destroying the ruins and cancelling the mission, but the big shocker is Ran who turns out this whole time was only pretending to be Kazuma’s fan. In truth, she was working with the guild to get Kazuma to take on tough missions in order to pay off a debt or something. As you would imagine Kazuma is embarrassed beyond all reason and performs steal on them.

Final Thoughts

Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m saying this but this season is actually funnier then the first season. I mean it, this season just knocks it out of the park when it comes to comedy. Every episode just manages to make me laugh nonstop and I enjoyed every minute of it. One of the strong traits of this anime is the interaction among its characters and there’s plenty of that hear as they all work off each other perfectly, acting as the perfect comedic foils to each other and never ceasing to make you laugh. Alright, so the anime is funny but what about the story and character development. Well the story is good as it keeps on progressing. While not has advanced storywise I like that we got to go to see a different town and explore the world a little more. It was also great to see Kazuma finally get that much deserved win he’s been looking for this whole time. It really warms the heart. The character development was little but I liked it. I did enjoy getting an inside look into Darkness’s family and exploring the relationship between Megumin and Yunyun. Kazuma learning new skills was also good and shows us how he’s slowly coming to his own as an adventurer. The last arc with Aqua and followers was nice and shows us that despite Aqua being a selfish and idiotic goddess, she actually does care about followers and will go to great lengths for them. Even though she may not act like a goddess she understands her responsibilities as one.

The animation is still the same so not much has changed there and music still doesn’t leave that much of an impact on me as well. The action scenes are still comedic but I will admit the fight against Hans was somewhat epic and enjoyable to watch.

Is it better than the first season

Yes, but not by that much. The one factor that helps put this season ahead of the first season is that it’s funnier and actually explores the characters a little more.

Final Score

The final score for Konosuba S2 is a 7.5/10. It would have been an 8 if the story would have progressed more but other than that this was a great follow-up to the first season and one that I really enjoyed. So far a third season hasn’t been announced but the VAs of Kazuma and Aqua have said a project is in the works. There’s been no specifics as of yet so fans are theorizing that the project is gonna be a movie which seems the most likely out of all the theories so far. If you liked the first you’ll definitely like the second season and if you’re looking for a funny fantasy then definitely check this anime out. Well guys, the Sequel arc has come to a satisfying end and after reviewing this anime I just got an idea for another arc. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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