Project #327.5: Trinity 7: Heaven’s Library and Crimson Lord

Hello, Nitsuj here and welcome to a side blog the blogs between the blogs. Seeing as how I did movie this week that was pretty straightforward into the point, I figured why not review another movie, I got time. So that’s why today, I’m looking at Trinity 7’s second movie Heaven’s Library and Crimson Lord. Like I’ve said Trinity 7 has a strong fanbase. While the anime may not have been all that good it wasn’t what I would call a bad anime either. Just a poor mishandling of a good manga. Well apparently, the fanbase thought so too and want the anime to continue as it’s been announced that there’s going to be a second season and what better way to prepare for the second season than by taking a look at the second movie. This movie really came out of nowhere, I didn’t even know they made a second movie until I saw a preview for it on Youtube. Well let’s see if this movie faired better than the first one.

So the movie starts off with Arata, Lilith, Akio, and Lugh in the ruins of Akio’s homeland which was destroyed by Heaven’s Library, a floating island that contains all the knowledge of the world (and just like a regular library nobody goes to it). Heaven’s Library reappears and fires a beam which transports all of them to the island where Akio has reverted back to a child (while the child form is cute, I prefer pretty young adult) and Lugh tries to betray them only to get stopped by Liese who ties her up in bondage and Arata threatens to have his way with her unless she obeys him (I’m sure that deep down she would like that). She agrees and they get approached by a demon lord from another dimension calling himself Abyss Trinity (can’t you demon lords have normal names like Bob?). Right a way it’s clear that Abyss Trinity is stronger than them and he captures Lilith (because demon lords get lonely to) and blasts the others away. It turns out that Lilith is actually the daughter of Abyss Trinity and she has a fragment of his powers that he wants back so he can destroy the world (that’s one way to keep the boys away from her). She gets saved by the rest of the Trinity 7 (or as I like to call them, Arata’s harem) and they escape to the castle. Meanwhile Arata’s party is in another part of the castle where they get found by Hijiri who’s been tasked with taking Arata to Judecca, the black imperial sword, said to be strongest weapon of the demon lord (and all-around badass looking sword). With the sword, Arata would be on the same level as Abyss Trinity but there’s a danger that the Arata we all know and love will vanish (we can’t have that. He’s the only lead in a harem anime that isn’t dense). They find the sword and Arata tries to use it but can’t because he’s only mastered Akio and Lilith’s archive and not 3 so he can’t use the sword and the sword tries to unleash his powers which will destroy the world (is it just me or does everything seems to destroy the world in this series?). Before any of that can happen, Akio transports Arata to Liese’s frozen dimension where Liese teaches him her archive in a more hands on approach (by which I mean their shirts are off and Liese is licking his chest). Arata manages to learn Liese’s archive and is able to return to reality with her as well. With 3 archives mastered Arata is now able to use Judecca and uses Judecca to defeat the golem trying to kill them instantly (he went all Brook from One Piece on us).

Back with Lilith and the others they get cornered by Abyss Trinity who tells them that he sent Lilith over here to destroy the world (oh great, he’s like Nitsuj 45. Always trying to destroy stuff). Arata shows up and the fight between demon lords begin. Arata slowly starts to gain the advantage but Abyss Trinity stalled long enough to activate his spell to turn Lilith into his loyal demon (and dress her up in a sexy outfit. I don’t know what it’s like in his universe but over here, incest does not equal wincest). With his powers fully unlocked, Abyss Trinity starts screwing the rules and starts using magic that will erase everything. With the help of Akio and Liese, Arata is able to reach Lilith and bring her back to her senses where everyone combines their powers with Arata and he defeats Abyss Trinity as well as destroy Heaven’s Library (it was taking up space anyway). They wake back up in the ruins of Akio’s homeland where after seeing the spirit of her mom, returns to her original form (she bought sexy back). Judecca transforms into a necklace and the others shortly wake up to end the movie on a laugh.

Final Thoughts

Well this movie did some things better than the first one but also did some things worst than the first one. Let’s start with the good stuff. Better pacing and story. While the first half of the movie felt rushed the second half was a lot better and allowed for more enjoyable moments and laughs. Good use of characters. We actually got to explore the backstory of Lilith and Akio in this movie which was good and got to see Liese return to the real world and express her feelings for Arata. Better action. The battle at the end at the end between Arata and Abyss Trinity was good. While I got a little confused with all the magic mumbo jumbo I still enjoyed seeing Arata kick ass and show us that he’s growing stronger. Animation and soundtrack were fantastic. The animation looked good and the soundtrack was also good as well. The bad stuff, the villain. Abyss Trinity feels like the villain from the first movie, only this time he was sudden, had no backstory, and no lead up to him at all. This leads to the second problem, no build up to this story. What exactly were Arata and the others doing out in Akio’s homeland to begin with? They just kind of drop us off there with no exploration as to why Arata and the others are there. Third, still not exploring the world or explaining the magic to where we can all understand. Once again we really don’t get a chance to explore the world of Trinity 7 and the magic explanation is still hard to follow. It feels more complicated than it needs to be and it shouldn’t.

Final Score

I give the second movie a 6.5/10. I liked it better than the first movie and I’m looking forward to watching the second season when it comes out. I’m hoping that in the second season we can explore the world more and get a better explanation into how the magic works in this world. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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