Nicktoon-cember Part 12: As Told by Ginger

Back in 2001 Nickelodeon created TEENick a 3-hour Sunday block that aired shows to reach preteens and teenagers. Most of the shows were live action shows but there was one nicktoon that was created specifically for TEENick and that show was As Told by Ginger. When it first aired I really didn’t pay that much […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 11: Rocket Power

If there was ever a show from the 90s that represented the extreme era that the 90s were known for and trying to force down the youth of America at the time it would have to be Rocket Power. In all honesty I feel that this show came out a little too late in the […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 10: The Wild Thornberrys

The Wild Thornberrys was the first nicktoon to use 22-mintutes of an episode to tell one story. At this time there was a few other shows like Captain Planet, Disneytoons, and other shows that used a full episode to tell one story but this was really Nickelodeon’s first attempt at trying to keep our attention […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 9: CatDog

Looking back CatDog is arguably one of the most bizarre shows to be on Nickelodeon and that’s saying something given the shows they shown up to this point. The show focuses on the life of conjoined brothers with one half being a cat and the other half being a dog. The idea behind the show […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 8: The Angry Beavers

During the mid-90s when Ren and Stimpy came to an end Nickelodeon was desperate to find a show that could capture that same craziness Ren and Stimpy were known for and I think the one show that tried it’s best to capture that was Angry Beavers. The show focuses on the two beaver brothers Daggett […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 7: Hey Arnold

Hey Arnold can be seen as one of the more underrated nicktoons. The show center around a boy named Arnold whose head was shaped like a football and the day to day adventures he had while living in New York with his grandparents. There really isn’t a whole lot to say about the show it’s […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 6: KaBlam!

KaBlam! is arguably one of the stranger shows Nickelodeon was doing at the time. The whole premise of the show is that it’s a collection of short animated shows that all take place within a comic book called KaBlam! The show was also run by two host characters named Henry who was the serious no […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 5: Aaahh!! Real Monsters

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters is a show I think a lot of people forget but if you ask me I think this is the show that might have inspired the Monster Inc. movies from Pixar. The story is set in New York and follows the adventures of three young monsters attending a monster academy in one […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 4: Rocko’s Modern Life

Before Joe Murray went on to create Camp Lazlo for Cartoon Network he created a racy show called Rocko’s Modern Life which was anything but modern. The show stars a wallaby named Rocko, who moved to America from Australia in a town called O-Town, USA. Rocko is a nice compassionate guy who works at the […]

Nicktoon-cember Part 3: Ren & Stimpy

One of the greatest cartoons of all time and in my opinion the original acid trip cartoon. The show focuses on the adventures of Ren an emotionally unstable Chihuahua and his good friend Stimpy a good-natured dim-witted cat. This show was just out there, there was never a coherent story it was just these two […]