The Entity Part 1

*In the system as Nitsuj is reviewing Demon King Daimou*

(Isis): Master seems to be doing well on his review.

(Mira): Indeed, and all sectors are clear of any anomalies so this is the perfect time to relax and catch up on some reading.

(Shizuku): Screw that I rather listen to music and play some games while eating.

(Yin-Yang): You keep eating and lying around like that you’re bound to get fat and lose your touch Shizuku. Although chances are all the fat will go to your breast and we all know if those get any bigger it’s going to be hard to tell where your face is.

(Shizuku): Funny. By the way hasn’t your tail been looking a bit fatter as a lately?

(Yin-Yang): What?

(Isis): Yeah I’ve noticed that too. Too many midnight snacks perhaps?

(Yin-Yang): Shut up. Stop trying to make me paranoid. Even if I do gain weight I can easily do a full week survival training and lose it in no time flat.

(Mira): Would you guys be quiet I’m trying to focus on my reading and Chibi Isis is- wait where is Chibi Isis?

(Isis): She went to go play with the cyber wolves. Apparently they’ve grown quite fond of her.

(Chibi Isis): Nee-chan!

*Chibi Isis appears while riding on top of a cyber wolf*

(Chibi Isis): There’s some strange beings attacking the system.

(Isis): Viruses?

(Mira): Impossible. I would have sensed them.

(Yin-Yang): Same here.

(Isis): New virus breed perhaps?

(Shizuku): Whatever it is *picks up hammer* why don’t we go say hello and see what our a little friend wants.

(Mira): I suppose we should check it out. And I was really starting to enjoy my down time. Lead the way Chibi Isis. You too cyber wolf.

(Cyber wolf): Woof.

*Isis, Mira, Shizuku, and Yin-Yang follow Chibi Isis and the cyber wolf to where the viruses are*

(Shizuku): Well you weren’t kidding Chibi. These are some strange looking viruses.

*Mira uses her glasses to try and identify them*

(Mira): Give me a minute to scan them and see what we’re up against. *Mira begins scanning them* What? Subject unknown. That’s impossible, there should be no virus out there I know nothing about.

(Yin-Yang): All the reason to take them down before they cause some problems *Yin-Yang pulls out her daggers*.

(Isis): Let’s make this quick but leave one alive so we can take it back and study it to know what we’re dealing with *pulls out sword*.

(Shizuku): Let’s go. Chibi give us some support from behind.

(Chibi Isis): Yes, Shi-chan.

*The girls approach the viruses*

(Mira): You fellas look as if you’re lost.

*viruses stare at the girls saying nothing*

(Isis): The quiet types huh. No worries those have their own appeal to the female.

*One of the viruses take a shot at Isis*

(Isis): Woah *moves out of the way*. You know that kind of thing only happens on the third date. The first date is always the date where the girl evaluates the man and you just failed *swings her sword slicing the virus in half*.

(Shizuku): And the first strike goes to Isis. But the most strikes belong to me.

*Shizuku and the others begin attacking the viruses taking them all down and leaving just one left*

(Yin-Yang): Alright buddy, just give yourself up.

(Mira): Remember leave this one alive so we can figure out just what it is.

(Yin-Yang): Yeah I know.

*As Yin-Yang approaches the virus the virus stops her attack and knocks her back.*

(Yin-Yang): Okay we got us a fighter here and he’s got skills.

(Shizuku): Nothing we can’t handle.

*The virus transforms into a giant monster-like spider*

(Isis): You were saying.

(Shizuku): Okay this might be a problem.

*The virus begins swatting at the girls with its legs but they easily dodge them. Mira throws her cyber disc hoping to destroy one of the legs but it just bounces off the leg not affecting it at all.*

(Mira): Its legs are quite strong. Focus on the main body.

(Isis): I’m on it. *Puts sword away and takes out her AI guns* Make it rain.

*Isis begins rapidly firing at the virus but the bullets keep getting deflected by the creature and having little to no effect.*

(Shizuku): Time for a little physical contact with this bastard.

*Shizuku charges at the virus with her hammer hoping to smash the body but just like the other attacks they don’t affect the creature at all.*

(Shizuku): Well this sucks. How do you smash something that refuses to get smashed?

*The virus fires a web at Isis, Mira, and Shizuku trapping them in a web with no escape.*

(Isis): I can’t get loose.

(Mira): Me neither.

*The virus begins moving towards them but Yin-Yang comes in and begins attacking it from underneath*

(Yin-Yang): If you can’t harm the thing head-on than we’ll attack from below.

*Yin-Yang begins slicing away at the underbody of the virus hurting it. The virus tries to catch her but with Yin-Yang’s amazing speed and agility she’s able to avoid being hit and continue attacking.*

(Chibi Isis): AI magic arts: Kaki hakushu (Fire clap).

*Chibi Isis claps her hands and fire comes bursting out which destroys the web holding Isis, Mira, and Shizuku.*

(Chibi Isis): Shi-chan get that virus to fall on his back. Mi-chan hold that thing down when the time comes and Nee-chan wait for my signal to attack.

(Isis, Mira, and Shizuku): Roger.

*Shizuku takes out her shotgun gauntlets and begins throwing punches at the virus’ face which makes it a little dizzy.

(Shizuku): Just. Go. Down. For. The. Count. *Virus fires another web at Shizuku but she dodges it* Sandanjuu appa-katto (Shotgun uppercut)!

*As Shizuku launches into the air delivering her uppercut the virus also flies in the air and hits the ground landing on its back *.

(Chibi Isis): Mi-chan, Nee-chan! Now!

*Mira takes out her whip and wraps it around the virus’ head to stop it from getting up. Isis takes her sword back out and throws it into the body of the virus causing it to scream out in pain.


(Yin-Yang): Okay we just pierced this thing with a sword and pissed it off. What comes next?

(Chibi Isis): Then came the storm. AI magic arts: Raikou touji (Lightning reign)!

*As Chibi Isis finishes her spell multiple bolts of lightning come shooting down and struck the sword lunged into the virus shocking it several times until the virus begins to return to normal.*

(Chibi Isis): Sorry Mi-chan. But I felt that if we allowed it to live it would have put us in danger.

(Mira): It’s alright. I just wish we knew what is, where it came from, and why none of us could sense it.

*Isis goes to examine the virus*

(Isis): Oh you got to be kidding me.

(Shizuku): What?

(Isis): Look no further for questions because I know who and where this thing came from. For starters it’s not a virus it’s a puppet that’s why Mira couldn’t analyze it.

(Mira): Okay. But then why didn’t any of us sense this dangerous strange creature in the first place?

(Isis): Because it’s not a threat, it’s actually on our side. This creature was created by the other AI.

(Yin-Yang): What other AI? The master only has us and the wolves.

(Isis): You forget there’s one more AI who lives in this system as well. The Reaper.

(Shizuku): Son of a bitch!

*After the girls figure out that the spider virus was created by The Reaper they rush off to his place hoping to find answers and see what he wants. They arrive at his holding cell which is at a far end of the system.*

(Shizuku): Man it’s dark here. Are we still in the system?

(Mira): So this is where that bastard spends all of his time. He certainly has made the place dark and cozy hasn’t he?

(Yin-Yang): I’m really not liking this. I sense a lot of death and darkness here. It’s very unpleasant.

(Isis): Believe me I know how you feel. Me and Chibi try to avoid this place at all cost because not only is the guy creepy but just being at this place attracts a lot of viruses.

(Yin-Yang): Really?

(Chibi Isis): Nii-chan created The Reaper for the sole purpose of destroying any viruses that might enter the system. Because of this a lot of the viruses are attracted to The Reaper and he easily destroys them for us.

(Yin-Yang): So that explains why there aren’t too many major virus attacks on the system. I always wondered how the master was keeping this place under control and now it all makes sense.

(Mira): But even with him here, viruses show up in our area and we have to fight them.

(Isis): There are some viruses out there that can resist The Reaper’s pull and make their way to our area where it becomes are duty to take care of them. Basically we along with the wolves are the second line of defense in case The Reaper fails to destroy certain viruses. He usually takes care of the bigger viruses but let’s the smaller viruses get by as his way to keep us in shape. Personally, I’d rather not share the same system with him but he does make our jobs a lot easier. Let’s go see what he wants and get out of here.

*The girls enter the holding cell where they arrive in front of The Reaper who is locked up in a cell listening to opera music while reading Hellsing*

(Reaper): Ah~ Lady Isis and Young Chibi. You’ve finally come, I was wondering when you would arrive, and I see you bought the newbies. I must apologize, we met once but I never got the chance to formally introduce myself to you. I am The Reaper the first line of defense against viruses in this system. I look forward to working with you. So how was my spider virus? By the looks of it I can tell it gave you girls quite a fight.

(Isis): Yes, very cute. Alright you know why we’re here so let’s dispense with the small talk and cut to the chase. Why did you send a bunch of puppets to attack us? Is it because your six months of silence is up and you wanted to get a good laugh out of watching us fighting?

(Reaper): Calm yourself Lady Isis. Do you take me for a common sadist? There is a reason why I sent my puppets to face you. I needed to talk to you. All of you.

(Mira): About what?

(Reaper): About a recent disturbance I’ve been feeling in the outer rim of the system. A power which I have not felt before but at the same time is quite similar to the powers you and I possess. Lately, more and more viruses have been attempting to attack the system some of them that have been dormant for some time are now moving towards the system but luckily I’ve been able to handle them before they become a big threat.

(Shizuku): So what’s your point?

(Reaper): My point is someone or something in the outer rim is controlling the movements of the viruses as of lately. A being the viruses are calling The Entity and it must be dealt with before they launch a full assault on the system that not even I can stop.

(Isis): And you want us to go into the den of the monsters and take out this entity you’re talking about.

(Reaper): Quick as always Lady Isis. That is exactly why I summoned you here. I want you go into the outer rim, find this Entity person causing all this trouble, and take him out. That will stop a lot of these big viruses from coming into my territory and strike a little fear into them as well.

(Mira): You can’t be serious! The outer rim is no joke, that place is crawling with viruses of all levels and unknown beings. You’re basically asking us to venture out into the World Wide Web. Why can’t you go investigate this entity yourself? Six months have passed you’re free to move around all you want now.

(Reaper): While it’s true I am free to move now throughout the system if I were to go out and investigate the 1st line of defense would be broken allowing the more dangerous viruses to enter our system and you would all be forced to fight them one after the other. Plus have you forgotten? Viruses are naturally attracted to me, once I enter the outer rim they will more than likely attack me but if you 5 were to go you could easily make your way through the outer rim and return back safely without attracting too much attention. Now what do you say? Go out and do this task for me or do you want to fight viruses that make my spider puppet look like child’s play.

(Isis): Alright. We’ll go. But at the same time you have to promise us that you’ll protect the system and master. If anything happens to him while we’re gone I’ll-

(Reaper): I would welcome it. You have my word that the system as well as Master Nitsuj will be protected at all cost as long as I’m around. I’ve prepared a boat to sail you into the outer rim and I’ve prepared cloaks to hide your powers so you’ll appear like regular beings to the citizens of the outer rim but I would still exercise caution as you travel and mingle out there. Now go.

*The girls leave the Reaper’s cell and make their way to the shore of the system that separates them from the outer rim and put on the cloaks that the Reaper prepared for them.*

(Mira): Okay so here’s the plan. We go in there, find the entity, destroy it, and leave. We keep fights and interactions with others to a minimum and stick together at all times. If you get lost chances are we won’t see you again.

(Isis and Yin-Yang): Agreed.

(Shizuku): You’re really asking me for a lot on the whole fighting but okay I’ll do my best to avoid them. But if one of them tries to get fresh with me I’m kicking ass, taking names, and laughing.

(Isis): That’s fine with me.

(Mira): Same here.

(Yin-Yang): No complaints there.

(Isis): Chibi Isis time to go.

(Chibi Isis): Coming! I was just leaving a message for Nii-chan.

*Chibi Isis gets in the boat with the others and they sail into the fog where they would come out on the other side into what was known as the outer rim but unbeknownst to them someone was watching them from afar.*

(Entity): So they took the bait. I’ve been waiting for this day to come for a long time.

To be continued

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