The Entity Part 2

*A few days have pass since the AI girls entered the outer rim. In the time that they were in there they made their way through dense forests and fought many low level viruses along the way. They came across a few towns with other intelligent AIs and viruses and interrogated them for information about the Entity. All of which knew nothing about the creature and some didn’t even believe existed. As the girls were beginning to feel as if their mission was a wild goose chase they overheard a few viruses talk about the Entity in a another town not too far from their current position. The girls decided to make their way to this town in the hopes of finally finding some information.*

(Isis): *Sigh* We seem to be finding just about everything in this forest except the place we want to go.

*A big wasp virus approaches Isis and Mira slices it in half with her blade disc*

(Isis): I think I had that one.

(Mira): I know. I just wanted to kill something to vent out some anger on walking through this forest.

(Chibi Isis): You don’t like the forest Mi-chan?

(Mira): Yes, I’m not much of an outdoorsman or woman in this case. It’s filthy, smelly, filled with the unknown and every minute- *a bear virus appears behind Mira and Chibi Isis*.

(Shizuku): Kanadzuchi tekika (Hammer Drop)!

*Shizuku leaps into the air and does a 360 spin to build momentum for her attack. Her hammer hits the bear on the head and it falls to the ground unconscious after bouncing off the ground a little once*.

(Mira): Something is trying to kill you.

(Yin-Yang): Don’t be such a stick in the mud. This forest is great, I should start coming out here for more of my survival training. This place is perfect since it’s crawling with so many viruses. Come on forest, throw everything you got at me, I can take it.

(Mira): Glad to see one of us is having fun. Now stop goofing around and climb up the tree and give us a survey on where we’re at.

(Yin-Yang): Roger.

*Yin-Yang climbs up a nearby tree and begins to jump from tree to tree perfectly landing on each branch. She finally reaches a giant tree where she climbs to the top to see her surroundings.*

(Isis): What do your wolf eyes see Yin-Yang?

(Yin-Yang): Forest. As far as day. Wait. I see a town, about 10 kilometers east of here. I think it’s the place we’re supposed to go to next.

(Shizuku): Good eyes. Let’s get movin’. The eyes in the forest are starting to get anxious of our presence.

(Chibi Isis): What do you mean?

(Shizuku): Look around you.

*Shizuku and the others look around and notice that wolf viruses have surrounded them completely.*

(Mira): When did they surround us?

(Isis): By slowly moving in packs one after the other until we stopped. Yin-Yang any chance you can talk to these guys?

(Yin-Yang): I’ll give it a try.

*Yin-Yang jumps down from the giant tree and as she’s falling she throws a kunai at the tree with a rope attached to it. She grabs the rope and swings down to the ground safely and unharmed.*

(Yin-Yang): Nailed it.

*Yin-Yang approaches the ringleader of the wolves and begins talking to it to see if he’ll let them through. After talking and blushing a little she returns to the others to explain their situation.*

(Mira): So what he say?

(Yin-Yang): Okay, apparently this part of the forest is their territory and they don’t take kindly to strangers even if one of them is a very voluptuous wolf such as me *Yin-Yang blushes a little*.

(Isis): So what does this mean for us?

(Yin-Yang): Well since we trespassed they’re going to kill and eat you and then they’re going to turn me into their queen where they’ll rape me to give birth to stronger offsprings. *Everyone gives Yin-Yang a blank stare of disbelief* So in other words *Yin-Yang throws a smoke bomb on the ground* haul ass!

*Following Yin-Yang’s words the girls begin to run east through the forest while the wolves chase them.*

(Isis): Somehow and some way I know this is your fault Yin-Yang.

(Yin-Yang): Oh sure let’s all blame the wolf.

(Shizuku, Mira, and Chibi Isis): Yes!

*As the girls run they come to a fork in the road*

(Shizuku): Fork!

(Mira): Split into two teams. Split up their numbers.

*Isis and Yin-Yang go left while Mira, Shizuku, and Chibi Isis go right. The path that Isis and Yin-Yang leads them down into a valley.*

(Yin-Yang): Here they come. *One wolf jumps from above and attacks Yin-Yang but she catches it and rolls to the ground with it. Both of them roll to the ground and Yin-Yang takes out a knife where she throws it at the wolf and it strikes him right between the eyes. Another wolf comes from behind her but she dodges the attack, throws him to the ground and uses her hidden dagger to stab the wolf in the neck killing it instantly*. Keep going I’ll catch up on the high road.

(Isis): I guess I’ll take care of business on the low road. *As three wolves get ready to jump from the high road Isis pulls out her AI guns and fires at the two on the right and takes out the one on the left just as it was about to bite her. 4 more appear in an overhead in front of her so she does a baseball slide to slide underneath the overhead and flips around on her belly to shoot the wolves from behind*. That’s what you get for underestimating Little Blue Riding Hood.

*Isis continues to run from the wolves while fighting them off. On Yin-Yang’s part she comes to a standstill where she takes on the wolves with her bare hands*.

(Yin-Yang): Howling kick! Sharp chop! *5 wolves jump at her at the same time* Ippai tsuki jiten (Full moon spin) *Yin-Yang begins to spin on one foot creating a gust of strong wind that blows the wolves away*! Is this all you lousy mutts can do? You have no rights to call yourselves wolves! *As Yin-Yang begins to run forward to catch up to Isis a pack of 12 wolves appear in front of her and she stops* This means nothing *Yin-Yang plants her left foot forward, takes a deep breath, and builds up power in her hands*. Ookami sattou (Wolf rush) *Yin-Yang suddenly launches forward at the blink of an eye and blows pass them where all the wolves are blown into the air and fall to the ground completely knocked out*! Hang on Isis, I’m coming.

*Back on Isis’ side she reaches the edge of a cliff where she becomes surrounded by the wolves and they steadily approach her.*

(Isis): *Puts away AI guns and takes out a black samurai sword called Shadow’s Requiem* Let the dance begin. *The wolves come charging at her and she begins slicing them out one by one. They begin attacking her from all directions but Isis is able to either dodge or counter their attacks and kill them instead. After slicing through about 15 or so Yin-Yang finally shows up to lend a helping hand*. What kept you?

(Yin-Yang): I had a few boys who were too clinging so I had to knock them out.

(Isis): Well aren’t you the popular one. Let’s do this.

(Yin-Yang): Ready when you are *takes out double sided spear*.

*Isis and Yin-Yang charge at the large pack of wolves and begin taking them all down one by one while watch each other’s back. After slicing through over a dozen of them they prepare for their final attack.

(Isis and Yin-Yang): Enbu no tsuki shojo (Waltz of the moon maiden)!

*Isis and Yin-Yang begin moving at a speed so fast that not even the wolves can catch them. During this, Isis and Yin-Yang move through their ranks. Slicing them one by one defeating all of them and walking away like nothing happened. After their attack the wolves all fall to ground dead and defeated.*

(Yin-Yang): Good work.

(Isis): Just like we practiced *High fives Yin-Yang*.

(Yin-Yang): How do you think the others are doing?

*A blast goes off in the distance*

(Isis): I’d say pretty well. Let’s go.

*While Isis and Yin-Yang were working their way towards Shizuku’s team, Shizuku’s team was having their own fight with the wolves.*

(Chibi Isis): AI double sword style: Saiba moui (Cyber fury).

(Mira): Shitsurei bu-meran (Disc boomerang)!

(Shizuku): Kanadzuchi shōgekiha (Hammer shockwave)!

*Chibi Isis slashes through 6 wolves. Mira’s cyber disc attacks one of the wolves bounces off of 3 other wolves before returning to her. Shizuku smashes her hammer on the ground which releases a shockwave that blows the wolves away.*

(Mira): Now do you see why I prefer the city over nature?

(Chibi Isis): Starting to see it.

(Shizuku): Still not seeing it. Probably all because I’m having fun.

*8 wolves approach and surround them.*

(Mira): *Takes out whip* Shizuku!

(Shizuku): Ready!

*Mira wraps whip around Shizuku’s free arm and swings her around allowing Shizuku to hit the wolves with her hammer.

(Mira and Shizuku): Meri-go-hanma (Merry-go-hammer)!

*After defeating those wolves a giant wolf approaches them.*

(Shizuku): He’s big.

(Mira): You’ve knocked out bigger.

(Shizuku): True *puts away hammer and takes out gauntlets*. I accept your unconditional knockout.

*The giant wolf smirks at Shizuku’s comment not believing her. The giant lifts its paw attempting to smash Shizuku but he misses. Shizuku dodges to the left and readies her left hand for a punch.*

(Shizuku): SK-Punch!

*Shizuku hits the giant wolf with a left hand punch which knocks the wolf out immediately.*

(Chibi Isis): Winner! The nee-chan with the red hair.

(Shizuku): Anybody else want a taste of AI Dynamite?

*After the giant wolf is defeated a pack of 30 wolves show up prepared to fight*

(Mira): I think they might want a taste.

(Shizuku): Oh look, houses made of straw, wood, and bricks in the distance. Retreat.

*Shizuku, Mira, and Chibi Isis run with the 30 wolves right on their tail. They reach a cliff with a lake below it. Chibi Isis flies down to make sure it’s safe.*

(Chibi Isis): It’s okay there’s no animals inside.

*Shizuku gives Mira a smile.*

(Mira): No. Hell no. I am not jumping into forest water who knows what’s been in there.

(Shizuku): Okay, have fun fighting the wolves *Shizuku jumps off the cliff into the lake below*.

(Mira): *Looks back to see the wolves* Ohh~ *jumps off the cliff*. I hate the forest~!

*Mira splashes into the lake below totally soaked and disgusted by the lake.*

(Chibi Isis): Mi-chan get out of the water quickly they’re coming.

*Mira gets out of the water just as the wolves dive in following them. They all land in the water.*

(Chibi Isis): This is where I come in. AI magic arts: Hyouga iki (Glacier breath).

*Chibi Isis blows and freezes up the whole lake with all the wolves still in the lake.*

(Shizuku): Nice Chibi *pats her on the head*.

(Mira): Indeed. Come on I sense the others up ahead.

*Mira and the others go up ahead of the path where they rejoin Isis and Yin-Yang.*

(Yin-Yang): Hey there, looks like you guys have a bit of a run in with the wolves as well.

(Shizuku): Nothing we couldn’t handle. I actually knocked out a big one and Chibi Isis froze a lake full of them.

(Isis): And I assume by Mira’s appearance she took a dip in the lake to bathe off the forest filth she’s been talking about.

(Mira): Shut up. Come on we’re almost out of here. We just head down this path and-

*The leader of the wolves appears before them blocking their way. Behind him are the rest of his pack.*

(Shizuku): So the leader finally shows himself.

(Yin-Yang): I’ll handle this.

*Yin-Yang approaches the wolf leader*

(Yin-Yang): Just you and me. One on one. If you think you have what it takes to make me yours prove it right here and now.

*The wolf leader leaps and attacks Yin-Yang but she dodges just in time.*

(Mira): He’s faster than the other wolves.

*Yin-Yang takes out a few daggers and throws them at the wolf but he dodges all of them.*

(Isis): And agile. I see why the others follow him.

(Shizuku): I’m not worried. Yin-Yang was just testing the water now the fight really begins.

*Yin-Yang and the wolf charge at each other exchanging a series of attacks but they keep dodging each other’s attacks.*

(Yin-Yang): You are truly a strong opponent. *Points dagger at the wolf* But you’re still not as strong as another man I’ve faced.

*Yin-Yang charges at the wolf as does the wolf and the two leap in the air exchanging their final attacks on each other. They both land on the ground. A few seconds pass and Yin-Yang goes down on one knee. The wolf turns his head and smiles at Yin-Yang before falling to the ground signaling that he’s died.*


(Other wolves): AROOOOOOOOOOO~!

*After howling the wolves take their leave realizing their defeat.*

(Chibi Isis): Yin-chan that was great.

(Isis): Really awesome Yin-Yang.

(Yin-Yang): Thanks.

(Mira): What was up with that howling at the end?

(Yin-Yang): That was just me respecting their leader. While he was trying to kill us that guy was a strong fighter and their leader so I wanted to give my respects and apology to the pack. They said it was okay, he died with honor and that we have earned the right to pass through here.

(Shizuku): Oh. So should we howl too or something to give our respects?

(Yin-Yang): No. The moments gone. Come on, they said that if we follow this path it’ll take us down to the town’s front gate.

(Mira): Finally. I can’t wait to get a shower and sleep in a warm bed.

*They all walk down the path towards the town while exchanging banter and seeing who had the most kills.*

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