The Entity Part 3

*After arriving in town the girls rent a room and spend a few days resting before continuing their search. It turns out the town was a tourist trap but they made sure to keep a low profile as not to attract too much attention.*

(Mira): Well we’ve been in town for a few days and yet I still haven’t found a lead into this Entity character. I’ve searched the local libraries hoping to find some history on it but all the books say nothing about him.

(Isis): My search came up empty too. I asked the tourists as well as establishments here and everybody just thought it was a joke. At least I got a free drink from all of it so it’s not too bad. How was your search Chibi Isis.

(Chibi Isis): I asked the kids if they knew anything about it and apparently they do but they’re referring to a card game they play at school. The whole thing was even more needlessly confusing than Yu-Gi-Oh so I just took my leave after talking to them.

*Yin-Yang returns to join the others who are in the middle of eating.*

(Waiter): What can I get for you miss?

(Yin-Yang): Root beer and meat. Make sure it’s raw.

(Waiter): Right away miss.

(Isis): I’m guessing you had no luck either?

(Yin-Yang): Somewhat. I went to the local dojos and apparently this Entity guy is just some myth.

(Chibi Isis): A myth?

(Yin-Yang): Yeah apparently he’s the ghost of this great evil virus from long ago that got defeated by his own kind and now he roams the system seeking them out to exact his revenge.

(Isis): So all we got so far on this Entity creature is a joke, a card game, and a myth that’s used to scare children. What’s next the name of an alcoholic beverage?

(Waiter): Oh so you’ve heard of our Entity beverage. We just added it to the menu not too long ago.

*Isis has an embarrassed look on her face.*

(Yin-Yang): Okay you gotta admit that was funny. It’s always the little things in life that make you laugh.

(Isis): And it’s always the big things in life that annoy you the most.

*Shizuku comes in and sits with the others.*

(Shizuku): Good news ladies I found us a lead.

(Mira): Excellent! Tell us what you know.

(Shizuku): Nothing.

(Mira, Isis, and Yin-Yang): WHAT!

(Shizuku): I know nothing but I found someone who does. After exploring the underground world of the city and “talking” with the local crowd down there I discovered that there’s a guy by the name of Bluu who can give us the information.

(Mira): Interesting, so where is this Bluu character?

(Shizuku): You won’t need to search far. He lives in town and runs a night club called B-Up. All we gotta do is just go in there, find the guy, and “talk” to him.

(Isis): Alright let’s rest up. With our good looks we should be able to get in without much trouble.

(Shizuku): Uh yeah about that. The club is actually a gentlemen’s club. Girls aren’t allowed in.

(Yin-Yang): Okay, then this is where I come in. I’ll sneak into his office, corner him, and drag him outside so we can have our “talk”.

(Mira): Yes that works perfectly.

(Isis): Indeed, and since he doesn’t know you he’ll never see you coming.

(Chibi Isis): Yeah Yin-chan can do it no problem.

(Shizuku): Yeah~ that idea does sound good except I’ve already worked out a plan to get us in.

*Throws down a paper for all the girls to see.*

(Isis): Shizuku, you didn’t.

(Shizuku): I thought for sure you guys wouldn’t come up with any other plan. At least give me credit I didn’t sign up Chibi for the job so if things go south we have someone on the outside to help.

(Mira): I don’t believe this. What the hell were you thinking?

(Yin-Yang): No, I won’t do it. This goes against my pride as a wolf, a ninja, and as a wolf ninja. Let’s just stick with my plan.

(Shizuku): Can’t. I kinda told him what we all look like to get us in so sneaking in won’t work all that well.

(Mira): I swear on my life you will pay for this one day.

(Shizuku): I’m sorry. By the way, I forgot to mention it earlier but this is a cosplay club.

(Yin-Yang): RAWWWWWR~

*Yin-Yang dives across the table attempting to strangle Shizuku while Isis, Mira, and Chibi Isis try to restrain her. That night the girls minus Chibi Isis go to the club where they are posing as waitresses while wearing cosplay outfits to excite the customers. Isis is dressed as a cat, Mira a bunny, Shizuku Chinese dress waitress, and Yin-Yang as a maid in high kneesocks with a short skirt.*

(Mira): Here’s your drink sir. Please enjoy.

*As Mira walks away the customer grabs her arm and pulls her into his lap.*

(Customer): What’s your hurry little bunny? I’ve never seen you around here before. You new?

(Mira): Uh yes. I’m very new to this.

(Customer): Don’t worry *begins to rub her butt and right boob*. I’ll be sure to show you the ropes *goes in for the kiss*

(Mira): *Uses waitress tray to knockout the customer* Perverted maggot!

*Mira walks away and returns to the food counter to pick up an order where she runs into Isis and Shizuku.*

(Mira): That’s the third time one of these perverts has tried to kiss me. The next time someone does that I’m shoving a disc blade up their ass.

(Isis): I saw. It’s better than me. 4 guys have grabbed my tail and 2 have rubbed my butt. It took everything I had just to stop myself from shooting them.

(Shizuku): Oh come on guys it’s not like this hasn’t happen before. Boss does this sort of stuff to us all the time.

(Isis): True. But when he does it it’s fun, charming, and a little cute. While I admit his perverted actions are wrong I give him credit. When he does it he makes sure the mood is right and doesn’t do anything that would make us feel uncomfortable or put us in distress. Besides hasn’t your party been trying to take a peek up your dress all night?

(Shizuku): Don’t get me started on those perverts. I had to knock out two of them to send a message to others. Unfortunately it turns out they’re into that sort of thing.

(???): *Chuckles* Sounds like you newbies have it rough out there.

* A waitress with short bright orange hair and green eyes wearing a cheerleader outfit approaches Isis, Mira and Shizuku*

(Shizuku): You can tell huh.

(???): Yep, you guys are giving off that aura driving all the guys crazy. Names Tess, welcome aboard.

(Isis): A pleasure to meet you.

(Mira): Likewise.

(Tess): Well since you’re newbies allow your senpai to give you a few words of advice. Don’t let these guys get to you, just smile and stay friendly. It’s alright to clock a few heads here and there but make sure not to go to overboard otherwise you’ll get in trouble. Also, have a little more confidence out there. You’re letting them know you’re timid and scared and once they pick that up they’ll eat you alive just like that maid over there.

*Tess points to the maid who happens to be Yin-Yang getting her skirt flipped, tail pulled, and her ears tickled by customers.*

(Shizuku): Yeah I sure don’t wanna end up like her.

(Yin-Yang): Cut it out!

*Yin-Yang karate chops the customers tickling her ears, punches the guy pulling her tail, and super kicks the customer flipping her skirt.*

(Yin-Yang): Let that be a lesson to the rest of you!

*Yin-Yang begins to walk over to where Isis and the others are at.*

(Shizuku): How’s it going out there little maid ninja.

(Yin-Yang): Kiss my ass you Chinese dress wearing wench. If it haven’t been for you I wouldn’t be feeling such discomfort and disgrace. Let’s just find this Bluu guy and get out of here.

(Tess): Oh you guys are looking for boss Bluu. He’s showing up a little late tonight. Apparently the DJ he hired cancelled on us and he’s been scrambling looking for a new one. What’s your business with him?

(Mira): We believe he knows the whereabouts of someone we’re looking for. You seem like a nice person, if things start to look bad get to safety, we don’t want you getting caught in the crossfire.

(Tess): Thanks but are you guys sure you wanna pick a fight with him? I know he’s a scumbag who’s made some bad dealings and deserves a few punches but that guy is very well protected. In fact he’s got this whole place crawling with bodyguards. Some of them are even customers in disguise.

(Isis): That’s just more proof that tells us he knows what we want to know.

(Bluu): Hello~ Club B-Up!

*Bluu enters the room with two bodyguards by his side. He has the appearance of a short and blue blob-like creature and speaks with an Irish accent.*

(Bluu): Sorry I’m late. I had to find us tonight’s music entertainment. Please welcome fresh off the streets and in to me club DJ Chibi

*Air horn goes off and Chibi Isis appears in the DJ booth with her hair spiked and wearing sunglasses as the crowd cheers*

(Isis, Mira, Shizuku, and Yin-Yang): WHAT!

(Tess): What a very cute and small DJ. You guys heard of her?

(Isis): More like we know her.

(Chibi Isis): To all the party nii-chans out there. You are now entering The Beat where party time is all the time and I’m the DJ who keeps the party going. Now all Nee-chans on the dance floor you know what time it is it’s time for Catch Bluu’s eye.

*Crowd begins to cheer as the girls rush to the dance floor.*

(Yin-Yang): What’s going on?

(Tess): It’s a competition. Every night Bluu chooses one of the waitresses to be his girl for the night. On top of having to do almost no work whatsoever for the night you get a big tip from him as well.

(Chibi Isis): The rules are simple. I’m gonna play one song and you guys are to dance all sexy like to get Bluu-chan’s attention. The nee-chan to catch Bluu’s attention wins the game. Ready? Go!

*Chibi Isis starts playing Viva Namida (Space Dandy Opening).*

(Isis): I see now. She’s giving us an advantage in this match.

(Shizuku): So that’s why she posed as a DJ.

(Mira): Well done Chibi Isis. I’ve really gotta stop underestimating that girl.

(Yin-Yang): Talk later. This is our jam.

*As all the girls dance it was obvious that the girls outside of Isis, Mira, Shizuku, and Yin-Yang knew very little about the song they were dancing to and couldn’t get a good feel of it resulting in their moves being weak and unappealing. The AI girls however were doing a great job showing off getting everyone’s attention but Bluu had already decided long before the match who he wanted to be his girl for the night.*

(Chibi Isis): Alright Bluu-chan who’s the lucky nee-chan that caught your eye?

*Bluu points his finger to Mira*

(Chibi Isis): And the lucky nee-chan tonight is the bunny nee-chan.

*Air horn goes off as Bluu goes to meet Mira*

(Bluu): My my. You certainly have all the qualities of a fine intelligent woman *grabs Mira’s hand and kisses it*. What say we retire to me private office where we can be alone me darling? DJ Chibi keep this party going.

(Chibi Isis): Yes!

*Music begins playing as Bluu leads Mira by the hand to a private room on the second floor that oversees the club through a one way mirror where they can be alone.*

(Bluu): Might I interest you in your drink miss um. . .-

(Mira): Mira and yes. Anything non-alcoholic is fine with me. I’m on the clock.

(Bluu): A woman who likes to keep her mind clear during work hours. I like that. Also, quite the lovely name. Come, have a seat beside me.

*Mira goes to sit next to Bluu.*

(Mira): This is quite the establishment you have here.

(Bluu): Oh it’s nothing too great. It’s just enough to help pay some taxes and take care of a few other things.

(Mira): I’m curious, why did you choose me? There were plenty of girls down there who were prettier than me I’m sure they would have been a better fit.

(Bluu): I’m not gonna lie. I was planning on picking you right from the start. You have an aura around you that attracts me to you. I wanted to know a little more about you and where you come from. It’s rare to see an advanced AI girl such as yourself in these parts

(Mira): How did you know?

(Bluu): When you’ve been around the block like me you see and meet a lot of interesting people. Now what’s your story?

(Mira): There’s not much to my story, I was created long ago by a man who wanted an assistant to help him with his projects. He was strange, funny, a little bit of a pervert but he had a good heart and enjoyed what he was doing. I really did enjoy my time with him.

(Bluu): Sounds like quite the man. Might I ask where he’s at now?

(Mira): I’m afraid he’s no longer around.

(Bluu): Oh sorry.

(Mira): It’s okay, it happened a long time ago and while it was difficult at first I found and made some new friends and met another man who shared the same passion as my previous creator.

*Multiple sequence of flashbacks*

(Isis): Hey Mira I found you a book you might be interested in reading.

(Yin-Yang): Hey Mira I’m having a hard time executing this one move, mind helping me out?

(Shizuku): I see you beat my high score in Resogun again. I swear that brain of yours is only good at pissing me off.

(Chibi Isis): Thanks Mi-chan, you always know how to make things simple.

(Nitsuj): I know I can’t replace your master but I promise I will never make you feel lonely.

*Flashback ends*

(Mira): *Tears up a little* Thanks to them I was able to find happiness again.

(Bluu): That’s quite the touching story. A toast. To good friends.

*Bluu and Mira toast their drinks and drink them.*

(Bluu): Alright, now that the small talk is over. I think this room might be feeling a little toasty.

*Pushes Mira down onto the couch*

(Bluu): Why don’t we take those clothes off of you?

(Mira): I see. You pretended to sympathize with me and lower my guard hoping I wouldn’t notice you drugging my drink to make me more open to your desires. Too bad it doesn’t affect me.

*Mira punches Bluu to the floor where he lands in front of the mirror.*

(Bluu): Impossible! How are you resisting the drug?

(Mira): My new master, the guy I was talking about earlier gave my body an upgrade. Stuff like drugs or viruses don’t affect me at all.

*Punches Bluu through the glass where he lands on the dance floor writhing in pain while everyone runs panicking. Mira jumps out the room and on to the floor ready to dish out some more punishment.*

(Bluu): Security! Get her! Kill this bitch!

*8 Bodyguards come rushing towards Mira.*

(Isis): AI sword style: Kuroneko no komoriuta (Black cat lullaby).

*Isis passes through the guards at quick speed slashing all of them.*

(Bluu): What are you waiting for shoot her!

*Two bodyguards in the raptors with sniper guns target Isis and Mira*

(Yin-Yang): Ookami hajiku (Wolf flip)!

(Chibi Isis): AI four sword style: X Kousa (X Cross)!

*Yin-Yang sneaks up from behind one of the snipers and wraps her legs around his neck where she flips him onto his back knocking him out. Chibi Isis made two copies of herself and had them do an X slash attack with their swords to take out the other sniper.*

(Shizuku): Well, looks like you’re all alone.

*Shizuku approaches Bluu from behind*

(Bluu): Security! Get them! Get them!

(Shizuku): Don’t bother, as soon as I saw you fall through the mirror I ran out and took care of the other bodyguards and I imagine it’s hard getting up when you have a few broken bones and ribs. *Cocks right shotgun gauntlet* Let’s take this guy out Mira.

*Mira covers her left arm in disc blades.*

(Mira): I can forgive being touched by perverts. I can also forgive working in an establishment that degrades women. I can even forgive you trying to drug and rape me. But what I can’t forgive is you hearing my story and ignoring it like it was nothing.

*Mira and Shizuku both run towards Bluu from both sides with Mira’s left arm out and Shizuku’s right arm out*

(Mira and Shizuku): Nijuu disuku sandanjuu lariat (Double disc shotgun lariat)!

*Bluu goes flying in the air doing a 360 spin totally unconscious and hits the ground still unconscious. He wakes up on top of his club dangling from the roof by rope.*

(Bluu): AHHHHH~!

(Mira): Oh good you’re awake now. I have one question to ask you. What is the Entity?

(Bluu): I don’t know! It’s just some made up ghost story to scare kids.

*Mira takes her whip and whips the back of Bluu.*

(Bluu): AHHHHHH~! You bitch!

(Mira): Do not lie to me. Now tell me what you know about the Entity before I start whipping you below the belt.

(Bluu): Alright alright I’ll talk! The Entity isn’t a fairy tale. It was real and still is real. Some university student in London created it years ago to hack into his university’s database and change his grades but something went wrong and instead of changing grades it just destroyed the grades entirely. The university found out about the virus and had the kid expelled but they couldn’t contain the virus so instead they abandoned their old database sealing the virus in there. After that incident it’s been quiet ever since until recently it’s been sending more primitive viruses to attack some system of sorts.

(Mira): That system is ours. Why is it attacking our system answer me?

(Bluu): I don’t know. Maybe you must of pissed it off or something. That thing pretty much keeps to itself and can’t leave the computer database it’s stuck in.

(Isis): Where’s this database?

(Bluu): Its north of here in some remote ruins up the river. That’s all I know I swear!

(Mira): Thank you Bluu. It’s been a pleasure talking with you.

*The girls begin to walk away leaving Bluu hung.*

(Bluu): Wait! You cannae’ just leave me here!

(Mira): You’re right. Yin-Yang.

*Yin-Yang throws a knife which cuts the rope and sends Bluu falling into a dumpster below.*

(Yin-Yang): That’s for making me dress as a maid you son of a bitch.

(Shizuku): Well we know who’s responsible for the attack and we know where to find them. Let’s go meet them.

(Isis): I’m all for that, Bluu was nice enough to give us the keys to his yacht.

*As they’re walking out the back to reach Bluu’s yacht they run into Tess.*

(Tess): Hey, you guys heading out? Best of luck on your journey. It was nice meeting you and thanks for the extra tip money. You girls know how to put on a good show.

(Mira): Thanks. It was nice meeting you too. If you’re ever in our neck of the woods come by sometime. We’ll have a girls’ night out.

(Tess): Sounds great. I’ll definitely come visit.

*The girls board the yacht and wave farewell to their new friend Tess. They set out north to the destination of The Entity where they hope to end the attacks and get answers.*

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