00 Otaku Part 20

*While Seras was in the middle of fighting Arthur, Nitsuj’s team was on the hunt for Russel McGuinness* (Nitsuj): McGuinness has to be around here somewhere. (Yin-Yang): If I had something that belonged to him I could catch his scent easily. Otakus incoming. *Otakus show up and attack Nitsuj and the others. They take out […]

00 0taku Part 19

*In another part of the hotel, the Jack Bros., Chibi Isis, and Shizuku were making their way through the air ducts* (Shizuku): So, where exactly is this magic circle? (Corbin): Well, a magic spell like this usually requires a big circle therefore a lot of room is needed to make that circle. (Chibi Isis): If […]

00 Otaku Part 18

*It’s a sunny day in Chicago. Nitsuj and the gang are at the con where Chibi Isis is excited because she’ll get to sing for everyone during Nitsuj’s panel which he’ll be hosting with Seras and Shizuku. While everyone is excited about this the group can’t help but wonder what the weeaboos and Les Renegades […]

00 Otaku Part 17

*It’s nighttime of the same day. Nitsuj, Baron, Corbin, and Brian are in the AIA base where after covering up the mess earlier that day Nitsuj makes a phone call* (Enzio): Nitsuj! My good friend, how have you have been? (Nitsuj): I’m good. Enzio, I need your help. Do you know anything about the Knight’s […]

00 Otaku Part 16

*It’s the early afternoon of the same day. Nitsuj has just finished doing his panel* (Nitsuj): Man was that a fun panel. *As Nitsuj walks out into the hallway he spots a few people buying some Seisen Cerberus merchandise at a booth* (Nitsuj): Oh hell no! Hey, excuse me. Why are you buying merchandise of […]

00 Otaku Part 15

*A few days have gone by and the group is in San Antonio. Nitsuj is preparing for his panel in his room with the AI girls while going over their plan to attack the weeaboo base* (Danny): Alright. Here’s what we know, the weeaboos have a based located beneath the city of San Antonio. After […]

00 Otaku Part 14

*It’s night time of the same day. Nitsuj and the others are back at the hotel helping the Jack Bros. get ready for their date tonight with the Cliff Sisters* (Seras): I still cannot believe there are women out there who fell for you two. (Baron): Don’t be jealous Seras. No matter what you will […]

00 Otaku Part 13

*A few days have gone by and Nitsuj and the gang are in Atlanta for the third stop of Anifest. At Nitsuj’s solo panel he’s doing a live review with Yin-Yang and Shizuku. In the second part of his panel he’s doing Q&A with Yume and Seras. Nitsuj’s panel goes great as everyone had a […]

00 Otaku Part 12

*It is now nighttime on the same day of the con. Nitsuj and others are relaxing at the pool while also going over the notes of what happened today* (Nitsuj): Well guys a lot happened today, but I just wanna say good job everyone. (Ashlyn): You’re here for only 24 hours and already you destroyed […]

00 Otaku Part 11

*Nitsuj and the group are in Orlando, after arriving and resting for the day, they go to the con the next day where Nitsuj is doing a solo panel while answering questions* (Cosplayer #1): Hey Nitsuj, if you had a choice to be in an anime which anime would you choose, School Days or Ikkitousen? […]