00 Otaku Part 11

*Nitsuj and the group are in Orlando, after arriving and resting for the day, they go to the con the next day where Nitsuj is doing a solo panel while answering questions* (Cosplayer #1): Hey Nitsuj, if you had a choice to be in an anime which anime would you choose, School Days or Ikkitousen? […]

00 Otaku Part 10

*It’s a bright early morning as Nitsuj is on an AIA RV heading for Orlando which is the next stop of the Anifest tour. Brian is driving the RV, Mira is reading a book, Yin-Yang is meditating, Yume is reading Twitter comments, Seras is taking a nap, Chibi Isis is studying with the Jack Bros., […]

00 Otaku Part 9

*While Nitsuj and Ashlyn are getting set to go and interrogate Malcom at the party, Isis was getting ready for a confrontation of her own against Alicia. After making her way over to a secluded balcony overlooking the city she gets approached by Alicia* (Alicia): Bonjour. Comment allez-vous ce soir? (Isis): Uh yes. (Alicia): Je […]

00 Otaku Part 8

*It’s night time and Nitsuj is outside the hotel waiting for Ashlyn and Isis. He is wearing a platted black and white shirt, with black pants, and a black jacket* (Nitsuj): *Sigh* Where are they? (Isis): Sorry for wait. (Nitsuj): There you are. What took you so- *As Nitsuj turns around to see Isis he […]

00 Otaku Part 7

*It’s the day of the con and the placed is pack with anime fans and otakus. Nitsuj is checking out all the festivities of the con with Brian, Seras and Yume before his panel later on that day* (Yume): Wow, so this is a con. I can see why you’ve always wanted to go to […]

00 Otaku Part 6

*It is night time. The group is back at the hotel. Yin-Yang got treated properly and is doing well and Nitsuj is on the phone talking to the Reaper* (Nitsuj): So how are things going on your part Reaper? (Reaper): Could be better. I managed to survive the fire and made it safely to your […]

00 Otaku Part 5

*This sequence of events takes place during the fight between the silver masked man and the giant virus. We see Yin-Yang running after Miguel with Seras right behind her. Miguel takes notice of the AIs pursuing him and smiles* (Miguel): My my, I certainly am popular today. *He opens up a portal into the real […]

00 Otaku Part 4

*In the system the AI girls are fighting against the cyber-attack* (Isis): Crossfire shotgun! (Seras): Bow blitz! (Yume): Rain of a 1000 Arrows! (Chibi Isis): Cyber canon! *Isis, Seras, Yume, and Chibi Isis launch their attacks at a group of viruses wiping them out* (Shizuku): Grand Hurricane! (Yin-Yang): Howling in the wind! (Mira): Ravishing whip! […]

00 Otaku Part 3

*After Nitsuj’s shocking news Danny and Brian moved this conversation into a conference room* (Danny): So let me get this straight. All of you are AI girls? (Mira): Yes. Outside of Chibi, Isis, and Yume we all come from different dimensions. It’s a long story but basically evil Nitsuj, killed our Nitsujs, enslaved us, this […]

00 Otaku Part 2

*Nitsuj and the others have just arrived in Miami* (Nitsuj): Blue skies, bright sun, sexy women. We are definitely in Miami. (Isis): Quit your gawking and find a spot to let us out. Being stuck in this cellphone is enough to drive a person crazy. *Nitsuj manages to find a secluded spot and lets the […]